Earphones chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“After that, you solve for the square root. Positive or negative. Finalize then… it’s done!”

Studying while eating chips.


“And up next, we have a song from an American singer, Demi Lovato, entitled ‘All Night Long’. This song is brought to you by Tooth toothpaste.”

The electronic instrument that started the song made me realize that I’m gonna be doing just like what the title says, only for a different reason.


I should prioritize my projects instead of finding the one who dedicated the song for me on the radio.

Another entry!

Goodbye x and y.

Hello Account Titles.

Isn’t it amazing that we are still in high school but we are already doing bookkeeping.(*note the sarcasm)

“August 3. Sent a bill to Jones Smith for rendered service, ₱ 5,000”. Then I drank the juice.

“Debit, Notes Receivable, ₱5,000. Credit, Service Income, ₱5,000. To record service for Jones Smith with note.”

“The song was also brought to you by Duty Free, with Duty Free, you’re free of your duty.”

The song ended without me noticing it. So fast.

I arranged my things for tomorrow. Then I went back to bookkeeping.

“Paid salary for workers, ₱6,500.”

By this time, my vision is already blurry.

Brain! Please cooperate. This is the only overnight that I had together with the notebook.


“Mister, stop please!” I shouted to the driver of the jeep.

My brain is really trolled. The alarm clock was ringing five times but I was still asleep.

I dash towards the classroom. Oh, Flash! I’ll borrow your superpowers for only a moment.


“Please let me copy your assignment. Even if it’s only questions 12-15.” I beg my classmate.

“I don’t want to. Ma’am will scold me if I do that.”

Then no. Tcchhh.

“Hey, Dex, let me copy your assignment!” With matching puppy face.

“Eh. Answer it yourself.”

Spell hopeless!

“Wow, just wow! When you are the one asking, she let you copy, but when it comes to her, no one even bothered.”

I turned to see who said it.

This person was sick once again. It began when the school year started.

“Lawrence, are you going to die? Why are you kind again, it seems there’s an angel who whispered that your due date is near.” Dex said.

My class laugh.

Come to think of it, he always bullied me last school year, like he was possessed by Osama Bin Laden.

But now, he is always helping me.

“Here, copy it. I’m sorry if I have a wrong answer, at least I have an answer right?” ^_^ I smiled at what he said.

I stand up. I touch his cheeks with my two hands. I look at his face left and right.

“There is no injury,” I said wondering while my hands are on his face.

“O_o What injury?” He said, shocked at my actions.

“I don’t know. I am wondering if you are hit by a truck or your head bumps at something hard that’s why you become kind.”

He removes my hands on his face.

“Crazy! You’re the one whose face looks like a jeep has passed by it again and again.”

“Arrogant.” This is what I am looking for. His crazy side.

We laughed.

I copied the assignment that I did not finish because of my FRENEMY Brain.

“Seriously, why are you kind today? No. Since the school started?” A little more and my assignment will be finished, I hope Ma’am will not come yet.


“Good morning Ma’am Yakuzawa.” We stand up and at the same time I give his assignment back to Lawrence.


The class ended. It’snow free period.

I can roam inside the campus. The view at the top of the bleachers in the soccer field is beautiful.

I’m always here.

Library? Noisy.

Room? Noisier.

Here? It’s not that noisy.

 I need to try to get where you are

Could it be you’re not that far? ♪

This song mainly talks about finding someone. Which also applies to my situation right now.

♪ You’re the voice I hear inside my head

The reason that I’m singing

I need to find you, Gotta find you

You’re the missing piece

I need the song inside of me

I need to find you, I gotta find you

Oh yeah yeah ♪

I pressed the volume in full blast to drown out the remaining noise in the soccer field. I closed my eyes. Tapped my fingers to the beat. And I let the music do its work.

I felt something move beside me. Maybe somebody just wanted a piece of the view.

 You’re the remedy I’m searching hard to find

To fix the puzzle that I see inside

Painting all my dreams the color of your smile

When I find you it will be alright

I need to try to get to where you are

Could it be you’re not that far ♪

I opened my eyes only to find out that a piece of paper was left behind by a stranger.

Walking back to my classroom, I read the note.

"You seem to be really enjoying music though, 
I hope you like the song I dedicated to you on the radio.
I exerted all my effort so that my request would be picked and 
so that you would hear it. And since you won't be able to 
listen to my words, I decided to write it on a piece of paper. 
The song spoke for me. I WISH. I wish I could remove the plug of 
your headset from your MP3 player and plug it to my heart so you'd 
be able to hear how loud my hearts call for your name. Oh. 
This is Gay! But either way, it's the TRUTH.

I Love You.

I hope we could meet soon, if only I wasn't a coward.

From my heart to yours

- Mr. Mystery"

I really hope we can meet.

“O, why are you smiling?”

I hand the letter to Sabrina.

“Wow! This is sweet! Classmates! Ms. Music has a suitor!”

“Oi, what are you doing!”

I’m already late. They already feasted on the letter.

“Yiehhh! Emerald likes it.” – Katie

“Really? Eh, it looks like you all like it more than her.” – Alex

“Psh! That is so gay.” – Lawrence

I went outside the classroom. Then dash back.

“Ma’am is here!” – me


The lunatics went back to their positions, I got the letter back.


I got home. I open my twitter account and type. ‘Currently listening to NoName Radio.’

‘I wish to meet you soon. It’s boring. Listening to music alone.”


The main problem of all teens.

“Now. I’ll count to three. Callers get yourselves ready. Request on 3…2…1… Hello?”

“Hello.” A voice like an old man, or maybe a device that can hide your voice, answered.

“Who? What? To whom? Why? Let’s do this!” Said by the DJ.

“You’re Not Alone’ by Big Time Rush. For Emerald Takigamo. The music will speak for me.” A beeping sound ended the call.

“That’s one weird caller, But a request is a request. This one is for you Emerald Takigamo from an unknown caller. This song is brought to you by H2Big. In H2Big your savings is big.”

He did! It’s Mr. Mystery!

♪ I’ve been right there (right there)

For every minute

This time, it’s no different

Whatever happens, you should know ♪

The song speaks for itself…

The song speaks for itself…

The song speaks for itself…

♪ Cause you’re not alone, girl

Look over your shoulder

You don’t have to wonder

Cause you know, you know, you know

You’re not alone, girl

I’ll be there to hold you I’ll stay til it’s over

And you know, you know, you know

That you’re not alone

That you’re not alone ♪

Look over my shoulder? Does it mean he is near? I want to know him so I tried investigating.

The song is titled “You’re Not Alone”. I tweeted something about being alone. Maybe his one of my 712 followers? What should I do? Search for it one by one?

Ahhhhh!!! Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

I have to stop this nonsense, for now. It’s the passing of projects tomorrow Mr. Brain. Let’s be friends and cooperate.



Finally! First Time! I am going to school without forgetting something. And it’s still early. Thanks for the piece of meat that is inside my head. XD

“Mister, I’m already here,” I said to the tricycle driver.

The classroom is so quiet. Of course, we are still only six here.

Because it is still early. I will be with my best friend Music with closed eyes.


I did not notice when the people inside the classroom become so many.

I wanted to look at the time at my watch when there’s suddenly a piece of paper fell when I try to lift my hand.

While removing my headset, I read the piece of paper.

“You are really cute when listening to music. You hear the music but you can’t hear my feelings.”

“What is that thing?” My classmate Katie took the paper.

“Eeeeeiiiiikkkkk! How sweet! Who gave you this?”

I raise my shoulder, sign that I don’t know.

“Sus, What is sweet about that? That just so gay!” – Lawrence.

“What is gay about it? It is sweet!” – Katie







“Why is it smooth, eh, that was just a piece of paper!”

What happen? Why are the two of them fighting?

I stand up. I raise my voice but not that loud.

“For me! To whoever gave this to me, I will be thankful. Because I super appreciated ALL  his efforts. I just hope that I will meet him.”

The two stopped.

Actually, the whole class stopped.

“Ma’am is here!”

And then everyone hurried over to their seats.



The most beautiful time of the day.

In the soccer field.

♪ When you walk by

I try to say it

But then I freeze

And never do it

My tongue gets tied

The words get trapped ♪

This is the one.

The first song he requested – requested by Mr. Mystery.

I closed my eyes again.

♪ I hear the beat of my heart getting louder

Whenever I’m near you

But I saw you with him slow dancing

Tearing me apart

Cause you don’t see

Whenever you ki — ♪

The music stopped. I think my phone’s empty battery already.

My eyes are still closed. Not moving. Not removing the headset.

“It’s really funny how I was jealous of you and your cousin Joselyn. It was because you were laughing together, enjoying.  That’s why instead of confessing to you in the radio, I requested a song ‘I Wish’ in your favorite radio station.The part ‘how I wish it was me’ is what I want to say at that time. Yes, I am the caller and I used a voice changer. Sorry about that. I’m just a coward.During summer I miss you. The one I am teasing is gone. I also lost a listener. It was as if there was something missing when I woke up. I’m also a coward to call you. Psh! I’m so gay! What am I saying right now? I’m corny! Maybe this is what love can do.”

I recognize this voice somewhere.

He became silent suddenly.

“How hard it is. I am competing with something that has no life. To something which won’t get tired making you happy. I’m hiding but no one was looking. I’m loving but not being love. Whether you believe it or not, I love you Emerald.” Here in my heart, I don’t know what I’m feeling inside when he said that. Happy, shock… I don’t know. He also feels the same way as I do. I thought he hated me because he teases me. And when he becomes kind I was hoping that he will change how he will look at me. When there was the Mr. Mystery I am also hoping that it is him, although I know it seems impossible. I started looking for that Mr. Mystery, I started to like him.. Appreciating all his effort to make me feel special.

Here in my heart, I don’t know what I’m feeling inside when he said those words. Happy, shock… I don’t know. He also feels the same way as I do. I thought he hated me because he always teases me. And when he becomes kind I was hoping that he will change how he will look at me. When there was the Mr. Mystery I am also hoping that it is him, although I know it seems impossible. I started looking for that Mr. Mystery, I started to like him.. Appreciating all his effort to make me feel special.

He becomes silent again.

“Now I will leave. Maybe what you are listening right now will stop.”

I feel that he stand up. I open my eyes and I said loudly.

“What if I tell you that I was looking for you for a long time? You are the reason why I can’t do my homework before. What if I tell you that I also hear you? It is just now because your voice had just become louder. What if I tell you I had loved you even before I know that you are Mr. Mystery?”

I turned to him. I took my headset from my ears.

“Sorry Lawrence if I eavesdrop. That thing that you are competing with is empty batt. I think you finally defeated it.”

I smiled.

He smiled.



Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Released: 2015 Native Language: Filipino
How will you hear the heart of someone that is screaming for your name, if you are always wearing a headset in your ear?


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