She Will Be Loved

January 13, 2020 mavericks 0

Dense at night on a highway that was getting more solitary.There was a sound of car speeding up it’s speed. It is going for miles […]

Kami-sama ga Miteita

January 12, 2020 mavericks 0

If, that was exist anywhere, choice that never been chosen. History is made up from series of elected choices, but sometimes there are cases where […]

Rainy Day, To You

January 10, 2020 mavericks 0

A grey sky. The sound of drops of rain. To the world outside the window turning grey, I sighed to such a scenery. It’s raining […]


January 8, 2020 mavericks 0

Jia Ling, my girlfriend for three years, died in a car accident. Even though her car was not the one which had an accident, she […]

All The Way North

January 7, 2020 mavericks 0

If you speak Italian, then you will know the meaning of ‘tiramisu’ is “take me away”². That’s why, I ordered seven slices of tiramisu at […]

Life Is So Long

January 7, 2020 mavericks 0

1. 17-year-old Cui Ying’s biggest worry in life was when the English teacher called out her name to read the text. Her pronunciation was far […]