Convenient Woman chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I Nagata Nami, is dating a man called Yamanami Tooru. We are working at the same company but in different departments. His face is quite fine, and he’s reasonably good at his job.

One year ago, I was confessed by Tooru, and regardless of me replying that I’m not interested, he repeatedly overbearingly attacked me. One day, we spent a night together under the power of alcohol, my unconscious feelings surfaced, and I decided to date him.

Today is Sunday.

I invited Tooru yesterday whether he would like to go to the dinner together with me, however,

「There’s no way I could go to such gathering of women, right?」


He refused me with a stunned look like every other time.

Because the dinner finished faster than usual, I decided to go straight to Tooru’s apartment.

I could hear a woman’s coquettish voice from the opposite side of the door.

Is this perhaps? No, there’s no need for perhaps.

Once I understood, I couldn’t think of what to do next.

Such questions welled up one after another.

It was too vivid to act as I haven’t seen it, and while thinking that continuing to listen to other’s people’s panting would be a bit, I attacked.

「h.e.l.lo. I will be intruding」

First of all, I break into the room with a bright voice.


The surprised voices of the two overlapped. As I thought, the two are embracing each other on top of the bed while naked.

「I, isn’t today the day you wouldn’t be coming…」

Tooru who separated from the woman in panic stiffens.

「We have finished earlier than expected, so I thought about seeing Tooru’s face, but am I bothering you?」

I glance at the woman. Her hair is in disarray, and her make-up has crumbled, so I couldn’t recognize her for a moment, but yeah it’s『her』, I thought.

One of the four juniors under me. A swingy daughter of my boss. Swingy, because in spite of going to Ojousama school, there’s an unusual malicious gossip among woman about her forming relationships with men.
Which reminds me, we accidentally met three months ago during our date, so I introduced her to Tooru.

「Since it turned out like this, let’s tell her clearly, Tooru-san」

She covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s with the sheets and said confidently.

「We are going out. Tooru-san said he can already do without Nagata-san!」
「Going out? Are you saying that Tooru and I are already not going out?」

When I looked at Tooru who was frowning, although pale,

「Yeah, that’s right. I love Kozue」

He got on her story.

「You who do the cooking, laundry, and cleaning is almost like a housemaid. That’s why I love Kozue」

Ara. Wasn’t it Tooru who told me that he『loves』me?

「You weren’t meeting with Tooru-san because you were busy at work, right? In the first place, housemaid can’t be an object of romantic interest. You have to be a『woman』!」
「That’s right. I can think of you only as a housemaid, you have no charm as a woman!」

While the two are speaking, it gradually becomes『Nami’s (mine) fault』.

Moreover, I’m wearing a proper make-up, and I also pay attention to what I’m wearing, but to tell me that I’m『not a woman』.
―――How vexing.

「In other words, you are saying that I who do the cooking, laundry, and cleaning is a housemaid, not a woman?」
「That’s right! There’s no way a woman (housemaid) like that would be any attractive, right? You are just a convenient woman like a housemaid」

I see. I’m a convenient woman, a『Housemaid』.

「Incidentally, please tell me. Since when you two are『going out』?」
「Two months ago, we have accidentally met in a restaurant. That day’s night, we have been together in bed…」

Don’t say it while bashfully blushing, you thieving cat.

The h.e.l.l is that?

「Therefore, won’t you already break up with Tooru-san? We love each other!」
「Your body is not attractive, we recently haven’t even done it. Isn’t it fine to just break up?」

Because of Kozue as your backer, didn’t you sound quite confident, Tooru?

Besides, Kozue is my superior’s daughter, so dealing with that would be troublesome.

「Alright. Let’s break up, Tooru」

Paa, Kozue showed a brilliant smile.

He’s worthy of bragging as a boyfriend.

That’s why I did many things for Tooru’s sake, but the result is this?

「I won’t come here anymore, so you guys don’t approach me as well」

Saying such, I left the key behind and left the apartment.

Why were the two treating me as a housemaid? Housemaids are women too, aren’t they? The h.e.l.l with those words!

Wanting to complain about such thoughts to somebody, I decided to email the members of today’s meeting.

「I have just broken up with my boyfriend. He was having an affair. He and his partner said that woman who does the cooking, laundry, and cleaning is a housemaid. Please comfort such me」

The replies from all members came immediately.

Women friendship is a very good thing.

「Nami, just what did you do!」

In the midst of work, my eyebrows naturally frowned because Tooru who suddenly appeared shouted at me.

「I told you not to approach me, didn’t I? Could you stop talking to me?」

「Fuun. Is that so?」

I continue working because I have no interest. That day, because everyone’s comforting, I’ve reached the stage of『I presently don’t need any men!』. They are really good friends, aren’t they?

「You, you have not blown the facts of proportion while complaining to Director Higuchi in order to get back together with me, right?」
「I wouldn’t do something like that」

I’m amazed by his bulls.h.i.t.
Where do you see any lingering feelings for Tooru in me?

「Then, why is Director Higuchi looking at me with pitiful eyes?」

「Aren’t those the usual guys you meet with for your dinner?」

Tooru is making ‘what’ face.

「That’s right. Tooru didn’t know? Maiko-san is Konno Real Estate’s President’s wife, Hitomi-san is the wife of the Managing Director Kawano. Saya senpai is the wife of the Executive Director Kojima, and Minami-san is Charmain Yamato’s wife, you know?」
「… Eh?」

Maiko-san and Hitomi-san are a parent and a child. Saya senpai is a senior from my junior high school. Saya senpai and Hitomi-san were in the same circle during university. Minami-san and Maiko-san are best friends. By the way, Konno Real Estate’s and our company’s ties are deep.
『Age, and our positions might be different, but we are friends』is the rule of our dinner meeting.

「Previously, I met Saya senpai who guided me on a company related exhibition, and I got acquainted with the others. Mysteriously, we all got along. Since then, we have been having regular dinner meetings. I have notified on the day you have broken up with me.『I have just broken up with my boyfriend. He was having an affair. He and his partner said that woman who does the cooking, laundry, and cleaning is a housemaid. Please comfort such me』. Because everyone is kind, they immediately came to comfort me」

I give a sidelong glance to Tooru who’s flapping his mouth open and closed and continue.

「『In spite of cheating, they said such a thing? Moreover, with that way of talking, they are saying that we are housemaids as well, aren’t they?』everyone was really angry. Well, everyone is a housewife after all. Don’t you think it isn’t strange that they thought so?」

「I was hurt by the things Tooru and Kozue told me. I had my friends comfort me. What is wrong about that?」

That’s the normal course of events when experiencing a broken heart, Tooru was lost for words when I replied as such.

「How many times have I asked you『Won’t you have a dinner with us?』? But, Tooru didn’t have any interest in my relationships, didn’t you? Right now, I have no interest in Tooru. I have finished being your convenient woman. That’s why, don’t talk to me anymore」

I think that I certainly am a convenient woman in various ways. Nevertheless, Tooru was the one who called me a housemaid and didn’t notice my other parts.
I have removed Tooru who was merely standing in a place from my line of sight and returned to work.

Convenient Woman

Convenient Woman

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
When I finished having a dinner meeting and went to my boyfriend’s place, he was in the midst of cheating on me.


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