Brought Down by the Villainess with One Impenetrable Skirt chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Daughter to a Duke, Catherine. You have done so many things to the Baron Lady Salvia that I can’t stand it anymore, so now I’m breaking my engagement with you and sentencing you and your clan to exile!”

“I didn’t do anything like that…”

“I heard from Salvia that you have been hiding her stuff, ruining her uniform, and even pushed her down the stairs!!! “

“Huh? Ruined her uniform?”

“Yeah, you ruined it by tearing apart Salvia’s uniform!!”

“Prince?! I’m sorry to interrupt you, but about tearing apart the uniform…”

The man near Salvia and the prince shouted with an uneasy look.

“Oh, I heard from Salvia that Catherine tore apart her jacket and skirt and then threw them away! !! “


“What’s wrong?”

“Prince, you know the name of the Holy God in this country, right?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I Love High School Girls-sama, right?”

“What is the strongest blessing of that god?”

“Isn’t it protection for women up to 18 years old?”

“No, not exactly. It’s an impenetrable skirt!”

“Impenetrable skirt? What the heck is that?”

“Prince, you don’t really know? The skirts of high school girls in this country cannot be touched or destroyed except by the person herself or her family. No matter what is done, there’s an impenetrable protection to the skirt!!! “


“So the skirt of that person the Prince is talking about can’t be broken except by the person herself.”

“That’s strange, I brought the torn skirt here itself to present it as evidence. “

「Huh? … Only the person herself or her family?」

「It being ruined?」

“Speaking of which, the pants are…”

At that time, the venue became a mess.

“I’m here!”

The middle of the venue suddenly lit up with a very bright light.

The Free God has descended!!!

“You don’t bother my favorite kid with false charges. Besides, that person is already over 30 years old, doesn’t have the qualification to wear uniform!!! “

「Huh? Already over 30?」

“Oh Prince! You are given a blessing from God (laughs)! Marry that Baron Lady (laughs)!”

“Thank you God. As expected, we are a blessed couple.”

“I will pass it on to everyone in this place! This is a blessing, and you cannot refuse it!”

“Thank you God!”

“Then, Prince… To the Baron Lady, the sister of the current Baron and is 36 years old this year, I’ll bless you with a magic ring for a limited time which will let you revert back to an 18 year-old. The effect disappears in a month, and in turn, you’ll turn into a 72 year-old woman, so be happy! “


“Because this is a divine marriage performed in front of God, even if you die, you are not allowed to divorce or remarry.”

“Hey God, what the heck is that?”


After that, the Prince married an old woman who could not even have children and whom he could not divorce.

On the other hand, the abandoned and proven innocent (laugh) daughter of the Duke got engaged with the second Prince and lived happily…

“Me hiding her things and pushing her down the stairs are facts, though. I’m relieved they were left alone.”

And they lived happily ever after.

Brought Down by the Villainess with One Impenetrable Skirt

Brought Down by the Villainess with One Impenetrable Skirt

悪役令嬢1発ネタ 鉄壁のスカート
Score 5
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The impenetrable skirt is God’s blessing!!!


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