Do You Know the Limits!? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

In the room where you could only hear the sound of a pen running on the paper, the rush of office workers coming and going, and sometimes the voice of a young man giving instructions and the voice of an aide in response, the door was suddenly opened widely.

The person who came and opened the door without warning was no other than the Crown Princess to the Crown Prince, Mariana.

No one blamed Mariana who suddenly opened the door and entered she without any intervention. Though the people inside were surprised at the sound of the door opening, as soon as they knew the person was Mariana, they immediately resumed working in a calm manner as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, only Rizban stopped, turned his gaze to Mariana, and smiled with joy.

“What happened to my beloved Queen?”

“You shouldn’t be asking me that… how many times will this happen? I think I have already told Your Highness many times… and I think I have already asked during the engagement as well…”

Mariana had her shoulders shaking as if holding back her anger, but Rizban only smiled and prompted Mariana to continue her words.

“Your Highness… I will say it again.”

“What is it?”

Mariana glared at Rizban who kept on playing dumb, and said slowly,

“Do you know the word limit?”

“Of course I know. There are many things in government affairs that can be difficult if you make a mistake. “

“Then why is my dressing room in such a situation?”

“Of course, it’s decided because I ordered dresses for you, my beloved princess, right?”

“You know the word limit, right?”

“You know I know, don’t you? What are you so angry about? A smile looks best on my cute queen’s face. Though of course, your angry face is cute too. “

Because of the Rizban who kept on smiling, Mariana even more so held back her anger and took a deep breath.

“Well then, can you please tell me why you have placed so many dresses that I almost can’t enter my dressing room!?”

Rizban gently took Mariana’s hand she used to slam his desk, and kissed it.

“You can’t hit the desk… it will hurt your hand.”

“I don’t care about that right now!”

“That’s not good. I can’t allow anyone to hurt my dear one, even if it’s you yourself. You see, it became so red.”

After saying that, Rizban kissed her palm once more, but Mariana wasn’t able to hide her resentment anymore.

“I don’t care about my hand! Even if I change clothes every day, I still won’t be able to use all of those dresses! Don’t you know how much of a waste that is!? Please don’t waste any more money!”

“It isn’t wasteful. I worked hard to properly earn the money to buy you things. If you say that you don’t need any more dresses, then I’ll be looking for jewelry to suits those dresses I sent. No matter what you wear and what you put on, they suit you, and that makes it worth it.”

The Rizban who figured out his next present was so happy, and Mariana who had told him many times since the beginning of their engagement, threw in the same words.

“So Your Highness! Do you really know the limits!?”

“Of course I know. However, I don’t know if there is a limit to my feelings for you. Oh, so that’s it. You’re angry because I’m only giving you presents and not always being with you properly, huh?”

“Y-you’re wrong…”

Rizban smiled widely and stood up from his chair behind the office desk, and Mariana who felt danger tried to run away, but Rizban already circled his arm around her waist, and then kissed her.

“Wait… Ah…”

Mariana’s resistance to move and protest was also empty, and Rizban met her lips deliciously and kissed her deeply.

At that time, the aides and clerks in the office became aware of what’s happening, and everyone quietly stood up from their seats.

By the time Rizban had thoroughly enjoyed Mariana’s lips, Mariana was already boneless and leaning on Rizban.

“Fufu… your lips are still very sweet. Everyone is no longer paying attention… should I rest for a while? “

Saying that, Rizban picked up Mariana who grew weak, and took her to the break room next to the office.

After that, he fully enjoyed Mariana for a while, and returned to the office in a good mood, and resumed document approval.

When Mariana’s personal maid was called to the break room, Mariana was lying on the bed.

And the words of powerless protest against Rizban were spilled from Mariana’s mouth.

“Your Highness… Far from the limit… Do you also know the word break!?”

She said···

Do You Know the Limits!?

Do You Know the Limits!?

Gendo o shitte imasu ka!?, 限度を知っていますか!?
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
Sequel to “Gendou o Oboete Kudasai!!”. The sequel focus back on the days when the couple were still Crown Prince and Crown Princess.


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