Cinderella Seems To Like the Witch Who Came To Cast Magic On Her Instead Of The Prince. She Doesn’t Care About The Details, So She Wants Them To Be Happy Together. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Ms. Wiiiiitttchhh…!!! Where did you go? Ms. Wiiiiiiitttccchhh!!! Please accept my looooovvveeee!!!”

The young girl’s cries echo through the city streets on this quiet night.

She’s hunting me—I, the witch Miria, hid in a back-alley and held my breath.

“Awawawa…” I blubbered. “Why is this happening…?!”

As I held my head in my hands, I looked back on recent events.

I usually stayed in the Spirit’s Forest and came to this city three days ago.

I pretended to be a shabby beggar and the only one who answered my pleas was Lily, the one currently searching for me.

I’m sorry… I’ve only got bread and water right now, but please take them.”

My, my… but this your food, isn’t it, Young Lady?”

Please don’t worry about it.”

With her ashen hair and those beautiful blue eyes, she smiled.

We talked for a while afterward.

I lost my parents when I was a kid and now I live with my stepmother and my two step-sisters. At home, I’m in charge of all the housework and other chores.”

Even though she’s such a beautiful girl, she’s dressed in rags and seems to be taken advantage of every day.

That poor thing…

My magic is for making unfortunate girls like her happy!

You know, my hobby was growing herbs and making medicine. I was disliked by the villagers that I lived with at the time and got kicked out…”

You poor thing…”

Lily sympathized with me.

Well, after that happened, I became an immortal witch with the help of the spirits.

I look like I’m 17 years old. I’m a girl with long, red hair and purple eyes, but I’m actually over 100 years old.

One day, I started to think this:

I want to help the poor people who find themselves in the same situation as I did!

For that goal, I worked hard to learn magic, and now I’m a fine witch.

I sometimes disguise myself and travel to human towns to find someone in need.

(Now then, how can I help Lily?)

It’s easy. Lily is a beautiful girl though she wasn’t aware of it because of her terrible life at the moment.

All I have to do is use my magic to reveal her true beauty and have her meet a nice guy!

A woman’s happiness is marriage! And I’m still single.

Say, Young Lady. There will be a ball at the castle soon. The Prince is looking for someone to make his Princess. Isn’t he longing for a young lady much like yourself?”

Eh? No, that especially can’t be me… I don’t think my step-mother and step-sisters will allow me to come in the first place.”

So I see, you can’t come because of your step-family’s harassment, can you? You poor thing. I’m sure you aren’t even able to make a dress because of them, are they? Considering what they’ve already done, will they have you prepare their flashy dresses and help them get ready for the event? That’s such a terrible story, isn’t it?”

No, it’s not that bad… if my sisters-in-law start to get noticed, my life will become easier.”

You don’t have to say that like everything’s alright. On the night of the ball, open a window in your house and pray to the moon. I’m sure something good will happen.”


And on the eve of the ball:

As I told her, Lily opened a window, prayed to the moon, and I appeared in my original form.

“Tada! The beggar woman in that back alley was actually me in disguise! The eternally 17-year-old witch, Miria, is here!”

“… Eh?”

“Aww, that lack of reaction huurrtt. Maybe it’s because you’re not convinced? Sor-rryyy, I can’t help looking like this even though I’m over 100 years old! Even if you’re not convinced, I’ll make you happy, okay? Things will get better for you soon, I’m sure? Eei…!”

“A-Amazing! Your magic’s turned the pumpkins into carriages and the mice into magnificent horses!”

“That’s not a-all~! I’ve got something for you too, Lily, eei…!”

“Chyaa…! … Amazing! This dress is so wonderful!”

“It’s not just a dress! Look, look, check yourself in the mirror!”

“Impossible… I, I’m… I’m such a beautiful girl!”

“By the way, I didn’t change your body one bit, you hear~. I just got rid of all the dirt, trimmed your hair, and brought out your ‘natural’ beauty. You’re actually quite pretty, don’t you know, Lily?! Your stepmother and stepsisters can’t match your potential. Maybe they noticed it themselves and that’s why they were so hard on you, yeah~?”


“As you are now, Lily, you’ll definitely steal the Prince’s heart! You’ll become the Queen! In the blink of an eye, you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work and become the happiest person in the country~…. W-What’s going on, Lily? Why did you grab my hand? H-Hey, your face is red and you’re breathing hard…”

Lily looks unnerving and is holding me quite strongly.

She’s crushing my hands like she doesn’t want me to escape! She’s caught me.

Her eyes shine as she opens her mouth.

“… You transformed me, didn’t you?”

“Eh? Yeah, I’d say that was more polishing than transforming, don’t you think?

“It doesn’t matter which it is! You must be an angel sent by the Heavens, to have mercy on me who lived such a miserable life!”

“Eh? Nope, nope, nope, I’m a witch! I’m no angel!”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a witch or a fallen angel!”

“Where are you going with this?!”

“I… I don’t care about the Prince or the ball! Because I like girls! I’m not interested in men!”

“I-Is that so?!”

Aw, man, did I not do enough background research?

If she’s a lesbian, she wouldn’t be happy to marry the opposite sex, no matter how many balls I send her to.

Yeep, I’ve failed here. Now then, what else can I do to make Lily happy?

“Ms. Miria!”


“I fell in love with you at first sight! Please marry me…!”

“Wait, whaaaaaattttt?!”

“Alongside your cute appearance, you care about me and tried to make me happy… I’m so touched by your feelings! I only want you, Ms. Miria! Let’s please get married!”

“Eh?! Ah, you see, I haven’t thought about marriage or anything like it… I mean, aren’t we both women?!”

“Do you still care about religious taboos even though you’re a witch!?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then it’s okay, isn’t it? Let’s get married as two women!”

“I-Is it really okay? I mean, what about my feelings…?!”

“We’ll spend every day being so in love! We’ll build a pumpkin house in the depths of a remote forest and grow a small garden to live on! If you we find an unfortunate child from a remote area, we’ll adopt them. We’ll raise them well…!”

“Wai–, wait, wait, wait!? What do we tell your family!?”

“I don’t care because they’re such poisonous people. I don’t want to get involved in their marriage prospects for the rest of my life. I don’t even need revenge. So, if my second stepsister can’t stand taking my place and leaves the house, my eldest stepsister will be the one bullied this time, and if she also leaves the house—I think my stepmother will have a very lonely old age, don’t you think? I think this house is going to collapse even if I didn’t do anything.”

“Scary?! Is this house so toxic?! Is it really that toxic?!”

“Up till now, I’ve had to put up with it because I don’t have the strength or the education, but it’ll be fine if I get married to you, Ms. Miria!”

“Wait, I didn’t say I’d marry you, did I!?”

“Since I was a kid, I’ve been doing all the housework, so leave all that to me!”

“Ah, that’d help me out a bit.”

“Then let’s get married! Let’s get married right away! Let’s elope right now!”


As Lily was declaring her love for me, I escaped from her grip and leaped back out the window.

… Which brings us back to the present, where Lily is looking for me in her glittering dress while barefoot.

“Ms. Miriaaa! Where are you, Ms. Miriaaa!”

“Uuuuuu… this is the same situation I envisioned when the Prince was looking for Lily…! No way, I didn’t think I’d be the one being chased…!”

“… Found you, Ms. Miria. <3”

“Hii, hiiiiii….?!”

“Now, now, it’s our new beginning! Let’s go to your house on the pumpkin carriage you gave me! It’s Lily and Miria’s Big Victory! Let’s go to a hopeful future!!”

“But I haven’t won anythiiiinnngggg…?!”

Lily princess carried me into the pumpkin carriage I’d made for her.

Then, she grabbed the reins and got the horses running.

I taught them the way to my house because I can’t have them running wild. Otherwise, with their speed, they’d just run all over the country… it was my mistake…

With thanks to that, the eager-to-be-my-wife Lily brought us to my house…

It was a few years later. We were at my house in the depths of the Spirit’s Forest.

Lily is reading a handmade picture book to two girls.

“… And thus, the Witch and the Princess lived happily ever after.”

“Waiii, what a wonderful story!”

“Hey, Mother Lily, what happened to the Princesses crazy step-family?”

“As she expected, the family fell apart.”



“Lulu, Karen, you two should grow up to be compassionate people so you don’t end up like the step-family.”

“We will!”

“Become a kind person like the Princess and the Witch!”

Lulu and Karen. Two years ago, they were little girls abandoned in the Spirit’s Forest.

We decided to protect the two after they ended up wandering to our house and raised them as our adoptive daughters.

Oh, right, at that time, they ate the pumpkin pie that Lily just made and said, “It’s a Candy House!” It was a good memory.

On a related note, their parents didn’t even try to look for them.

After they abandoned them in a hurry, they left the forest and went off to somewhere else.

That’s why we adopted them without any hesitation.

“Mother Miria!”

“Mama Miria!”

“Wawah…! Wh-What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. When I heard Mother Lily’s story, I wanted to hug you.”

“Me, too. I love Mama Miria and Mama Lily!”

“Ah, auuuuu…”

I’m still not used to being called a mother. As she saw me blushing, Lily smiled happily.

“Hey, Miria, are you happy now?”

“Eh? Y-Yeah… I’m happy, I think…”

“I’m so glad to hear that! That makes me very happy, too. I love you, Miria. Stay with me, okay? ♪”


Lily kisses me.

Auuuu, we can’t do this, not in the middle of the day…!

“Nn, chu… haaah…”

“Puha…! Zeh, zeh… d-dummy! Even though the kids were watching…?!”

“Ufufufu… Lulu and Karen are happy if their mothers are getting along, right?”

“Yeah, I’m happy!”

“More kissy, kissy! More kissy!”

“Fuaaai…?! Um, you see? This is an expression of love between mothers, okay?! Don’t imitate us, okay?!”

“Don’t copy us. Kissy is only for special people. Okay?”


“Miria, it’s okay we teach them about sex because they’re mature enough.”

“Yeah, it should be fine… wait? Wait, is this really fine…??? Is it really okay for our kids to be learning this? I don’t even know for sure if it’s okay, do I???”


In these last few years, I’ve been completely enamored with Lily.

I couldn’t help myself! This girl will shower me with her love for me, day and night!

It wasn’t just my emotions but my body, too! Mainly with her cooking and sex!!

I had no experience with love.

So, um… when that happened, I, um… I’m useless!

In such a closed environment as my house, if you get love whispered into your ear day and night, and if you go wild every night, you’ll fall in love!!

I mean, Lily hasn’t even had any experience with love or sex!

Why is she so good!?? When she heard me wondering aloud, she said, “It’s the power of Love!”

Honestly, Love is amazing…

Thanks to all that, I can’t live without Lily anymore!

I was so frustrated, so I gave her an elixir of immortality. Instead of resenting me for it, she smiled and said, “Now, we’ll be together until the world ends, right? ♪”

I forgot about her tendencies. Lily, she can be so scary.

“Miria… ♪”

“Hieeeh…?! W-What is it this time…?! Don’t blow into my eaaaarrrsss…!?”


“Hyaaaaannn…?! It’s even worse when you do it, too!”

“It looked fun, Mama.”

“Let’s go play outside. Lulu, we’re going.”


“Aahn, I’m so happy they’re grown up enough to read the air. ♪”

“I-I mean, they haven’t played outside for about two hours, haven’t theeeyyyy…!!”

So, now I live in a pumpkin house in a remote forest with my beloved wife and our two cute daughters.

It wasn’t what I originally planned, but if Lily and our daughters are happy, isn’t it fine?

We’re living happily ever after.

Cinderella Seems To Like the Witch Who Came To Cast Magic On Her Instead Of The Prince. She Doesn’t Care About The Details, So She Wants Them To Be Happy Together.

Cinderella Seems To Like the Witch Who Came To Cast Magic On Her Instead Of The Prince. She Doesn’t Care About The Details, So She Wants Them To Be Happy Together.

Cinderella wa Ouji-sama yori, Mahou wo Kake ni Kita Majo ga Suki na you desu. Komakai Koto wa Dou demo Ii node, Onna Doushi de Shiawase ni Narimashou., シンデレラは王子様より、魔法をかけにきた魔女が好きなようです。細かいことはどうでもいいので、女同士で幸せになりましょう。
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
I, the immortal witch Milia, extended a helping hand to Lily, a poor girl bullied by her stepfamily.I’ll clean Lily up and give her a beautiful then take her to the ball where a Prince is looking for his Princess!She’ll catch the Prince’s heart! She’ll become the Queen! It’ll all happen in the blink of an eye!All her hard work and the hardships she’s faced so far will be rewarded and she should become the happiest person in the country…Hello, Lily? Why are you holding my hand and blushing????Eh…?! You like girls, Lily!?“Ms. Wiiiitttch! Please accept my loooooovveee…!!!”“Awawawa… why is this happening?!”It’s a Carnivorous Yuri Cinderella and a Naive Witch. A unique Cinderella Story.


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