Discipline is the Most Important! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

It was only a week ago that my parents told me about my fiance.

Just after my 15th birthday.

The other person is the second son of a house with the same rank as my own, and he seems to be a boy about three years younger than me.

Well, no matter what kind of person my partner is, I have no option to choose.

Rather, it was a miracle that I had no fiances until this year, while most of my friends already have fiances and are only waiting for graduation to get married.

Besides, political marriage is the norm, I am already lucky that our age difference is only 3 years, although I’m the older one.

Some of my friends were welcomed as second wives of those that are even older than their fathers, and some of them have to take care of newborn babies.

Therefore, it is fortunate that my fiance is one close to my age, and is the one who will be welcomed as the son-in-law to succeed this house, since he’s the second son in his.

Well, it’s not that I’m not worried about the other person’s personality or appearance, but such things just come secondarily.

I don’t say it’s also luxury that comes first.

The important thing is to connect the houses.

Clan, prosperity of the territory.

Marriage for the sake of those.

— It’s fine, I know that.

“Yes. I properly understand.”

In my reply in which you can’t know my feelings, my father nodded with satisfaction 「Un」, and my mother smiled, saying, 「Come to my room later」.


“Excuse me.”

I knocked lightly and slowly entered my mother’s private room.

My mother glanced at me for a moment and slowly returned to setting the teacup to the table, and then encouraged me to sit on the sofa.

Even though it’s my mother, I’m still impressed that her each gesture is carried out with such elegance.

“Lena. No, Elena. I’ll give this to you.”

I was surprised for a second that my name was called instead of my nickname, but I looked over the documents that were handed to me.

The content was the information about the fiance I was told about earlier.

“Ray Northbrook…”

Even just looking at his name, something just doesn’t seem to come across me.

I feel like I’m just vaguely reading the letters.

“He looks pretty good. Isn’t that a relief? Just that…”

That information was not written here, though…

Continuing, there were his evaluations obtained from the wife network.


Male chauvinism.

At the age of 12, he seems to have grown up with an arrogant personality.

Yeah, it’s a very troublesome opponent.

And I don’t really know about the wife network, but I have a good feeling that it will be fun.

“Elena, you can’t change your partner. I know you understand. But, I can give you some advice to make your married life better.”

To my mother who was smiling, I also smiled back with expectations.


A refreshing breeze blows and a gentle afternoon brings the sweet scent of the flowers that bloom in the garden. This is my first meeting with my fiance and it was held at home.

At first, the parents just did a simple greeting and made trivial small talk.

And then, with a change of place, tea time in the garden with only the two of us.

Meanwhile, Ray-sama remained silent and did not even try to hide his moody face.

It’s probably that he’s not satisfied with the engagement suddenly brought up and decided by his parents.

I understand that feeling.

However, you should stop showing your dissatisfactions on your face.

Moreover, in front of her parents and the other person herself.

Even though he’s only 12 years old, still, as a member of nobility, he has no self-consciousness.

This… I think there is a need for discipline.

I glanced around and checked the positions of the maid and servant, and then call out to my frustrated fiance.

“Ray-sama, there’s a rose garden that I’m proud of, over there. If you don’t mind, shall I guide you?”

Even now, he seemed to want to answer no, but I ignored him and smiled, and forcibly took him.


Now then, is this place alright?

I dragged Ray-sama, making him run a little, and leaving behind the maids, entering the rose garden.

The rose garden of my home is a maze, and once you get inside, you cannot see things from the outside.

“W-wait a minute! You suddenly bringing me to this place, what do you intend to do?!”

As soon as we stopped, Ray-sama suddenly opened his mouth.

Oh, I’m a little surprised since I thought you would never open your mouth today.


“It’s not 「you」. My name is Elena. You can call me Lena.”

“Huh! Cut that crap! Who would even call the name of such an old woman… A-waa!”

Even calling me 「you」 makes you out, then it’s even worse calling me old lady.

I’m still just a bumbling 15-year-old. It’s about time to provide you educational instruction.

Immediately determined, Ray-sama screamed, but while screaming, I tripped him down.

“Oh my, isn’t it unsightly to be tripped up by such an old lady?”

While I was snickering, his face turned red with anger and tried to stand up, but I put a knee on him to keep him down.

Oh, my skirt got raised a little. My mother would definitely get angry saying how vulgar.

“Ggggg, ggggg.”

Although it was a little immodest action, my knee is perfectly on the pit of his stomach and suppressing him, making his pretty face distort.

Now, it’s the point from here that’s important.

Shall I train my future husband properly based on my mother’s teachings?

“Now, it’s time for your discipline, Ray-sama.”




“Elena-sama, Ray-sama, it’s about time for you to come back.”

The voice of the maid can be heard from a distance.

Oh, I was so absorbed in educational instruction that I didn’t realize it had been quite a while.

When I glanced down, his cheeks were slightly red, and the embarrassed Ray-sama was still lying on the ground.

Fufu, it was only a short time, but the discipline seems to be successful. As expected of mother.

“Ufufu, did you understand that? The things I said.”

To my question, like a maiden, Ray-sama had his cheeks turn even more red as he continuously nodded.

“You’re a good boy. You’re going to be my fiance, albeit a political one. Let’s get along well.”

I held out my hand in front of Ray-sama and he immediately stood up, dusted off his clothes, knelt down on one knee, and kissed the back of my hand.

Looking at that, I laughed gracefully.

Discipline is the Most Important!

Discipline is the Most Important!

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Status: Completed Type: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
Soon after my 15th birthday, my parents informed me of my fiance. It seems that the other person, who is 3 years younger than me, has a difficult personality… I will train my future husband in the way my mother taught me.


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