Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru chapter 4

The Elf Looking For Marriage And The Unwelcome Meeting

A letter arrives at Hydrandea’s busy life.

“Your Excellency Laudense, an express letter has arrived for you, what should I do?”
“Please open and read it”
“As you wish”

His deputy, Quince, opens the letter with a paper knife carefully.
During the social season, troubles increase in the city as nobles gather in the royal capital.

All cases involving magic are handed to the Magic Division. In the case of big incident, Hydrangea will make the decision.
Just last night alone, there were fifty cases.

Some were organized crimes involving the sale of illegal magic stones, some involved fortune tellers stealing money from the nobles, and some involved aphrodisiacs. All of these cases made his head hurt.

“It’s regarding the letter…… That, Your Excellency”
“What? Just read it. For what purpose you became my deputy?”
“Y-Yes. Then……”

Even though Quince face was nervous, Hydrangea didn’t realize it.
The honest deputy reads the letter as ordered.

“─Regarding the marriage with my little sister Violette that I received the other day”

Hydrandea stands up silently and takes the letter from Quince.
It was a letter from Violette’s older brother, Count Northpole”

He had not expected a private letter to arrive at his workplace.
The atmosphere became awkward, so Hydrangea gave Quince an order.

“Quince, take this documents to the secretariat office”
“As you wish”

Quince took the documents in bewilderment and left Hydrangea’s office.
He took a deep breath, and sat down in his chair.

The letter from the Count Northpole said that he was truly honored about his marriage to Violette, but he wanted to have a talk first. He probably worried about marrying off his sickly sister.
It’s not like he have any intention of letting her be the Duchess even if she marries into his family.

In the first place, the Duke Laudense family did not place much importance in social life.
Because there was absolutely no need to establish family ties and solidify their social standing.

Duke Laudense family already had pedigree, wealth and social status.
Hence, many successive heads of the family have often taken modest, unassertive women as their wives.

His father followed suit and took a quiet, sickly wife.
It is said that she was a graceful woman who walked three steps behind him, but she passed away soon after giving birth to Hydrangea.
Tracing the history of Duke Laudense family, many of their wives died young.

It is said that they were exposed to high magic powers, which shortened their lives. Of course, that is a slander behind the scenes with no one from Duke Laudense family.

Duke Laudense family’s sharp ears picks up on such slander as well. It is a sad thing, but such feelings of envy are unavoidable to those who are over-privileged.

─The brides of Duke Laudense family all die young.

No matter if it happens to their own daughters, there is no end to the number of parents who try to offer their daughters as wives. That is why the marriage of Duke Laudense family is so lucrative.

Perhaps Count Northpole is also cautious about the marriage because he has heard that rumor.

The story about dying from magic powers is complete nonsense. The first head of the family has taken measures for such matter.

The ring given to the bride contains a strong magic-resistance. Therefore, they will not receive their husband’s magic interference.

At any rate, since Count Northpole seems to be uneasy about the marriage, he need to explain It to him.
The appointed day is three days away. Until then, Hydrangea decided to search for some magic-resistance rings.


Three days later. The day to meet Count Northpole arrived.
The sun was setting and the bright moon was peeking through rift of the night clouds.
After finishing his work, Hydrangea went to Count Northpole’s house at the appointed time using transfer magic.

Count Northpole’s mansion was located at the edge of the central district, which was lined with the noble’s residences.

The neat mansion was smaller than the summer resorts in Liliphiltia.
Count Northpole farm their land in the northern part of the country and make their living from it. However, because of the barren land, it does not bring much wealth.

Count Northpole family is a historical family in-name, one could guess just by seeing the flowers they planted in their garden that they lead a very simple life.
The wealth of a noble can be guessed just by looking at their garden.

A servant greeted him at the entrance. An old gray-haired butler received his cloak and guided him to the guess room where Count Northpole was waiting for him.

The hallway was surprisingly dim. It’s probably because not many lamps were lighted. The wooden floor, which was not even carpeted, made a creaking sound with each step. The house looks quite old.

The hallway is decorated with portraits of women. Maybe they are the wives of the past generations. The most recent portrait was a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman.

“This way, please”

The guest room he was guided to was chilly. It’s because the fireplace was not lit. Maybe, they were implying that he was not welcomed. He regretted taking his cloak off.

Count Northpole was a slender, lifeless, and mature-looking young man.
Surprisingly, he resembles his father.

“Hello, nice to meet you”

Count Northpole held his hand weakly, and Hydrangea squeezed it back with all his strength.
Count Northpole made a wry smile and quickly withdrew his hand.
As soon as he sat down, they began talking about the marriage.

“W-Well then, regarding your marriage with my little sister”

Without introduction, he began to talk about the main topic even before tea was served. It was rude behavior in social courtesy, but Hydrangea didn’t care.

“My little sister Violette have special circumstances”
“I don’t mind. I already heard that from your father”
“Ehh, that, I see”

It seemed he had not heard about Hydrangea from his father Silane, so he was surprised.
Count Northpole didn’t seem to welcome the marriage with open arms.

“So, what’s wrong with Miss VIolette?”
“In order for you to believe it, I think it would be better for you to see my sister in person”

When he was asked if he could invite her into the guest room, Hydrangea gave his consent immediately.

Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru

Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru

The Elf Duke Dislikes Marrying The Cursed Daughter, エルフ公爵は呪われ令嬢をイヤイヤ娶る
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
A young man, who was a beautiful elf and a duke, was being urged by the crown prince to get married. Because of his beauty, he, who had suffered from his trouble with women since he was young, hates women.Then, he remembers a promise he made with a wizard ten years ago. It was a deal: “In exchange for my daughter’s engagement, let me read the forbidden books”.At the time, finding a marriage partner was a hassle for him, so he easily accepted the conditions.The duke immediately went to home and was about to marry the wizard’s daughter, but he discover a terrible truth.When the girl is touched by the opposite sex, she turns into a cat.He hates his cheeky and strong-willed bride, but surprisingly, he is a huge cat lover.The days of the Duke’s suffering begin now.


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