Dear Fairy, Please Contract with Me chapter 9

Chapter 9


My vita was on the verge of hitting the floor, and I felt depressed because I couldn’t see the child. I folded my wings and squatted, gazing into the distant view of the dimly lit landscape.

The paths were twisted here and there, and there were sections that went up and down on the slope, which confused my sense of direction. I thought I had climbed three floors, but in fact, I don’t know what floor I’m on. If I couldn’t move between floors using the move patares, I would never go back to the child.

The space itself was like a maze.

“Does Doom’s maze look like this?”

Even after I spat it out, I got goosebumps.


I shook my head, shook my head, and got up.

When I was a drop of water, the huge fortress looking down from the top of the steeple was a wonderful fortress that exuded a dark and dignified feeling. When I flowed down the outer wall of the castle, I never imagined that the inside would be like this.

It would be impossible to look around everything in one day, and it was impossible to find the child.

“Shall I go back today…”

If I walked around further, I might fall and fall asleep on the pavement.

“Fortunately, there were no other fairies. It is strange that there is not a single fairy in this large space.”

I’ve never seen a fairy. I thought for a moment that I wasted my Vita by using movement and stealth Patares for nothing, but there was nothing wrong with being careful. I’ll have to keep using it until I’m sure there really aren’t other fairies here.

It was the time when I was about to go down using movement patares after tapping the floor. In the distance, I saw a man munching on something and eating.


My eyes lit up. He was biting what was in his mouth as if he was about to die. I opened my eyes wider and observed what was in his hand.

Moist brown biscuits with dark brown grains embedded in them.

“But is that a chocolate cookie?”

Crazy. That’s mine. I’ll take it and share it with my human!

I flew away and wandered around the barrel, then jumped into the barrel for the moment the man pulled his hand away. I quickly grabbed a chocolate cookie I could hold in my hand and put on a mobile patares.

Down, down, down…

“Hah… Hah…”

I was barely able to stand in front of the child’s door. My breath hit the tip of my chin and my wings quivered, but it felt great. I have something to give as a gift when the child returns. I entered the door triumphantly like a mother beast hunting for prey. Read only at pm tl.


And as soon as I entered, I dropped the cookie.

“Ha…ha. Huh.”

The bloody child was lying on the floor.


The child, who had been lying on the floor and crying aloud, lifted his head as soon as he heard the small sound of the cookie hitting the floor.


When I made that stupid sound without realizing it, I was already in the child’s hand.


The boy took a deep breath and looked down at me with blood-red, bare eyes. Large teardrops fell from his drenched eyes and fell on my face.

Knock. Knock.

Unlike last time when I only saw the moisture of his tears, I could feel it very clearly now that I am wet from his tears.

This child might eat me this time.

“Don’t eat…”

I thought I said it for a second.

“Don’t eat, don’t eat, don’t eat.”

That’s what the kid said, not me.

The child didn’t eat me. He was just rubbing my wet cheeks, muttering over and over the words I had been taught, “don’t eat.”


I glanced at the corner where I had grown as grass, and it was torn.

…I should’ve just stayed in the room.

There was no way of knowing whether this kid was beaten to protect the grass. But whatever the reason, it was certain that I was the reason he was beaten until this happened.

I was the reason why he cried. The child suffered horribly from mental pain, not body pain. He was crying out of breath only because he thought that I had disappeared.

He never thought I’d be back. He thought I was gone.


He cried as he rubbed me against his scratchy, puffy cheeks. The child seemed to be trying to convince himself that I was real.


Reflecting on my impatience, I was discouraged.


Stuipid fairy. I should have checked in advance what this kid was thinking and before leaving to find him. I should’ve known how this kid behaves when I get out of this kid’s space. I should have taught him that I might be away but I’ll be back.

I should have gotten to know him before leaving.

Without asking, I did what I wanted. I did it because I wanted to know the child, but my mind went too far.

So I missed getting to know him truly.

With a sense of shame, I sincerely repented.


I won’t ever do that again.

Anything about you should be checked directly with you.


This time I wasn’t trying to teach him. When I kept saying ‘I’m sorry,’ he was copying me. There was a moment of laughter.

“Okay, you should be sorry for me too.”

Why did you leave me who only knew you?

As soon as he stopped crying, I pressed my body to the cheek of the child and let out a sigh.

“I am really upset. Why is your body hurting like this again? Yes, it’s all because of me. It’s true that it’s my fault, but I’m sad because I don’t know exactly why. How long do I have to teach to put your thoughts into words? Hm?”

“Don’t eat.”

“…You really know my name as ‘don’t eat’. I’m a fairy. Fairy!”


“Okay. I’m really sorry. I’ll give you something delicious as a apology gift.”

I tapped the hand of the child who was still holding me. The child had calmed down a little, and I wondered if he would hesitate, but he let me go. I picked up the chocolate cookie that had been dropped and scattered it in all directions.

“You just have to taste it. Even if it’s a little dirty, you shouldn’t die. No matter how dirty it is, it will be better than the bread and soup you eat.”

It was not easy to hold a chocolate cookie the size of my body with both hands and split it in half. I was struggling with the cookie when suddenly my body was lifted up. The child picked up the cookie with his fingers and broke it in half.


Are you a genius too? He used the words he learned very appropriately, and we both took a piece.

“Let’s eat together.”

As I began to eat the cookie, the child looked at my piece, sniffled, and slowly brought it to his mouth.


“It’s tasty.”

The stolen chocolate cookie was also delicious. That moist cookie with large chocolate chips embedded in it melted in my mouth.



I don’t know if the child knows the meaning of the word and said it or if he is copying me without knowing the meaning.

“That’s not it. It’s delicious.”

But I could tell by looking at his face that it was really delicious.


It was very nice to see the boy’s puffy cheeks getting a little more reddish and the light shining through his tearful eyes. It wasn’t as groundbreaking as when he ate my honey, but I laughed out loud with satisfaction. Still, I’m glad I did something good.

“This is really delicious.”

I ate a cookie the size of my body in an instant and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. While eating, I filled up my Vita from time to time, but I was tired enough to even miraculously stand.

Since I was born, I have been rolling around, but never washed my body, and it is time. I can wash with patares, but I can’t do anything right now because it’s so hard. I have to go to sleep and wake up to wash.

I glanced up at the child. To be honest, I thought he might be worse than me. No, it must have felt so painful that he couldn’t feel any discomfort. Full of wounds and blood… His face and body were so swollen that I felt sorry to touch him, and my heart ached.

“It hurts a lot.”

I want to wipe it off with a towel soaked in clean water right away and apply some medicine, but I can’t because I can’t find any.

“There is not much I can do here.”

I muttered helplessly and sat down on the child’s palm.

“No, there are so many things to do. I have to teach you this and that, I have to see… But if I want to be stronger tomorrow, I should sleep now.”

I waited for the kid to grab me, but the kid just sat still and stretched out his hand.

“I think you should lie down.”

Without waiting any longer for the child, I flapped my wings and just laid flat on my back. The child’s hand twitched.


I tossed and laid on my side.

“But I really hate you.”

I forced my eyes to close.

“What if I woke up without you like today?”

I murmured helplessly and rustled my wings. If I consume too much Vita, I’ll fall into a really deep sleep, making it difficult to wake up. I slept with peace of mind as I did yesterday, not knowing if he would leave me sleeping alone again.

“I thought of a good way.”

I jumped up and spread my wings. I flew all the way to the front of the child’s clothes.

I tucked my body into the neckline of his clothes, grabbed his collar under his chin and twirled it around. Afterwards, I was curled up inside his clothes and secured firmly.

I barely folded my wings and squirmed my body into place. I closed my eyes as if I was stuck in a bottle with my snout, and then the child frantically grabbed me over his clothes,

“Don’t leave me alone like today. Wherever you go, don’t leave me, take me with you. Even if you’re sleeping, put me in your pocket or wake me up. Understand?”


“If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just memorize it. Take me. Make sure I wake up.”

As I murmured to take me or wake me up as if brainwashing him, I felt my body slowly tilt. Half asleep, I barely lifted my eyelids. The child was lying on the floor.

“Are you okay?”

Dear Fairy, Please Contract with Me

Dear Fairy, Please Contract with Me

요정님, 계약해 주세요
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Hi. Am I your first fairy?I met a lonely child, very deep underground. I wanted to see the kid smile. So I was born as a flower fairy.“I’ll promise. I will get out of here with you!”You are a seed trapped in the ground. In the name of the flower fairy, I will surely make you bloom.“Yes. Let’s work together. Let’s go out together… Take each other out of here.”To escape with the cute boy, the fairy has a lot of work to do! We prepared hard for a long time. And finally, an opportunity came…We were finally out into the world. The whole world coveted my human being in full bloom.“You are too great for me to have.”My first person. My precious planet. My beloved flower. The origin of the fairy, Shrensha, was Leoren. I was going to let Leo go a little, very little, for Leo’s life.“Leo is the greatest in the world. I’m just Shrensha from Leoren.”Leo knew only me.“Shrensha, please sign a contract with me.”Forever.


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