Duke’s Daughter Will Not Fall

Duke’s Daughter Will Not Fall

“What in the world…was that…?”

The time when the sky is studded with stars and the sun heads off for the night. Midnight when both the good and bad kids sleep, and the majority of good adults seem to be asleep too, the only ones awake would be the bad adults.
When the night deepens, the downtown gets quieter and the most lights go out. The city of nobles, not being an exception either, is also dark and quiet, with only the magic-fuelled street lights illuminating the night.

During this kind of deep night, the one who had opened her eyes and was shedding an abnormal amount of cold sweat was Suflelia, a daughter of the Duke of a certain small country.
Her heart was beating intensely and her head was in such a chaos that it felt like she would collapse at any moment. Her high-quality negligee, wet with sweat, was sticking to her skin and making her feel gross.

“I need to calm down first of all….”

She was disturbed and confused enough to want to scream, but she was still a Duke’s daughter.
She had been educated to always keep her calm so no problems would arise when she debuted in aristocrat society which cared too much about what other people thought.
Taking few deep breaths, Suflelia poured water from the jug into a cup with a splendour design and slowly drank it.
As she gulped the water down her slender throat, her body, heated up due to the turmoil, slightly chilled.

Perhaps because she was able to complete one full action of drinking water, she had already regained her usual composure compared to before.

And as she calmed down, she looked around the surroundings.

“There is no mistaking that this is my usual room, isn’t it?”

Luxurious furniture and valuable art objects that decorated the room could be faintly seen through the veil of the canopy bed. The big piano that had been brought into the room on her request was also there, as usual. Possessing a room so big that it still had a space to spare even with the piano taken into account was enough to ascertain her status as the Duke’s daughter.

If she rang the bell that was at her bedside, surely a swarm of servants would fly in at a moment’s notice.

“Is this the revelation that Lord had shown me?……if so, I don’t understand the intentions behind it.”

The reason why Suflelia had lost her composure to an extraordinary extent was simple and common. It was because she had seen a strange dream.

However, it was too elaborate to call it a dream and both the feelings and sensations were burned in her memories unusually vividly, to the point that even the usually calm Suflelia, which never lost her composure, was shaken up.

“A prophetic dream? a revelation?… At this point, I don’t really care if it’s either.”

The content of the dream was an overly realistic forecast of the future.

It was incredibly complex and so filled with details and events that it was hard to fully keep track of them.

If summarized roughly, a daughter of a certain Baron unknowingly charmed Suflelia’s fiancé, the first Prince, the son of the head knight and the son of the deputy Pope with her docile and honest personality.

Not finding that pleasing, Suflelia started to viciously harass her while also continuously putting pressure on the Baron’s house.

Just like in a common novel or drama with a rewarding-good-and-punishing-evil theme, In the end, Suflelia’s crimes, the harassment and the usage of family powers for self-interest in order to mess with the Baron’s house, were found out and the engagement was broken.

After that, Suflelia, whose reputation as a noble was stained, became docile while the Prince and others who loved Sierra, the daughter of the Baron stayed by her side and lived peacefully.

This kind of miserable future is what she saw in a dream.

“Haa……I couldn’t even imagine that I would possess such a troublesome nature. That must have been the reason why I made such a mistake in that dream”

Unintentionally, she started to mutter something to herself.

There is no mistaking that the reason why everything was settled with just breaking the engagement was entirely thanks to her position as the daughter of the Duke. She wasn’t a partner at the Prince’s level, but as a marriage candidate, she had everything that one needed. She prided herself in having both that vast knowledge and a good appearance.

But that wasn’t the most important.  She realized something that made the Prince breaking the engagement seem like a trifling thing.

She had always been thinking that she was harassing Sierra due to the jealousy since she had deepened her relationship with the Prince and on top of that, was fawned on by other people too, and if she hadn’t seen the dream, she would definitely not doubt those feelings now either.

However, when she caught a glimpse of the future in the dream, during the time when the Prince announced the annulment of engagement in front of the students of the academy, she realized it.

“I liked Sierra-san, didn’t I….?”

That’s right, at the finale of the story about a broken engagement, she finally noticed her true feelings.

She had finally realized that she didn’t feel anything when the Prince, whom she had been persistently pursuing, broke the engagement, while she felt a maddening heartache when she saw Siera and the Prince holding hands.

She realized that the one she truly had an adherence to was not the Prince but Sierra herself.

The 3rd party would think that Suflelia decided to live a quiet life in academy due to the effect of the incident, but the reason for the person herself was a little different.

Feelings that were noticed too late, the wall of gender which even the social status couldn’t overcome and a number of harassments that went too far.

She was just a blockhead who couldn’t bring herself to leave the academy because even if she was hated, she wanted to at least be able to look at Sierra.

“Why I only bothered Sierra-san without concerning myself with the Prince and other gentlemen…so, that was the reason, huh.”

Suflelia assessed somewhat sensibly.

If she had argued with the Prince or the son of the head of the chivalric order or dealt with things in a proper way then it probably wouldn’t come to the worst outcome of getting the engagement broken. Nevertheless, even Suflelia herself didn’t understand that she was concerning herself only with Sierra.

She was certain that the jealousy she felt was due to Sierra getting close to the Prince, but this is what was actually going on beneath the surface,

“There was no way to notice, right..?!”

Romantic feelings towards the same sex is something that rarely ever comes up in conversations.

How foolish it is to not realize your feelings and hurt the person you love because you don’t want them to be taken away.

“No, right now instead of regretting that I’ve hurt her, I must think about how to atone and heal those scars with my own hands.”

Actually, she had already spoken sarcastically to Sierra, but she hadn’t made use of her authority yet.

She noticed too late and had already committed a mistake, but it still wasn’t an unfixable situation.

Was it the god, her future self or the previous life? She didn’t understand the reason or principle behind the dream, but it still made her recognize her true feelings. The moment she understood this, Suflelia already didn’t have an option to draw back.

If she continued living like this, she would surely have to pass her life in regrets. Even if Sierra was happy, just thinking that she wasn’t the one at her side made Suflelia’s chest feel like it was torn to shreds.

“I’ve decided. I will convey those feelings to Sierra-san!”

All the ill feelings in her heart disappeared. The power of the maiden in love who had come to know her true feelings was infinite.

I will exhaust all possible means fair and square and grasp the happy ending that nobody can complain about. I will overcome all the obstacles that might appear before me!

Making up her mind, Suflelia started to work her smart brain to the fullest.

“Young lady! what happened?!”

For now, there was no mistaking that the pressing issue was to quickly think of an excuse for the maid who ran in after hearing a loud voice.

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