Can You Save the Capture Target From the Main Character’s Clutches? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Warning: This short story contains Mild NSFW content. Read at your own risk.

I confronted Elliott, who was a brilliant, fellow knight, in a dimly lit and unpopular alley.

As a member of the royal family, I had been staying in a remote town for “practical training” for knights. My name was Gil Alstad1 (Ethelde2 was the name of the country, and he was also sometimes called that himself), and I had just joined the Knights’ Order.

Even if I say I’m a knight, it was just an ornamental title for nobles like me, a far cry from an accomplished honor. It was the guards organized in each town that were actually performing the job and supporting them.

Combined with that, I felt depressed.

There is no shortage of fun in an empty place far away from the capital like this, if you smile at a country girl. However, I was too lazy to deal with the drama of falling out, so I was left doing nothing.

Perhaps because he was told to take care of me, Elliott, my roommate, has never left me alone. When I return to my room, I’m so exhausted that I don’t even feel like saying a word and go straight to bed.

When I got tired of my mother-in-law trying to take care of me in some way or another, I took the first chance I could to get away from her. This chance was a town patrol that was part of my on-the-job training program. The patrol was done in pairs, but in quiet, rural towns there were many meaningful opportunities to take breaks.

I had lured Elliott into a deserted alleyway, and now, here we were.

“What kind of knight are you, with a body like this?”

“What?! What do you mean? Let me go!”

“It’s cute,” I said, “You’re trapped in my arms.”

“What? Cu… Cute?!”

I restrained my colleague’s arms by pressing them against the wall and ridiculed him while taking in his distorted expressions of pain and humiliation.

At that moment, a disturbing wind blew through my body with a strange sensation.

What was left by it, was memories.

Unknown memories, knowledge, and values tried to take control over my consciousness. The next moment I blinked, I no longer felt that depraved compulsion that had swept over me.

An unpleasant feeling of sweat flowed down my back, and I felt chills.

[The goal of the game is to win the Knight’s Summit Battle.]

The explanation of a passage in an unfamiliar memory.

However, there were some things I did know. The final match at the summit that takes place in front of the King in the capital, Verse, was held every three years. At the same time, the yearly fertility festival would be held, and many people look forward to it every year as a form of entertainment.

When the two were held at the same time, it would be a major national event.

What does that have to do with anything?

[On the way to the summit battle, you can enjoy not only those from other worlds, but also young men and knights as well as beasts, elves, and mob characters from some of your favorite game scenarios.]

An inorganic, feminine voice reverberated in my head, and was then followed by a familiar voice.

“Your little hole is better as it grows wet.”

A series of familiar movements flashed through my mind of holding down Elliott, who I hated, slipping off his underwear and quickly applying the sweet-scented lotion.

What’s this video?! As soon as I thought this, I became dizzy from the images that filled my consciousness one after another.

Elliott’s soft, silver hair was disheveled, and the feeling of pounding repeatedly into him floated in his eyes vividly.

It was an unpleasant video, and you could even hear the wet sounds.

There was a blonde man slamming into Elliott from behind and venting his desires.

The muscular man’s face wasn’t visible, but he was wearing a knight’s uniform. It was just the uniform however. It was possible for him to be a spy disguised as a knight. Then the image shattered moments later.


When the video switched perspectives, I could suddenly see the blonde man’s face.

…no, no way?!

The face was a familiar one, specifically the one I saw in the mirror every morning. The way he was thrusting into him violently like a beast with every exhale is obviously selfish. He doesn’t seem to be thinking of the other person at all.

It was appropriate to say that this act obtained without consent was “humiliating”.

This is ridiculous…!

Elliott’s suffering expression is painful for me to watch. However, with one arm to support his body against the wall, his face was dyed red and his mouth was covered with his other hand. Something more than just pain could be seen with the way he couldn’t stop the voice from slipping between the fingers. The indecent image of Elliott, who has a serious and fastidious image, getting rocked by me, came as a huge shock to me.

“Uh, Lord Alstad3?”

When I unwittingly buried my face in Elliott’s shoulder, he bewilderedly asked me this question, and I merely shook my head lightly. In an effort to escape from the images that just invaded my mind, I apologetically released Elliott.

“Are you all right?”

“Wait, what?! Huh?! …Well, I’m fine, but Lord Alstad, aren’t you the one who is feeling unwell?”

It wasn’t the Elliott, who had been forcibly taken by me, in front of me. However, his image is now confused with the ones from those strange memories.

I wanted to go settle this invasive memory in a quiet place immediately.

I kept a slight distance from Elliott, struggling to suppress the irregular beating of my heart.

“I’m sorry…”

Unexpected words left from my mouth.

Elliott, who had unconsciously rubbed the hand I had restrained, was wide-eyed and surprised.

While ignoring his curious gaze, I frowned at my unusual behavior.

When have I ever taken the time to express my concern for others or apologize to them before?

I can’t remember a single time. I could “now” see that I was that kind of self-centered person.

The seriousness of his colleague, who had been nagging him about something, was off-putting to him, and in order to maintain a moderate distance, he was the one who called him out to that place under the guise of patrolling for a threat.

He tsked his tongue at his change in consciousness.

I decided to leave the darkness of the alleyway, abandoning Elliott as he was, who turned a silent, unfamiliar gaze toward me, and to return to the knight’s station as usual.

Along the way, I concentrated on organizing my memories.

By the time I got to the station, I had sorted out my memories to some extent. That was to say, I had a pretty good memory of the humiliating BL game and its characters with outstanding settings, including being from another world but in this world.

I settled on the assumption that this was just one possibility that could happen in the future.

The blood drained from my face when I stood in front of the station door.

I regretted at once that I didn’t check on my surroundings without being too distracted.

The future I’ve come to know revolves around the man known as the protagonist. In the encounter with the protagonist, his future with the person called the “capture target” I recalled may have already begun.

The capture target was the roll of the character the the protagonist chose from several men.

In the future, there were several scenes, called “reminiscences”, for the target to look back on.

One of the stories was, “A boy from another world finally arrived in a town and barely knew what to do, running into me with a hazy step.” In the game, I had deliberately avoided crashing into him and humiliated the boy as if I hadn’t even cooled down from the afterglow of my earlier actions with Elliott.

From what I could recall, I had chosen to act like an outrageous person from the many options available.

Moreover, I existed as a minor character that only appeared in Jandel’s set of memoirs that describe his traumatic experience prior to becoming a capture target.

To an extent, it was undeniable that I had made those choices while playing the game, but now I didn’t want to put my hands on Elliott and much less, traumatizing the other boy.

But I was a scoundrel who had no problem doing such a thing while playing the game.

I was absorbed in his newly gained memories and couldn’t figure out if I had already passed the boy from another world.

Come to think of it, was it possible that that was related to Elliott’s story as well, since he was supposed to have been relentlessly humiliated and taken by me but hadn’t?

There probably would’ve been a bigger gap between when I left there originally because of the act between me and Elliott, and so I had missed the timing to meet the boy. Since I was supposed to run into him immediately afterwards.

Anyway, I’m annoyed that my head is full of lust and that my lower body is a beast in the game’s storyline. I calculated the distance from where I was supposed to meet him to the edge of town.

That was when I came back to myself.

Why is it that people are so impatient with strangers?

The behavior was the exact opposite of what I usually do, and I almost sighed.

[After the act, the boy is abandoned in an alleyway, and when he tries to leave the town, he is found there by the bandits who have come to rob him and raped him.]

An unfamiliar sense of frustration followed the rape scene playing in my head. Maybe it was only natural since I had a reason to be impatient. Fortunately, the owner of the memories seemed to want to help me, so I ran back the way I came.

On the way, I found Elliott, and I told him that I had found some information about where the bandits were hiding. Elliott nodded with a serious expression and followed me with an, “Okay.”

I noticed that Elliott’s hair that was flowing behind him had gotten messy and was stuck to his forehead with sweat. When did his sweat start flowing? He wasn’t short of breath, but it wasn’t a short journey.

Country towns were hilly, and though each house was small; the land was expansive, and it was a long way to the next bend in the road. There were many times when I had wanted to take a shortcut across one of the yards only to be rebuked by Elliott.

“It doesn’t make much difference to the distance, sir,” and “It’s more troublesome to have to deal with explaining the reason for this when we’re caught,” was what he had told me.

Elliott’s seriousness had made me feel somewhat helpless.

We finally made it to the outskirts of town, but there was nothing but the gentle breeze and a swaying wheat field. A barn stood next to the road, and behind it was a forest of varying types of trees.

From this spot, we could see along the road for a good distance, but there was no one walking along it.

Soon, the night’s darkness would fall.

“What about the bandits?”

I covered Elliott’s mouth with a gesture to be quiet. Elliott, who understood what I was telling him, stood back and began to approach the barn.

There was a bandit lying comfortably on the straw. He wore a fur waistcoat and carried a wide, large sword.

That’s when I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I noticed more things than usual, even in the thicket back behind the barn, as well as small clues that I would usually miss.

First, I took the great sword from in front of him and stuffed the handkerchief I had into the mouth of the dumbly snoring man, gagging him, and restrained him. With the bandit taken care of, I drew the sword on my waist and stepped towards the forest, and a group of bandits appeared, likely from where they had been lying in wait for nightfall.

In the game’s storyline, these guys also irrationally violated the boy’s body. The residual memory inside of me showed that the insides the boy will be lubricated, and the men will treat him as a man whore… and destroy his spirit even more.

In the game, it was explained that way. Was it okay to believe in my memories of it? Even though it might be just a hallucination?

While I attracted the bandits from the front, Elliott went around and made a surprise attack from behind. The bandits’ heads were not in the battle, and I was able to subdue them unexpectedly quick.

However, there was no boy from another world among them.

We asked the bandits to tell us everything that had stolen, including items or money, and the whereabouts of their remaining cohorts.

However, I was concerned with the boy’s whereabouts.

“You do well when you have to. Don’t you, Lord Alstad?”

It was a rude remark, but I also don’t think I’ve ever been more desperate than I was today. I glanced at Elliott, who looked away in a different direction.

Was the day I met the boy not this one?

I looked around carefully again, but there was no one but Elliot and the bandits in sight.

Elliott was unusually talkative while we returned to the Knight’s station.

On the way, he told me pleasantly, “That restaurant serves delicious food,” and “There is a secret menu, and they won’t let you know about it unless you go there for days.”

Was Elliott a foodie?

In the game, Elliott was a character with a resigned attitude, and that the wounds he had received from the knight he’d admired in the past had left him heartbroken.

The knight he admired?

He must have been quite the ma. He had to be a fastidious, disciplined, and serious man to have intoxicated and disturbed Elliott so much.

I didn’t know much about Elliott’s background, but now the character that was in charge of Jandel seemed to be fine for now. Perhaps he was more talkative than usual because he was excited to have succeeded in catching the bandits.

In any case, should we care about who approached Elliott?

If the game’s main story starts, what will happen in the near future will be terrible. As expected, I wanted to avoid that.

But… was there anything I can do about it?

A scene that seemed like reality, like I was looking into the past, suddenly emerged in front of my eyes. If I was supposed to be the cause of the trauma, then the possibilities in that Elliott’s future would be different now.

I didn’t know how much I could change it, but…

That was all I could think of.

Maybe it was due to this memory, or maybe it was because of the mixture of values and knowledge that came into my life in such a short time, but it seemed that I was seeing things quite differently than I used to.

Besides, Elliott seemed to be a quiet and enduring person, but he doesn’t give off that impression anymore. He changed his expression, smiled, and talked a lot.

The game was set in this world, and the people I knew appeared as characters in it. However the game itself was an unknown variable, and not everything would be the same as in my memories.

Thinking about the future, it seemed that the conversation was still going on, and Elliott spoke with a loud voice.

“If you don’t like sweets, there are bars where the snacks are delicious.”

“You mean the Rabbit’s Tail Pavilion? The beef tail stew is good. And, of course, our signature dish, fried rabbit tail.”

“That’s right! The stew there is well-seasoned and prodigiously tender! The rabbit’s tail is crispy and crispy with crispy fried cartilage… Ah, I’m getting hungry.”

With a wry smile, I asked him, “Would you like to go eat after we’ve handed them over to the interrogator?” I invited him to go with me, and he froze in surprise.

I knew it wasn’t something I was not used to doing, and the moment I realized I shrugged my shoulders.

I felt a slight thump and supported what crashed into me, which moved away in a hurry. The boy from my memories had appeared in front of me.

“Are you all right?”

“What? Oh, I’m sorry…” the boy said and then promptly passed out.

[Tripping in another world, the boy ran into the Knight, Alstad, who then humiliated and abandoned him. Afterwards, he was captured by the bandits outside of the town, who were also a handful of knights, and the boy was kept alive while his body was further violated, and he grew up with a grudge and came to attack this town as a companion of the bandits, as well as for revenge.]

Rather than protecting the unsteady boy, the future was supposed to come as a result of abusing the boy’s innocence, which I hated.

The main story was different, and this town was just a prop to give depth and trauma to the capture target. After all, it was the starting town for two characters, the serious Elliott and the boy who had transmigrated right in front of me.

[Until you win the Knight’s Summit Battle, you can repeat the evening scenario of finding the capture target of your choice and lure him back to the castle to train him.]

I’m at a loss for words at the details that flowed directly into my thoughts.

…what’s this setting? Rape, kidnapping, confinement and training.

Moreover, it was something that could be left out.

The main character was a born demon who uses a cheat ability. The Demon Castle was a place of confinement for him, and there was no way to escape. If he fails to claim a capture target and passes a certain level of frustration, he will sink a country.

…the country was probably Ethelde, where the game was set. Not to mention Verse, where the capital is located, and everything becomes a sea of fire as a result.

I’d like to say don’t take it out on me since you couldn’t lose your virginity…

If the protagonist was there, he would be practicing training and training in the next town, just like I did. Did they meet at the ordination ceremony of the knight when they were in the capital? I couldn’t remember at all.

The character setting and story are so complex that I felt nauseous just thinking about it.

Moreover, from the point of view of the main character, this world might have been a different world and a world he was unattached to. However, the population of women is almost half that of men. I thought it was strange that I would rape Elliott when there wasn’t a lack of women.

Is it because the flavor of the game was in a certain direction? Was it distorted to maintain consistency? I was afraid of that compulsion to not look at the opposite sex.

Anyway, the main character was from the same world as the boy in front of me. There was the difference between the two of transmigration and reincarnation in another world though.

I looked down at the boy and made up my mind.

“Elliott, protect this boy.”

“What? Do you know him?”

“I don’t know him, but he’s no stranger to me. He’s probably dehydrated and dazed now.”

It looks like there are two Jandel characters that this city has, but I’m going to break their flags.

“I’m sorry, but… What’s going on with you, Lord Alstad? Wait, no… I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

It wasn’t a compliment.

Even if the boy wasn’t attacked by me or bandits, the threat was still there.

He was a demon king who shakes the world.

The game information that I remember is a game to humiliate men, and it would be like taking candy from a baby to win the battle at the summit.

It was a story about a demon who wanted to get rid of his cravings. Could love ever grow there?

What do you do with the demon king who has the power to obliterate a country?

Doing something about the protagonist, the Demon King, would be a great contribution to the country that might be destroyed, but it would be a problem if I failed, and he destroyed the country prematurely.

I don’t even have time to retrain from scratch. I only had a certain amount of strength, but somehow I wanted to protect these two from the evil hands of the demon king.

The game was only one of the possible futures. A nightmarish possibility of what could happen.


[This R-18 BL game is set in a fantasy world with swords and magic.]

[The goal of the game is to win the Knight’s Summit Battle.]


This was my way of making amends for the events that happened in my memories.

“Yuzuru? Welcome to the world of Illuminas. This country is the town of Ethelde, where we are now. And I’m Gil Alstad, next to me is my colleague, Elliott Ruebens. I will be your guardian for a while. Please take care of us.”

1. It’s “ジル” in the raws and I was torn between calling him Gil or Giles… :[

2. Send help for these names: “エセルデ“. Ethelde is my best guess.

3. Mister or Master felt weird to put here since they’re supposedly the same rank. In the raws he’s called with “-sama”, and since he’s some unknown rank of nobility I just put “Lord”.

TL Note: Unfortunately no romance, however I really enjoyed the story concept. There is, like, a second installment to this, but the characters and everything else were all different. I won’t be translating it because I wasn’t as interested in it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, I hope ya’ll enjoyed this. I honestly wish there was more of it TToTT

Can You Save the Capture Target From the Main Character’s Clutches?

Can You Save the Capture Target From the Main Character’s Clutches?

Shujinkou no Ma no Te kara Kouryaku Taishousha wo Sukuu Koto Nante Dekiru no ka?, 主人公の魔の手から攻略対象者を救うことなんてできるのか?
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
It was a R-18, BL game that was set in a world with swords and magic. The goal was to win the Knights’ Challenge at the top of the summit, and it seems that I have transmigrated into the devilish character that only appeared to instill trauma in one of the capture targets from Jandel’s route.


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