Don’t Stop the Loop! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

A bloody magic circle emits miasma as a response to Celestia’s summoning. The midday clear weather is dyed in darkness, and the being which appears from the center of the circle is the ‘Blazing Iron Evil Dragon, Iblees’.

Celestia laughs in delight despite being burnt by the evil dragon’s black flame.

Faced with the unimaginably wicked aura, both the Crown Prince and the Baron’s daughter who condemned Celestia are frozen and pale.

Yeah, that’s right!

This time I have summoned the biggest one yet.

With this they will taste my long-lasting grudge!

Celestia didn’t feel any pain from the scorching flame all over her body. Rather, she feels exhilarated at the unsightly appearance of her loathly love rival.

In front of those two is ancient magic which has been revived by their true love. But, since the evil dragon sucks up twice the mana of a normal person, Celestia is about to fall apart.

Her charred limbs start to crumble as both her prided blond hair and fair skin burns. However, Celestia is still laughing.

The evil dragon rushes to the Crown Prince while letting out a screeching roar.

Celestia watches the crowd getting disarrayed in fear and despair, as her life finally comes to an end.


“Start over”


A voice resounded in a pitch black space.

After a moment, a blinding light covered Celestia and illuminated her surroundings.

However, there is nothing there except pure, white space.

No, there is one thing. Or more specifically, one living being besides Celestia.

“Why??? Why did you still get the bad ending by evil dragon summoning??” a kid who appears in front of Celestia shrieks while frantically flapping his small wings.

The kid looks about three or four years old and has a pair of wings protruding from his robe-claddened back.

He is Hikariel the angel and is a presence familiar to Celestia.

“Even worse, the evil dragon got stronger each time you summoned it… at this point the world will be destroyed in your next life!”

Celestia gazes at Hikariel, who begins to cry while covering his face, with a complacent smile.

Her goal is to destroy the world who looked down on her.

And that moment is almost in sight.




Celestia met Hikariel when she was about to die in her first life.

Celestia, who was enraged by her broken engagement with the Crown Prince, had awoken the evil dragon. Due to her felony, she was held in an underground prison; however, she preferred immediate execution than imprisonment. Her limbs were frozen from the cold wind seeping through the prison walls and all Celestia could do was wait for her own life to end.

Her consciousness started to fade, and her vision turned dark.

She tried to move, but she could only stare at her frozen fingertips as she heard her own heavy breathing.

The moment she thought that she was going to die, Celestia was in the same empty space as she is now.

“Celestia, your life was full of sorrow. This is the power of mercy. It gives you a chance to start over…”

A solemn voice could be heard.

Celestia didn’t have time to ask what he meant as she felt her body being pulled from behind and then the feeling of falling.

When she opened her eyes, Celestia was back to being 15 years old. It was right before she entered the Royal Academy.

She realized that the voice was not a dream. She was granted a second chance at life with the mercy of a great being.

Celestia was delighted and felt grateful towards God.

This time, she bullied her love rival, the Baron’s daughter, even more violently than before.

In her previous life, Celestia tore apart the Baron’s daughter’s dress and poured ink all over her head because she was getting too close to the Crown Prince. The harassment just started in the third year when the Crown Prince and the Baron’s daughter were in the same class.

This time, Celestia started the harassment right after she entered the academy. Celestia called her a bitch and a loose woman as she slapped her in public.

Looking back at what happened in her first life, the result was obvious.

The Crown Prince, upset with her improper conduct as a Queen Consort, annulled their engagement even before the graduation party.

And then, she got detained after summoning the evil dragon.

The first time Celestia went mad from despair, but the second time wasn’t as frightening anymore. Celestia knew she would get weaker and die eventually, so she quickly hung herself this time. She had a miserable end once again, but she was satisfied since she had revenge on the spiteful Baron’s daughter.

When Celestia opened her eyes, she was in a pure white space.

In front of Celestia, was the young angel who looked at her with a face full of disbelief and tears.

“How could you fall into ruin faster than your first life?!”

“Shut up. How I lead my life is up to me.”

“If you didn’t pester the Baron’s daughter in the first place, you can avoid detainment and the dragon summoning, you know??”

“Still, my engagement will be broken and those two will live a carefree life. I prefer to be ruined than see that happen.”

“Oh come on… how come I granted a time loop to an absurd person like this? I’ve never heard of someone who became evil after a loop. This can’t be written down in the official record!”


“Start over once again!”

Along with that voice, Celestia returned to her fifteen year old self.

Again, she harassed the Baron’s daughter who seduced the Crown Prince and snatched the Queen Consort seat. Then came the dragon summoning, detainment, meeting the angel, lecture and rebuttal.

“Start over!”

Every time she heard those words, Celestia returned to the age of fifteen.

In addition to living her full 18 years, she lived a couple years more. But as the saying goes, ‘the child is father to the man’, no matter how old she was her personality will not change.

Until that woman appeared, Celestia was the center of the world. She was supposed to be the Queen Consort.  What’s wrong with retaliating at the woman who shamelessly snatched her position? That anguish will never disappear.

When the loop almost reached double digits, Celestia realized that there was no benefit in wasting her life impulsively. The harassment towards the Baron’s daughter had never improved no matter how many lifetimes she spent. And due to Celestia’s harassment, the Baron’s daughter and the Crown Prince only grew closer. Even when she summoned the evil dragon, the dragon would immediately be defeated.

If she became a villainess and died anyway, she must devote herself to the harassment and think about how she could increase their suffering.

In her next life, Celestia spent three years covertly searching for a method to summon a stronger evil dragon. She learned that she can achieve this by offering her own blood and feeding it her resentment. However, the stronger evil dragon was still helpless before the power of true love.

In the next life, not only did she offer her blood, but also her soul to summon an evil dragon that was five times stronger. She couldn’t see the results since she died right after the summoning, but Hikariel, who wasn’t able to tell a lie, told her the couple almost didn’t make it.

Celestia was enthusiastic and kept on analyzing evil dragon summoning methods on each loop. However, it was still not enough to destroy the world. She desperately repeated the process of feeding her resentment, which made it even bigger.

And then, at last Hikariel confirmed to Celestia, “The world will be destroyed in your next life.”




“Serves them right”

In front of Celestia who is laughing maniacally, Hikariel weeps in anguish.

He has the power to bring the dead to the past, but is unable to cancel it.  No matter how much he cries and yells, since Celestia has once been given mercy, she must be sent to the past.

And Celestia is the type of person who feels nothing, even when an angel in the shape of an innocent child is crying.

“What should I do to make you lead a proper life?” Hikariel, who understands that he can’t convince Celestia with tears, asks with tear-stained cheeks.

While it is an angel’s job to have the answer, Hikariel has used up all his material to lecture Celestia during her dozens of time loops.

What can he do for Celestia to have her give up on revenge?  Hikariel has no choice but to ask the person herself.

“Well, that…”

Celestia lowers her head.

“If you are a hundred times more attractive, with a hundred times sexier voice, also a hundred times richer than his Highness the Crown Prince, and you can stay by my side all the time, then I will think about it.” As a joke, Celestia responds with a nasty smile since she thinks her request is impossible.

If she can get a man who is better than the Crown Prince who casted her aside, she can live lavishly without being a queen consort.

However, there is no way Hikariel will grant her that.

For a moment, Hikariel looks like he will cry again, but then he gazes back at his chest in delight.

In an instant, Hikariel’s whole body shined. A bright light covers his entire body until nothing can be seen. Celestia’s eyes are glued to the man who emerges from the light.


In front of Celestia is a tall man with silver hair and blue eyes. Large wings stretches out from his back and a golden crown rests on top of his head. Following down his silver eyelashes and tall nose bridge rests his pale, pink lips. His lips are thin, but they look fascinating regardless. His skin is so fair that it looks almost translucent, and on his porcelain-like face, traces of tears still remained.

“This is my grown up form. If you properly do good deeds, I can stay on earth through the released mana…”

He became a man who is a hundred times more attractive than the Crown Prince.

Not to mention his voice, that is not too low, not too high and just pleasant to the ear, is a hundred times sexier than before.




“Huh? What was that sound? Celestia?”

It is the very first time that Celestia witnessed such beauty to the point that she lost consciousness.




Celestia Armaiden.

Everyone was in grief when the renowned lady in the Kingdom had passed away.

Celestia forgave her fiancé’s infidelity, took on the education of her ex fiance’s partner, the Baron’s daughter, and raised her into a respectable queen who could withstand visits from other nations.

Although she never had a partner in her lifetime, she built more than 100 churches inside and outside the Kingdom, established an orphanage, and devoted herself to underprivileged children. Furthermore, she also did countless achievements such as interest-free financial support, rehabilitation of criminals, medical care to the poor, and investment to improve agricultural equipment.


Celestia used her own funding to achieve all of this.

Her favorite phrase was “We can’t bring earthly possessions to the afterlife. So, why not use them for a good cause?”

She even lived in a small mansion and ate only enough to not waste food.

It was said that wheat would sprout on the ground that she walked on. Some even said that they saw wings on her back.


She also had saved the Kingdom from falling into ruins.  When the King and Queen easily exterminated the evil dragon summoned by those who turned their blades to the Kingdom, it was said that Celestia was the one who told both the King and Queen about the ancient magic and showed them the evil dragon’s weaknesses.

Wherever Celestia went, conflicts and disputes would halt, because no one wanted to hurt her. Peace was restored soon afterwards.

There was no one in the country who wasn’t saved by her.


Some people got their illness cured, some got their business back from being ruined, and the rest saw their hopeful future through her existence.

She led the world towards the right direction. The Kingdom was full of smiles and citizens who took care of each other. People were devoted to their work, causing the economy to bloom.

The King and Queen learned from observing Celestia, and spared no expense to support other nations.

Happiness spread around her.

Celestia lived until the age of eighty.

Her last words were,

“Not yet, Hikariel… I can still do better for this world…. that’s why…”

The selfless wish struck deep to the hearts of the remaining people. Later on, it led to the establishment of a large-scale peace agreement called “The Hope of Light”.


The End.

Don’t Stop the Loop!

Don’t Stop the Loop!

Loop wo Tomeru na!, ループを止めるな!
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The villainess Celestia didn’t change her mind no matter how many times time looped back. In every iteration, she bullied the heroine, resented the Crown Prince’s condemnation, and summoned an evil dragon. Hikariel, the angel who had always given Celestia mercy, is sobbing hysterically. Will Celestia ever know true love and get out of the loop?


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