Engagement Annihilation chapter 1

Chapter 1

In a hall of the Royal Castle, the First Prince of this country proclaimed high at the ballroom where almost all aristocrats from all over the country gathered.

“Daughter to a Duke, Papaya. You have done so many things to the Baron Lady Cherry that I can’t stand it anymore, so now I’m breaking my engagement with you and sentencing you to be sent to the church in exile!”

“What do you mean by many things, Prince?”

“You wouldn’t know if I don’t say it? I was thinking of protecting your honor as my last mercy, but if you’re saying that, then I’ll tell you!”

“Yes, what did I do?”

“First, you used abusive words to Cherry!”

“I didn’t though?”

“I heard from Cherry you told her 「even though you’re just Baron daughter」 or that 「you’re a thieving cat」 and many more things that degrade her!”

“First of all, it is disrespectful for a Baron lady to speak informally to a member of the Royal Family so I told her 「What are you, a Baron lady, doing?!」, but what about it? Also, what’s wrong with calling a lady who’s getting close to a man with a fiancee, a thieving cat?”

“Everyone is equal in the academy!”

“That’s only with regards to grades and evaluations, but not the responsibilities associated with status, no?”

“I also heard you spilled red wine over Cherry’s dress!”

“What is the evidence that I did that?”

“Cherry’s testimony.”

“Then that’s not enough… anything else?”

“Then next, didn’t you throw away Cherry’s notes?!”

“His Highness, where is the evidence that I did that?”

“Cherry testified that you stole them. And I’ve also heard it was found in the trash that came out of your room. Isn’t that enough?”

“The victim’s testimony alone isn’t proof. And it being found in the trash from my room, isn’t there also a possibility of someone else setting it up? Other than that, what else?”

“For you to making me say this far! Didn’t you also push Cherry down the stairs?!”

“What’s the proof of that?”

“Cherry’s testimony. And then there are also testimonies saying you were the only one around Cherry at that time.”

“As I said, the victim’s testimony alone is not proof.”

“Cherry is a saint! Everything she says is right!”

“The testimony of a saint is not proof, either.”

“Is that so. I thought what I said so far was already enough, but… Ruby, magic!”

“Yes, Your Highness, 「Sense Dark」!!”

Ruby, who hiding in the shadows, casted magic.

Then a black aura that covers the entire venue came from the Duke lady.

“You, even though you haven’t regained your strength, but you’re the reincarnation of the legendary Demon Lord! This is proof! Hmm? What’s wrong, Cherry?”

“Huh? She already regained her powers? There was no such scenario…”

“For saying something like ‘scenario’, you’re a reincarnated person, huh. You’re just too stupid.”

“What on earth are you guys saying?”

“Your Highness, it’s a lie that I can’t use magic.”

“Your power is sealed. I heard that from Cherry. If you can really use it, then show us.”

“Then, the third son of the Earl House near that thieving cat, 「disappear!」”

The man behind the prince then became transparent and disappeared.


“I can only use one magic right now and that is 「disintegrate」, a magic that can make things disappear.”

“Disappear, you say?”

“Yes, I can erase anything I like without any trace. That’s why if I want to do something, it’s easier to just erase without evidence, rather than hiding, dirtying, or pushing off.”

“Wait a minute!”

“I can’t wait, no? Oh yes, I was being patient, but, thieving cat, 「Can you disappear?」”

The Baron Lady disappeared.

“Where did you take Cherry?!”

“Who knows? Probably not in this world.”

“Everyone! Defeat this Devil! Huh??”

There are no other people than the Prince and the daughter of the Duke in the venue.

“Everyone was in the way, so I had them disappear just now. When it comes to breaking the engagement, it’s also convenient for me, but it’s a pity you can’t do anything before leaving.”

“Wait! If we talk it out, we’ll come to a mutual understanding!”

“I won’t wait, okay? Goodbye and 「disappear」.”

The Prince then also disappeared.

Then the Royal Castle also disappeared.

Aristocrats other than the Duke’s family also disappeared.

Then the Duke family made a new country with them holding absolute power.

Everyone that opposes the Kingdom disappears, and they became the world champion.

The Princess who founded the Kingdom also disappeared.

“I’m already tired of it.”

Engagement Annihilation

Engagement Annihilation

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I’m tired of just breaking my engagement! From now on, it’s engagement annihilation!!!


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