Dragon Slaying Records chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Dragon Slaying Records

Summary: This is a story about a prince’s fight with a terrible dragon to rescue his beloved.

The knight was a wandering traveler. His greatest aspiration was to one day rescue an imprisoned princess from the maws of a terrible dragon, and then marry her.

Because there were just too many knights sharing this same aspiration, and there were just too few princesses kidnapped by terrible dragons, the demand exceeded the supply, thus causing much agony for the knight. All he could do was travel around from country to country, riding atop a white horse that was as scrawny as sticks while carrying his long sword that had countless dints because he didn’t have the money for repairs. Every time he arrived at a place, he would ask: Has your princess been kidnapped by a terrible dragon?

Normally, he would receive a no for an answer and a look of sympathy, because every knight that had passed by liked to ask such a question. This day however, the knight’s fate was altered by a letter which had fallen from the sky.

A bird of unknown origins had flown past the top of the knight’s head. A letter had fallen from its body, and the knight picked it up from the ground and opened it for a look. The letter read:

“A terrible dragon has kidnapped me. I do not want to marry the dragon. Whoever it is that picks up this letter, can you please rescue me? I am in a castle south-east of Kalor City. There is a ferocious dragon.”

The castle was quiet all around; not a single sound was to be heard. In the highest part of the castle far away, a white silhouette stood there. Due to the distance, the knight could not see her expression. She seemed to be anxiously waiting for the warrior to arrive.

The knight watched that white silhouette with infatuation. Oh God, how pure and innocent she looks, she must have been awfully frightened over the days she was imprisoned by the terrible dragon. He must rescue her!

A gigantic red dragon lay asleep on the grass outside the castle. The knight silently dismounted from the horse, and neared the dragon alone with his sword raised.

The terrible dragon woke up in alarm, and gave a piercing roar as it lifted its head. The knight tightened his grip on the sword, and plucked up the courage to slash it towards the dragon.

The man and the dragon fought.

At last, the knight was victorious. While pressing on his seared arms, he pulled out the long sword that was pierced into the heart of the terrible dragon. The dragon’s blood dyed his whole body. He felt himself being filled with power!

The blood from the terrible dragon made his sight blurry, so he rubbed both his eyes. He could vaguely make out the castle gates opening up, and that white silhouette running towards him.

The princess must be coming to express her love. The knight felt as if he was about to die from happiness.

And then?

And then the hero knight and rescued prince lived happily ever after.

Dragon Slaying Records

Dragon Slaying Records

Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2010 Native Language: Chinese
[one-shot] This is a story about a knight’s fight with a terrible dragon to rescue his beloved.


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