Cuddle chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

「Huh? What is this ?!」


I was confused.


When I came back to Haruna’s house, there was a strange leather shoe at the entrance.


In addition, it was clothes of the man which shows that they had been violently taken off and clothes that of a lover are spread to the corridor in a clutter.

***In addition, men’s clothes that were violently removed and clothes worn by lovers often spread in the corridors.


And what’s more……


A beast like voice that keeps on saying Haruna was heard from the bedroom.


Moreover, there floated the word like asking for more……


「 Haruna! Haruna! 」


In a hurry, I followed the voice coming from the bedroom, when I open the door, I witnessed a spectacle where Haruna was straddling my best friend, Ryosuke, with naked body.


「 What is this! This! 」


Involuntarily, I raise an angry voice.


On the other hand, Haruna just gave me a smile with a ridicule that floated on her face.

“If isn’t Toya. If you thought there was a gross man, it was you. I’m better than you, Ryosuke is cool and a good man. Look, why don’t you just go in the way?


「……What do you mean? 」


I couldn’t understand Haruna’s words.

I asked you to marry me yesterday, but why did you do something like this?

Nothing more to it……


「 Ryosuke, what’s this about? Why do you have a relationship with Haruna! Answer! 」


Ryosuke just smiled to my question.

What’s so interesting?

I could not understand the thoughts of Ryosuke, who was my best friend, and my head was confused, and words did not come out.


Ryosuke gave me a laugh and started to answer.


「 I’ve been waiting all this time for you! This moment that that I can take everything from you! What kind of face would you show if I took something important from a dark bastard like you? Haruna is my favorite! It was the best hug! Haruna was the best? Haruna Wasn’t it for you too? 」


Haruna has a charming smile on her face in the question of Ryosuke.

The moment I saw it, I heard a sound that shattered my heart.

I’m lost for words and tried to leave my apartment in Haruna.


「 You have to leave the key. You don’t have to come anymore. If you do, I’ll call the cops. 」


After that, Haruna together with Ryosuke begins to laugh.

Is it interesting to look at me who ‘s already so terrible?

As I was told, I threw a spare key in the front door and I left Haruna’s house.

With a tremendous feeling I walked out, I just kept on wandering……


As I continued walking for a while, the day had passed, and it was evening.

I returned to my apartment and just want to sleep at home.

Yui one of my colleague was standing in front of the door with a paper bag.


「 Mr. Toya and the… What happened to your face? 」


When she notices me, she looks at my face with worry on her eyes.

I was wondering why she, who is only a co-worker, is here.

Besides, I can’t trust anyone because I’ve just been betrayed, and I don’t know what to say to her.


「……Go home. 」


I say so with the utmost contradict voice, Yui is shaking her head and hug me.


Why do you hug me so gently…?

Don’t understand……

I don’t know what to feel anymore…

「 Mr. Toya I’ve always wanted to repay you for your help when I screwed up at work! I’ve loved you for a long time! So, Mr Toya please share your grief and suffering with me! I want to keep supporting you and remain by your side! 」

Yui talked to me while crying.

To me, who was in pain, Yui’s words permeated my heart.

In this world without salvation, it felt like her words are the only hope left.

「I …… I……」

Tears come out from my eyes.

I cried and just dumped everything to Yui.

Yui just listens to it quietly and gives me words of encouragement.

Moreover, she holds me to wrap her hands around me and rub my back gently.

To me, her kindness, warmth was the only comfort I have, I continued to talk while sobbing, and just let go of my suffering to her.

Then, I kept crying until settling down in Yui’s embrace.

I noticed that it was two hours and it was late on the night.

I wiped my tears and turned my face to Yui.

She also had tears in her eyes. She was crying for me, and her eyes were red.

「 … I’m sorry. Show you such an unpleasant thing… 」

Yui then shook her head and smiled.

I might be able to believe in people again.

With Yui, I’m going to walk a happy life.

「 Yui, stay by my side. I need you. 」

「 Yes, please let me stay by you side! I will continue to support you in the near future. 」

We stare at each other and our faces got closer. And I throw Yui at the bed, and it got a hot entangled.

「 It’s already morning 」

The morning sun illuminated by, revealing a glossy white skin from the gap of the quilt that was peeled off.

I and Yui had a night together, she was with me until the morning.

「…… Thank you for yesterday. I’m kind of crazy and there are many things. 」

When I apologize with the feelings of confession, the mouth is suppressed with a finger, and it interrupted me. And I was kissed when the finger is removed.

「 It’s okay because I’m so happy too. And, Mr. Toya has become energetic for me」

She smiles at me and gave me a wink while leaving the bed.

And she picks up her underwear and other clothes and changes it into the bathroom.

I decided to walk my life once more to protect this happiness.



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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
One day, when I went to my lover’s house, the lover was developing love with my best friend man. The hero, Toya, is betrayed by a lover and a friend, and comes home on the way back with a feeling of human mistrust. But there were those who were waiting for him …


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