Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru chapter 5

The Elf Looking For Marriage And The Appearance of The Strong Beauty

Violette von Northpole is sickly and has never appeared at social gathering.
Still unmarried at the age of 19, she is probably a leftover in noble society.

But, the women who were married must serve as a mistress and give birth to a child who will be the heir.
It is only natural that a healthy and lively woman would be desired.

On the other hand, Hydrangea does not mind whether is sickly or a leftover. It’s because she is only a decorative wife.

All he wanted is the fact that they are married.
From this point of view, it can be said that Violette is a very convenient bride.

“I have brought Miss Violette with me”

He heard that she is sickly, but is it okay for her to get up today? He look towards the opened door while thinking about it.

She must be a fragile woman. He assumed like that.
But─ what came in was a beautiful, flashy woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her golden hair was curled vertically, and her pupils were sharp like a cat eyes. Her blue eyes were a mix of cheeky and headstrong. Her long, curly, upturned eyelashes seem to express her strong will. Her skin is white, but it’s a healthy white. She is tall and slender, and has an excellent figure, with some parts showing and some were not.

Is she Miss Violette? If so, she is truly different from what he he imagined.
Hydrangea frowned heavily.

She was a flamboyant beauty with large breasts, but she was the type that he hates the most.
He hopes that she is not Miss Violette. Just as he was about to make such a wish, his prayer was interrupted by a loud voice.

“Oh, my! Onii-sama, what is this? I can’t believe you haven’t served tea to our guest!”

Violette turned around and went out into the hallway. And then, she shouted in a loud voice.

“Hey, Orchid, what are you doing? Hurry up and get the tea ready for the guest!”

Her voice was clear, dignified, and beautiful. It was hard to believe it that such loud voice belonged to a sickly girl.
She called Count Northpole “Onii-sama”, but it didn’t mean that she was his little sister. She could be his cousin or sister-in-law.

She could not have been Miss Violette.
Hydrangea turned his gaze away from the gorgeous beauty and looked in the wrong direction.
But the next moment, the beautiful woman jumped into Hydrangea’s field of vision.

“Are you an elf!?”

He thought his heart was about to stop.
Her sparkling, curious blue eyes looked straight at Hydrangea.

The powerful, beautiful woman bent down and peered at hydrangea.
The moment she tilted her head, her golden curls fell from her shoulders and flowed from her cleavage to her armpits.

At this moment, Hydrangea thought. That the succubus depicted in the demon’s illustration book had the appearance of a beautiful woman like this.

“Onii-sama, there is an elf here!”
“H-Hey! Don’t point your finger!”
”So elf really exist!”
“All right, for now, please sit down”

The beautiful woman sits down next to Count Northpole and looks at Hydrangea as if to observe him closely.
Hydrangea was sick with the women’s passionate gaze directed at him, but the gaze of the beautiful woman in front of him was somewhat different.

Like a young boy who had found a rare insect, or like an astronomer who had discovered the morning star. Her gaze was pure curiosity like that.

“Your Excellency, Duke Laudense, this is, umm, my little sister, Violette”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Violette”

Sure enough, she was Miss Violette after all.

“Umm, you, magic! Can you use it?”

Violette puts her hands on the table ask Hydrangea while leaning forward.
At his line of sight, he saw the round breasts.

It’s not like he was trying to see it. It was her breasts that jumped into his vision.
He looked at Violette, but her shining eyes were the personification of curiousity and not seductive.

Apparently, she was not showing her breasts on purpose.
Hydrangea rubbed the crease between his brows and looked away. She was too defenseless.

“Could you use your magic to light the fireplace? We don’t have many to buy firewood”
“Hey, Violette!”

It seems. the room he thought was cold was not intentional. It’s because hey had no money to buy firewood.
When he look closely, Violette’s dress resembles the one worn by the woman in the portrait he saw earlier.

Perhaps, the one who was painted was her mother. If it was the same type, it would be quite old.
Count  Norhtpole family seems to be a poor noble.
Even so, he wondered if he should praise the cautious character of Count Northpole who did not accept the marriage offer.

Still, he is curious what secrets Miss Violette has.
If she is not ill, then there must be other reason.
Being strong-willed is not a minus for a marriage partner. On the contrary, with her good looks, she would be a very popular.

“Are you an elf who cannot use magic?”

Bam! The table was smashed with force.

“Of course not!!”

It was not Hydrangea’s cry. It was Count Northpole’s angry rebuke.

“Violette, this person is Duke Hydrangea von Laudens, the head of the Magic Division, and the First-rank wizard, and also your suitor!!

Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru

Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru

The Elf Duke Dislikes Marrying The Cursed Daughter, エルフ公爵は呪われ令嬢をイヤイヤ娶る
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
A young man, who was a beautiful elf and a duke, was being urged by the crown prince to get married. Because of his beauty, he, who had suffered from his trouble with women since he was young, hates women.Then, he remembers a promise he made with a wizard ten years ago. It was a deal: “In exchange for my daughter’s engagement, let me read the forbidden books”.At the time, finding a marriage partner was a hassle for him, so he easily accepted the conditions.The duke immediately went to home and was about to marry the wizard’s daughter, but he discover a terrible truth.When the girl is touched by the opposite sex, she turns into a cat.He hates his cheeky and strong-willed bride, but surprisingly, he is a huge cat lover.The days of the Duke’s suffering begin now.


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