But You’re in Love with an Idiot chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Also known as 《I’m originally the stupid》

《Isn’t he just handsome compare to me》

I like my roommate Chen Ke. However, I know that he likes Qi Yu. Qi Yu was my childhood friend in the next class. I’m aware that he likes someone who has the same personality as him, but the person he likes doesn’t like him. It’s so heart-wrenching. If he can’t get the person he likes then I must help him. I thought so stupidly at that time.

I first inquired about the places where Qi Yu visits most often. Then I started a nearly 24-hour follow-up plan and whenever I was caught, I pretended that I encountered him by chance.

I recorded all of his various interests and hobbies. I’ll write them down on a notepad and give them to Chen Ke. I thought I obtained my success. Watching them chatting passionately on their mobile phones every day, I silently wiped away the tears for my first love that had not yet begun and was already killed early.

Chen Ke said that Qi Yu and I were very close, so he decided to ask me to help him deliver his gifts in the future. Something like the sweet and sour ribs that he made, the handmade sweaters he knitted…

I delivered all those things one by one. Yet one day, Chen Ke told me that Qi Yu rejected him in person and Qi Yu said that there’s someone he liked. I was very angry when I heard it. If he fucking don’t like him, just say it from the start. If he said it very early then I can still have a chance. My prince charming is not just someone that can be thrown, if he wants to throw it away.

Since then, I’ve become even more aggressive when following Qi Yu. I sabotage his affairs in various ways.

The prettiest girl in our class asked me to give Qi Yu a box of handmade chocolate on Valentine’s day. The taste is not that bad but it’s a little bitter. I was the one who opened the love letter of the class monitor from the next class. I checked the content and it was very disgusting. I didn’t expect that such a shy girl would write such a thing. After reading it, I tore it apart and threw it into the trash can.

In short, almost all his love affairs were ruined by me, and I am very happy with what I have done. At the same time, I’m also very sorry that my prince charming actually likes this cold and unromantic idiot like Qi Yu. Ignoring me, this gentle and considerate warm man. Isn’t he merely more handsome, and his grades are better than mine.

On Qi Yu’s birthday, I went to his house with a present for him. However, I didn’t expect to see Chen Ke at his house. I was also shocked to see him with Qi Wei, who is Qi Yu’s sister. Qi Wei was holding his arm, and the two of them smiled at each other so affectionately.

After the meal, I called Qi Yu to his room. I asked him why the person who liked him was hugged by his sister. I also inquired if he said that he’ll give his sister because he owed the person he doesn’t like.

Qi Yu looked at me and the corner of his mouth lifted. He said he thought You’ll be a fool when you grow up. I didn’t expect that you’ll really be stupid. Chen Ke was originally pursuing my sister. What kind of mess are you thinking about all day long?

I was very angry. I told him that Chen Ke liked him at the beginning, so I followed him every day and recorded all his preferences.

He glanced at me and said Oh, yeah, then who ate the chocolate sent to me by a pretty girl and licked his fingers. Who opened the love letter given to me by the class monitor of the next class and trembled when reading it. I thought you had epilepsy.

I took a step back in fright and pointed at him and said You, you how did you know, I was obviously very careful. He laughed wickedly and said So you are still so stupid ah.

I was angry and said You were stupid. Your whole family was stupid. He said Yes yes yes, I am stupid. I also liked a stupid. I asked who the fool was and he said It was you.

When I reacted he had put me against the wall and kissed me, I could feel my face and ears burning, I looked at him incredulously and asked what he was doing.

He said that I ate the chocolate he gave me, and I also read the love letter. I should agree to be with him. If I don’t agree, it will be proven that I am an idiot.

I turned my head and said, Hum, an idiot like you, and he said, Oh, you really like me, little idiot. I suddenly found out that I was calculated, (╯’□’)╯︵┻━┻ He is as witty as I am today.

After listening to him, I learned that Chen Ke had pursued his sister from the beginning. As for saying that he liked him, he only asked Chen Ke to help.

I stared at him bitterly and said You little liar. He said blankly and solemnly, Yes, a high and cold person like me would need to lie to a little idiot. I wanted to make the little idiot jealous and chase me. I didn’t expect that, I’ll confess first.

(つдд) Sadly that day, the little liar did something shameful to me. First, he deliberately smeared me with cream and soiled my clothes. He tricked me into going to his bedroom to take a bath and change clothes.

A hero won’t mention that he was stupid. It’s never too late for a gentleman to avenge his stupidity. I firmly believe that I can counterattack. I don’t believe that I can’t suppress the little liar by working hard every day.

But You’re in Love with an Idiot

But You’re in Love with an Idiot

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Chinese
I’m in love with my roommate, but he’s in love with a douchebag. I thought of helping him with that idiot, but I didn’t expect I’d dig a hole and fall by myself. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻ How can a handsome and witty guy like me be calculated? I must have gotten up the wrong way. I’ll just go back to sleep again.


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