Exiled From the Brave Party, I Save the World as a Rare Occupation “Holy Water Messenger” chapter 1

Chapter 1

I was banned from the brave party. I didn’t believe it, why?

‘Shinobu. You’re too godlike to be at my party. I’ve got a lot of money, a big house, and a bunch of beautiful women for you to go away.

The leader of the party, Michael, said coldly.

Michael took the party of beautiful men and women and headed to the royal capital.

Thus, Shinobu was forced to leave the party without a second thought and lead a simple and modest life.

That’s right. That’s right. In these days of food loss, the health care method for drinking and urination is the light of salvation that will light up the world. I’m going to heal the sick world.

Shinobu quickly urinated into a bucket that was nearby.

Then he gave it to an old man who was lying nearby to drink it.

‘Come on. old man, here’s my pee.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I haven’t had a decent meal lately. I’d be glad to drink your urine.

The old man gulped down a glass of Shinobu’s golden water.


The Old Man finally drank down Shinobu’s pee, which had filled the bucket to the brim.

And then…what do you think?

The old man’s withered body turned into a crackling crackle, and the man himself, like a snake fireworks after using his crotch, turned into a magnificent one like a twin buster rifle.

“Thank you, boy. Thanks to that, I’ve regained the momentum of those days. I’m going to Kami-san and ask if I can have sex tonight.”

Wait, old man. How about a drink for your wife?

Shinobu peed into the bucket.

The bucket was filled with a row of steaming golden water and the grandfather was excited to hold it in both hands. He immediately went home and made Grandma drink Shinobu’s pee to make her young again.

That night, the grandfather and the grandmother had sex for the first time in 25 years.

The next morning, old men from the village where the old couple lived gathered at Shinobu’s house.

They said, “Shinobu-san, we are going to have sex with you just like Jack. We want to have sex with our partners just like Jack. Could you pee on us for the sake of our nightlife?

I’m ready. Wait a minute. I’m drinking a lot of tea leaves.

Shinobu went to the nearby Secomart and bought a bunch of tea leaves.

He drank it all in one go, then meaningfully jumped up and down on the spot to shake his whole body, then unzipped himself in front of the vat… and peed… and peed.

When the old men saw the golden arches pouring into the vat, they went crazy and cheered loudly for Shinobu with their own mugs in hand.

‘Shinobu! Shinobu! Shinobu!

After Shinobu drained all the tea leaves in her bladder into the barrel, he handed it over to them.

The old men swarmed around Shinobu’s pee like a swarm of ants swarming around sugar and drank it all in an instant.

Then the old men all regained their twenties’ vitality and began to merge with their respective partners.

What a surprise. An orgy had begun in front of Shinobu.

But Shinobu doesn’t live his life in such a way that this is unsettling.

he prepared a condom, a box of tissues and a bottle of mineral water and walked out of the room.

Slam. Inside the room, the young men or old men were enjoying life, hitting each other’s bodies like instruments.

Shinobu set fire to his, satisfied that there was something that a person like himself who knew only about fighting could do.

“Let’s have a good dream, Gunnai”

Shinobu completely incinerated the mansion given by Michael and headed to the royal capital to take revenge.

He decided to give the beautiful women he received with the mansion a large sum of money to return back to their parents’ home.

The burnt out old men were restored with a revival item, so there’s no problem. However, it goes without saying that the elderly care organization resented the creation of a troublesome human being with the body of a young man and the heart of an old man.

It’s just that there’s more than one justice in the world.

Shinobu headed to the royal capital after giving a billion dollars as a settlement to a long-term care organization.

In the royal capital, Michael, who became the general commander of the Demon King Subjugation Army, was very active with his old friends.

”It was actually me over there…. Damn it, I’m going to get my revenge.

Shinobu mumbled and grumbled.

In a sense, it may have been inevitable that the saint appeared under such Shinobu.

The saint was on her way around the country to heal a large number of injured people.

However, the healing power of the saint gave hope to many people, but on the contrary, since the saint was an elderly woman, her physical strength was approaching its limit.

“Oh … Isn’t there something like a healthy drink that can quickly restore physical strength and sacred power?”

Shinobu unzipped his pants and pulled out a magnificent meat cannon.

He then released the golden holy water into an expensive ceramic mug.

Once the container was filled with pee, Shinobu held out the harsh ammonia-scented liquid in front of the saint.

‘Old lady, well, drink it like you’ve been decieved (*actually decieved*). It should take you back to when you were at your most stunning.

The saint smiled and drank the contents of the cup in one go.

Then the saint’s body went back to that of a teenage maiden (*The saint was a non-virgin because she was married) from a wobbly old woman.

“Well, great. What a delicious drink. With this, you may not need my help.”

Han! Bring me all the sick people in King’s Landing. I’ll heal them.

The saint returned to the chapel in her rejuvenated form and brought back a large number of sick people.

The sick people were all those with relatively mild symptoms, but it has nothing to do with Shinobu.

‘Sick people…I’ll heal your ministry.

Shinobu unzipped his pants again and pointed his large calibre meat gun muzzle at the sick people.

The sick people knelt down and clasped their hands together and accepted their destiny quietly.

Now, the benevolent golden rain becomes the gospel of the unsaved world and rained upon the sick.

No one could stop it anymore …

“Shinobu Love Shower Ministries”

The golden water released from the large-calibre rifle sprayed the sick one by one, and the people smiled back with happiness and hope.

People cheered generously for Shinobu, praising each other’s happiness.

“Thank you very much! Thank you! Fujiwara Shinobu-san! I’m really happy to have someone like you! I’ll never say I’ll die anymore!”

“Ahiiiiin‼ Shinobu, you’re the best! I’ll serve you the next time you come to our store!”

In this way, Shinobu succeeds in making a name for himself as a “Holy water messenger” in the royal capital.

And there were those who didn’t like Shinobu’s achievements.

Michael and his friends who were fighting the demons as rare heroes.

In order to protect his position, Michael first advised the King that Shinobu was a dangerous person.

“King, Shinobu intends to use his pee to become the new king of this country. In some cases, he will be more troublesome than the Demon King. I’m sorry,” Don’t drink someone else’s pee unnecessarily. ” Please consider enforcing the law. ”

In fact, Michael was pretty impatient.

Michael imitated Shinobu and got his friends to drink his pee, but it was not well received.. more like nothing happened.

The king, too, was beginning to lose interest in his people because of the prolonged battle of the demon king’s army, which had exhausted his economy and industry.

And the king was also one of the people who did not like Shinobu’s success.

“Nunununu. Shinobu, if it’s such a delicious pee, it would be polite to bring it to the front first. Okay, Michael. I’ll do your best right away. Minister. Immediately announce the law “Don’t drink pee” in Japan! ”

Michael and the king giggled like evil men.

The next morning, a horrible, evil law was issued that had the whole country shook.

Don’t drink pee.

The people, who were already prisoners of Shinobu’s pee, were driven to the edge of despair and many people committed suicide in despair of the future.

“Most of the people are happy to drink pee. Well, I’m going out because it’s the work of the King and Michael.”

Shinobu appeared in the royal castle carrying a large sword that was as tall as his beloved sword.

The soldiers fled in fear of Shinobu, but his former comrades stood up to him

“Don’t run away. we wont let you off the hook”

The first person who came before Shinobu was Ash, a man known as a martial artist in the hero’s party.

Ash is a man who uses a huge ax and has been competing with him for a long time.

“Hey, Shinobu. We had to drink Michael’s pee because of you, remember? I’ll have to thank you for that first.”

Ash swung his huge axe around.

Shinobu cut Ash in half with the great sword on his back.

Cut in half, Ash cried and admitted his mistake and apologized to Shinobu. (LMAOO yo wtf. this is excellent!)

“Forgive me, Shinobu. This was the only way for a man like me who can only live in battle. Everything I’ve done in the past was my fault. I’ll write you a letter of remorse and we’ll be friends from tomorrow. The truth is, I just miss you.”

“I forgive you. You are just one of the victims of the times. Drink my urine and start your life over.”

Shinobu peed on Ash, who was cut in half from his head.

Ash’s body regenerated in no time at all, and she went from looking like Pippin in the manga Berserk to a beautiful baby-faced girl with big breasts.

Exiled From the Brave Party, I Save the World as a Rare Occupation “Holy Water Messenger”

Exiled From the Brave Party, I Save the World as a Rare Occupation “Holy Water Messenger”

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
This is a nonsensical parody about a kid who is paid to leave his party for no understandable reason, after which he pisses in a bucket and offers it to people to drink before continuing on…his journey?


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