Demon Monk chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


A monk came to the manor that day.

Ye Shigui had never seen a monk like this before. His greenish-gold eyes were like a demon’s. His silver hair hung like a waterfall. He was as handsome as strongest sunlight in July. He was so dazzling that people couldn’t look away.

The monk ignored everyone’s astonished gazes. He went to the opened Buddhist Hall in the manor. He sat on a praying mat and counted prayer beads with a cold face. His cold austerity made people unable to approach him.

Late at night, Ye Shigui quietly went to the Buddhist Hall.

That awe-inspiring monk whom people didn’t dare to approach during the daytime was reclining on the prayer mat and drinking wine. His slender legs overlapped. He looked very insolent.


Ye Shigui muttered to himself: “Demon monk.”

The monk turned and his cold eyes stared at him. “This monk’s name is Cheng Guan.”

Ye Shigui was scared into trembling. “You can see me?”

Cheng Guan chuckled. “This monk isn’t blind.”

Ye Shigui asked in a low voice, “Are you here to exorcise ghosts too?”

Cheng Guan: “No.”

Ye Shigui let out a sigh.

Cheng Guan’s lips curved up. “I’m here to catch a ghost.”

Ye Shigui retreated behind a pillar. He carefully exposed half of his face. “Can you not catch me……?”

Cheng Guan: “Why?”

Ye Shigui was dejected. “I still want to spend more time with my parents.”

Cheng Guan blinked. “They don’t know that it’s you. They just think that the manor is haunted.”

Ye Shigui was stubborn. “I don’t want to part from them.”


Cheng Guan narrowed his eyes. “You still have your mortal attachments. You can’t enter the reincarnation cycle.”

Ye Shigui: “Then I won’t enter the reincarnation cycle. I don’t want it.”

Cheng Guan lightly laughed. He crooked his finger. “Come over.”

Ye Shigui floated over.

Cheng Guan reached out and touched his own forehead. Then he tapped Ye Shigui’s forehead. His fingertip emitted a brilliant light.

Ye Shigui’s floating legs took on a form and stood stably on the ground.

Cheng Guan waved his hand. “Go. I can only keep it up for half an hour.”

Ye Shigui was shocked. “You…… Why?”

Cheng Guan lazily poured a mouthful of wine into his mouth. “I’m a demon monk. I do as I wish.”


The next night

Ye Shigui floated into the Buddhist Hall. “I saw my parents last night.”

Cheng Guan: “How did it go?”

Ye Shigui: “I…… don’t know how to thank you.”

Cheng Guan’s eyes faintly swept over Ye Shigui’s handsome face. He repeated the actions that he did last night. “Go. It is difficult to repay your parents’ grace. Go spend more time with them.”

Ye Shigui was very excited. “Okay. Okay.”


Like this, Cheng Guan gave Ye Shigui a form every night. Although it only lasted for thirty minutes every night, it was enough for Ye Shigui to take care of his regrets.

In the daytime, Ye Shigui looked at Cheng Guan meditate and recite Buddhist scriptures in the Buddhist Hall.

His appearance, which was so handsome that it could be a demon’s, was at times clear and at times blurred amidst the wisps of incense smoke.

Cheng Guan: “Did you take care of your mortal attachments?”

Ye Shigui thought about it. “Yes.”

Cheng Guan lifted his hand. “Do you still want it?”

Ye Shigui: “Will it harm your spiritual power?”

Cheng Guan nodded careless. “Of course.”

Ye Shigui shook his head. “Then no.”

Cheng Guan: “You’ve put down all your mortal attachments then?”

Ye Shigui hesitated for a bit. “…… En.”

Cheng Guan frowned. “All of them?”

Ye Shigui looked at Cheng Guan and looked away in panic. His eyes were evasive. “En.”

Cheng Guan smiled understandingly. “But I cannot let it go.”

Ye Shigui slightly widened his eyes. His gaze was like stars. “What?”

Cheng Guan gently touched his forehead and drew him into his arms. He softly whispered, “You.”


Many years ago

A little young master wearing bright yellow picked up an injured animal from the grass and held it against his chest.

The little young master: “I’ll take you home.”

The small and dirty animal moved fretfully.

The little young master had a lisp. He seriously said, “I’ll take you to find my mother in the Buddhist Hall. My mother believes in Buddha. She is very kind. She will let you stay.”

The small animal quietly opened its third eye and looked at the clean and beautiful little young master.

The little young master smiled. “You look so interesting.”

The small animal looked at the two cute dimples and hurriedly closed its three eyes.

The little young master whispered, “Don’t be scared. I won’t tell my mother.”

A light breeze blew. Young and tender footsteps tread on a ground full of peach blossoms.

The End

Demon Monk

Demon Monk

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
Ye Shigui had never seen a monk like this before. His greenish-gold eyes were like a demon’s. His silver hair hung like a waterfall. He was as handsome as the strongest sunlight in July. He was so dazzling that people couldn’t look away.


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