Boys Don’t Cry: November Rain chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Boys Don’t Cry – November Rain

I, an obscure wizard, am from a world named “Legend.” I never knew why I was in this world or where I was going.

Until one day, I understood that I had to make myself strong in order to survive in this world, when I was chased by a group of bandits, wearing light helmets and having eight wild animals, for half a month.

From the age of 1-6, I was alone in the Zorma forest, practicing hard to make myself less vulnerable. On my 7th birthday, I chose the profession of wizard because I didn’t really like the sight of blood splashing onto my body, and magic could kill people without being seen.

After countless baptisms of the PK, siege, and guild wars, I had collected a set of Pharaohs and one of the much-anticipated Soul Thirsty Staffs. Other than that, there was one stealth ring, one ring of protection, and one ring of teleportation, plus a set of prayer equipment.

One day, I was wandering around the city with the Shabak badge, a symbol of honor, when I suddenly found a dark door that I had never noticed before (not one of the ones in the 3 lower pig caves). Driven by strong curiosity, I carefully pushed the door open.

In an instant, I was sucked in by a powerful gravitational force similar to that of a black hole, and it was as if I saw space-time spinning wildly before my eyes, a grotesque picture twisting horribly in the air. My head felt as if it was going to explode…… My eyes were dazzled, and I fainted.

I don’t know how long it took, but I was awakened by the sound of an explosion beside me. My first reaction was to take the stealth ring I got from the Zuma Cultist and immediately put up the magic shield that I had cultivated to the 3rd level.

At this moment, two groups of people with different types of guns were fighting fiercely in front of me, and bombs were flying from one place to another from time to time. I saw that the group in camouflage was losing the fight, so I secretly used my inner strength and raised my Spiritual Staff to send a -273° Ice Roar at their enemies, which turned them into a group of ice sculptures.

After the battle subsided, I removed my invisibility ring. The leader of the group in camouflage came up to me to thank me and offered to buy me dinner.

At the dinner table, he told me about this place:

This is another world different from “Legend,” where humans are divided into two factions: police and bandits. People are constantly fighting from birth to death. And this war has been fought for 5 years but still has no winner.

The police commissioner toasted me while asking me to help them out. I thought about it and had nothing to do anyway, so I agreed.

That night, I took action. I put on my life preserving ring and secretly infiltrated into the bandit’s den. I released countless piles of fire walls to the inside of the bandit’s nest and then threw a few violent flames. At once, there was a heartbreaking shout from that house, but after a while, the sound gradually diminished and finally disappeared into silence.

In the evening, the next day, the CS of the Chief Police Department prepared a celebration to recognize me for this outstanding performance. I decided to change into a cloth outfit to attend. Suddenly, I inexplicably felt a piercing cold, then my hands disappeared, followed by my body, and finally, in panic, I lost consciousness again…………

The End

Boys Don’t Cry: November Rain

Boys Don’t Cry: November Rain

Score 4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An irregular story about a Wizard Transmigrating among different worlds


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