Conveying Feelings chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Yumi… geez, you’re asleep already.

I wonder if you are already resting for the day. While I was resting on the sofa to wait for the bath water to warm up, you demanded a lap pillow from me.

“Sure,” I said, but I think it might have been a mistake to lend her my lap. Yumi raised a deep sleep breathing sound, as always so cute.


「suu… suu…」(sleeping sounds)


「Mou, wake up already. You won’t be able to enter the bath at this rate, right?」


I wonder if she really is so deeply asleep that she won’t notice my voice… sometimes I could hear her groaning in her sleep. As Yumi is full of openings, I lightly brushed her hair.

Come on, wake up. Look towards me. If you keep showing me that face, the feeling inside me….I might not be able to stop it. And then, you really won’t be able to enter the bath afterwards, you see?


But still, I want to keep looking at this face. This rare sleeping face is not one that’s easily seen every day. It makes me want to take a picture using my phone and make it my wallpaper. While I was lost in those thoughts, Yumi turned over, and now she is facing upside down… I was a bit amazed that she didn’t fall down from the sofa while turning. But then, I noticed: the reason to hold back my heart is now gone.


「Yumi, if you don’t wake up, I will kiss you.」


Normally, with this she would wake up, and without holding back she would face towards me. But today it seems that she really is asleep.

This is not bad in itself, it’s cute… but tomorrow there is school, so it would be really troubling if she doesn’t get in the bath.


「And so, Yumi……it’s punishment time, you know?」


Come on, face me. I gently kissed Yumi’s long hair.

Chuu, chuu. As I repeated it many times, Yumi’s breathing has hastened up.


「ha..nnn…..Risa… that tickles, you know…..」


「Even if you say that, you won’t wake up after all that…」


I lightly embraced her from her back. Yumi slowly raised her body, then turned her face towards mine.


「Did I sleep that much?」


「The bath has already warmed up. Were you really that tired? 」


「hehe……..since you let me sleep on your lap, it was really refreshing.」


Yumi closed her eyes, and slightly narrowed her lips. As she did that, I was naturally drawn to her face.




Maybe it’s because she just woke up, but Yumi’s lips were drier than usual. For me to be able to understand that much is because we’re always doing this… my cheeks slightly heated up.


「Geez, the bath has already warmed up, right? Come on, let’s go in.」


「Yeah, you’re right.」


Yumi stood from the sofa and held out her hands towards me. And to the Yumi who is so lovely and dear… what can I do to express what I’m feeling?


I embraced Yumi from her back. Then, once again, I placed my lips on her hair. The bittersweet aroma from her shampoo tickled the interior of my nose.


「You’re not supposed to kiss that part, you know…」


From those spoiled words, I let out a spontaneous smile. Of course I understand something like that. As I pull back the hands that were hugging her, Yumi faced towards me.


「Of course I understand that, Yumi.」


「Then…just one more time…kiss me.」


And to Yumi’s face that had her eyes closed, to her cherry blossom-colored lips, I conveyed the『love』that cannot be expressed no matter how many words you use

Conveying Feelings

Conveying Feelings

Tsutaeru Omoi., つたえるおもい。
Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
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