Entire Class Got Summoned but That’s Not The Only Problem chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Oh! Success!”

“Wonderful! To be able to summon this many!”


In the cobblestone hall, many human cheers and confused voices of those who were called were raised.


“Welcome, Apostles. I understand your bewildered feelings, but first of all, could you please listen to me?”


A little over 30 boys and girls in matching school uniforms and a young male teacher in a shirt. People wearing a magician-like robe and wands stood around them. Within that people, an old man in extravagant clothes appeared.

And what is told is a fantasy story of evil demon king emerged and led the demons to attack humanity. Furthermore, a selfish story of summoning the apostles of god from another world using the secret technique that is handed down in kingdom to counter it.

Naturally, many male students, including male teachers, screamed in protest, female students screamed in sorrow and the place quickly became chaos. But when the old man raised his wand, the place quickly calmed down.


“Kohon, excuse me. I’ve used a small sedation magic. Well, could you come here one by one and put your hands on this crystal?”


At the point where the old man pointed, there was a large crystal ball placed on a stone pedestal.

One schoolgirl stepped forward as the students looked at each other as if they were lost. This girl was the chairman of this summoned class. She put her hand on the crystal confidently as if to say, “Woman is courageous!”

Then, light is emitted from the crystal, and characters are displayed in the air like a hologram.



Mamiko Izawa

Tribe                      : Japanese

Occupation         : Student, President, Saint

Title                       : Eternal Chairman, Summoned Apostle




“Oh! Saint-sama!”

“Look! What a great status!”


The magicians in the surrounding are excited about the numbers and skill names that are continuously displayed at the bottom of the status, but… The feelings of the students who were there were roughly summarized in two.

That is, ‘Chairman was a profession…’ and ‘What is [Eternal Chairman]’s title mean?’

The Chairman herself also has a delicate face while looking at the title.


“Sasa~! Apostles! Let’s continue!”


However, prompted by an old man who seems to be completely excited, the class goes under the crystal one by one and displays their status.

Every time the magicians around got excited and the students responded in a fun way, but… the moment one boy displayed his status, the students were silent all at once.



Akiyoshi Kumazawa (Umaretsuki Chuunen)

Tribe                      : Japanese

Occupation         : Student, Novelist, Wizard

Title                       : Summoned Apostle




“””” Umachu-sensei!!!? “”””

“Eh!? [Rebechi Tensei]’s !?”

“Lie! I watched the anime the other day!?”


Some students got excited and Kumazawa boy was surrounded by classmates in no time. But the surprise didn’t end there.



Oike Sawa (Zawacchii)

Tribe                      : Japanese

Occupation         : Student, Mangaka, Monk

Title                       : Summoned Apostle




“””” The mangaka himself!!? “”””

“Eh!? Zawacchi-sensei !?”

“””” Oi, you’re the original author right!!!””””


The class is getting more and more exciting with the combination of the original authors and manga artists of the best-selling web-based works in the last few years.

Meanwhile, the next one who stood in front of the crystal was an out-of-date transfer student who recently moved in. She was an innocent and naturally erotic foreign girl who was obsessed with a certain boy student.

Some boys turned their eyes to the appearance of transfer students who inevitably attracted attention ──



Lana Mumur Herbert

Tribe: Herbert Alien

Occupation: Star’s Princess, Student, Fortune Teller

Title: The Star’s Successor, Summoned Apostle




“”””It’s a naughty alien-san!!!!””””


Some boys got excited. The girl’s contemptuous gaze against them is harsh. The difference of enthusiasm between men and women was great.

Meanwhile, the next person who stood in front of the crystal was a tall female student with a dignified and neat appearance, whose expression of “beautiful woman” or “beautiful person” was more appropriate than “beautiful girl”.



Rei Sekido (Tenga)

Tribe: Japanese

Occupation: Student, Host, Paladin

Title: Night Emperor, Summoned Apostle




“Even though girl, but a host!!? What does [Night Emperor] mean?”

“Rei-sama! No! Tenga-sama !!”


Girl’s group excited, while boys are pulling back. The difference of enthusiasm was reversed in an instant.

Among the students who showed tremendous excitement, one plain-looking male student stood in front of the crystal with a meaningful smile.

The magicians who couldn’t keep up with the excitement of the students shouted “Oh!” to the displayed status.


“Brave! A brave has appeared!”

“What a terrific status…!!”


This cannot be ignored, and the students turned to it. And what came into their eyes…



Ichiro Tanaka

Tribe                      : Japanese

Occupation         : Student, Brave

Title                       : Summoned Again Apostle




The title was a little different from the other students.


“Huh, you all seem to have noticed… That’s right! Actually, I’m on the second lap!!”


A boy student who proudly declares to his classmates as if to be boast. The reaction to that is…



“Strong and aslo New Game Plus”

“Oh, please tell me the good strategy information later~”


They didn’t seem to be that surprised. The brave man who came forward was stunned and said “A, are~…?”

While sending a gaze of pity to him, his bestfriend, also a plain boy, put his hand on the crystal. Immediately, the magicians who were excited by the appearance of the Brave raised a suspicious voice.


“Hmm? What is this status?”

“Isn’t it poorer than the average person… No, what is this title in the first place?”



Yuuki Sato

Tribe                     : Japanese

Occupation         : Student

Title                       : Involved Person




“Isn’t an Apostle? What is this garbage?”


The moment the old man snorted with contempt, the Otaku’s boys  in the class all screamed.


“This fool!! Are your eyes knot holes huh!!”

“Refrain it! This person is promised a true cheat and will be a [Involved Summoner]!!” (T/N: Idk how person become summoner, but I guess there is some reference I didn’t get here)


Just like a servant who protects their lord, they guard Sato boy firmly. The treatment was clearly different from second lap brave man before.

As the magicians rolled their eyes and the brave man quietly ‘frame out’, a schoolgirl approaches the crystal.


“Oh, next is Aoyama-san?”

“Is there something like [School Idol] in the title?”


The expectations of boys are rising for the most popular girl in the school. And what displayed was…



Kanami Souda

Tribe: Japanese

Occupation: Housewife, Student, Spiritualist

Title: Summoned Apostle





“… EH? HA? A housewife?”

“Eh? Eh? Souda… No way !?”


The eyes of all the students on the spot immediately turned to the only male teacher here.

Receiving the students’ gaze… The male teacher suddenly turned his gaze away.






“Kyaa~!! Forbidden love!?”

“Student marriage!? And the other party is a teacher!?”

“Seriously? You two really good!”


The reaction was neatly divided between men and women. A boy who raises a voice full of jealousy and resentment, and a girl who screams with curiosity and excitement.

Suddenly a black vortex broke out above their head.


“This is a terrible sign… No way!?”

“Stupid! Why are you here!?”


The magicians raised a startled voice when they see the black whirlpool that gives off a terrifying sign. At their point of view, a beautiful strong man with twisted horns and crimson eyes emerged from the black vortex.


“Demon King…!! How are you here!?”


When the old man shouted shouted loudly while holding himself, the good-looking man smiled with a grin and fearless smile while floating.


“Fu, Fuhahahaha!! What, I just took advantage of your summoning system and summon myself here. Well then, you detestable Summoned Apostle. Before you grew up, I’ll annihilate you here!!”


With an evil smile, the Demon Lord turns his murderous intentions toward his natural enemies below. But……


“Go fucking away! I have to kill that fucking teacher!!”

“Shut up boy! You don’t need an extra bastard for the love romance between teachers and students !!”

“At least let me hit you once!”

“The boys who are ignored by Kanami from the beginning should stay silent!!”

“SILENT! it’s none of your business ugly!”



Completely ignored. It seems that they are not aware of his appearance itself in the first place.

His first experience of completely ignored makes the Demon King stunned. Suddenly, a hand was placed on his shoulder from the side.


“I understand, that feeling”


As a matter of course, it was our second lap brave man who floated in the air and shouldered the Demon King. In his eyes, the Demon King understood that the boy in front of him also carried the same sadness, and his expression was full of sadness.

When Brave nodded to such a Demon King with a melancholy expression… Naturally, he stabbed a shining sword into the Demon King’s belly.




The Demon King looks down at his abdomen in a daze, and disappears as ash in a few seconds with that expression.

After all, he is only the first’s Demon King. Naturally he couldn’t beat the second lap hero who had already defeated the Demon King.

Immediately afterwards, the hall was flooded with light again, and the 30 or so Summoned Apostle, repatriated back to their world in less than an hour.


“Oh, We are back. Just right. I’ll report this to the principal!”

“Try it! The director of this school is my grandpa!”

“Don’t put out settings that aren’t listed in the status here!”


However, the ripples caused by the summoning were large… and It didn’t seem to subside for a while.

By the way, Sato boy, the Involved Person in the whole summoning process, was air until the end.


Edit 1 : Changed ‘Race’ to ‘Tribe’

Entire Class Got Summoned but That’s Not The Only Problem

Entire Class Got Summoned but That’s Not The Only Problem

Class Shoukan Sareta kedo Soredokoro janai, クラス召喚されたけどそれどころじゃない
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
After appraising the status, there are a lot of dangerous things in the class.


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