Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru prologue


── This is a story from a long time ago.

There was a country where magic had become obsolete. The cause was the magic wars in the ancient times, where the wizards used magic to commit all kinds of treacherous acts. As a result, magic was recognized as a cursed power.

The inquisition hunted the wizards and burned all the magic books. The existence of magic was treated as an abomination, and many wizards were executed.

As a result, both the good and the bad things were all gone.

Magic is a force of evil and should not be touched. Human must carve out their civilization with their own power.
Human have lived for a hundred, five hundred, and a thousand years with such a creed.
The human carve out their own history without magic, using only their own power.

In the midst of all that, an unexpected situation happened. The Demon King appeared.

The Demon King led the demons and trampled the human one after another. The human’s weapon did not work against the demons led by the Demon King.

One after another, large cities were reduced to ruins. In the midst of all this, it became clear that the demons could only be defeated by magic.
Those who could use magic and spell had disappeared for the last thousand years of history.

Standing on the edge of despair, a young man rises up.

It was Dicentra, the second prince of Liliphiltia. He says, we should ask for help to the Sage of the Forest.

The Sage of the Forest, also known as the Elves, are a race skilled in magic. They never appear in human villages and are said to be inhabitants of the world of fairy tales.

Overcoming the opposition of those around him, Prince Dicentra learned the summoning magic from a forbidden book on magic, and summoned the Great Spirit Pomeranian using a magic circle that remained in the basement of the royal castle.

And then, prince Dicentra set out on a journey with Pomeranian.

After a long journey, they arrived at a village in the forest where the Elves lived, but were soon driven away.

It is a common belief that the Elves are stubborn and hate human. This turn of events had been expected.

The prince approached the Elves to negotiate. He offered to give the second most power in the kingdom to the one who defeated the Demon King.

An eccentric man took him up on the offer. His name was Shion Laudense.

He cooperated with the prince and defeated the Demon King. He was given a dukedom and married the most beautiful woman in the country.

This is the reason why there is a duke of Elves in Lilliphiltia.

Since then, people’s thought regarding magic has softened.
Shion Laudense taught human the correct way to use magic.
Gradually, magic became an integral part of people’s lives.

The Laudense family, the elves who have chosen to live with people, also began to see certain changes.

As a result of their interactions with people over the long times, their blood as a long-lived species had become diluted.

Normally, elves live from 1,000 to 2,000 years. However, although the members of the Laudense family look like elves, their lifespan is the same as that of humans.

However, they still possessed magical power and knowledge of magic comparable to the Demon King, and the people of Lilliphiltia showed respect for the Laudense family.

A thousand years have passed since the birth of the Dukes of Laundense in Lilliphiltia.

After the death of his predecessor due to illness, a young duke of 26 years old was born.
The name of the young man who became a duke was Hydrangea von Laudense.

It is said that even the angels of mythological times would fall to their knee in admiration of his beauty.
He has long shining silver hair, long slender mysterious purple eyes, and his face was like being sculpted. He is tall and lean, with a body that does not look like a wizard’s.
Everyone recognizes him as the most beautiful young man in Lilliphiltia.

Despite his young age, he is the division commander of a magic division, and is an excellent wizard who manages a group of 10,000 members.
He was the embodiment of perfection, but Hydrangea youth was… a bit peculiar.

Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru

Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru

The Elf Duke Dislikes Marrying The Cursed Daughter, エルフ公爵は呪われ令嬢をイヤイヤ娶る
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
A young man, who was a beautiful elf and a duke, was being urged by the crown prince to get married. Because of his beauty, he, who had suffered from his trouble with women since he was young, hates women.Then, he remembers a promise he made with a wizard ten years ago. It was a deal: “In exchange for my daughter’s engagement, let me read the forbidden books”.At the time, finding a marriage partner was a hassle for him, so he easily accepted the conditions.The duke immediately went to home and was about to marry the wizard’s daughter, but he discover a terrible truth.When the girl is touched by the opposite sex, she turns into a cat.He hates his cheeky and strong-willed bride, but surprisingly, he is a huge cat lover.The days of the Duke’s suffering begin now.


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