Blossom of Sakura Drop chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Wrapped in a pale pink hoodie, her hands were shoved within pockets of pair of ankles-length jeans, which were unsealing her feet only a little excessive, she stretched her spine straight whereas fixedly gazing upwards.
The sharp winds of the winter had turned rotund and mild, as though the warmth of the spring had harvested its edges. Her short, shortcut hair was swaying as though being softly stroked by fingertips.

I halted just a few paces behind her, beholding that, redolent a landscape in aquarelle, scenery. Forming a picture frame with fingers of my hands, I clipped her, and the article she was viewing, out.
The sakura tree, clad in a countless, innumerable petals of idem to her hoodie hue, bore dignified smile upon its visage, gazing back at her as at its beloved. Past such a tree, upon the sky that spread its clear spring blue, fluffy white clouds had set its float, a blotches as though upon the blue campus.

I seared the picture against my eyes, as if it bound to be engraved within my very heart. For I am certain I should not witness​ it never any more. Certainly, at no occasion I would be able to foregather with her like this. This might be the climax. I have bring myself here… bearing such attitude.

I wondered why does her appearance grew blurred amidst the scenery. The inner canthus turned hot, an impression akin a sole thin film being stretched over my pupils. Presuming that I did not bite my lower lip, I should have started wailing at any moment now.

——Do not cry. Not yet.

Bearing that in mind, I was being nigh wiping my eyes, as she slowly cast a gaze at me over her shoulder.

“You are late, Yaeko.
“Weren’t you the one who called me?” she smiled. The smile which was so refreshing as a spring breeze had blown across. “Sorry,” I apologised, slightly revealing my tongue.
“For you was so pretty, Yoshino, I could not but being captivated by.”
“What are you saying? Yaeko, you are the one, are you not, who is beautiful?”

Upon catching a sight of her laughing visage, my heart tightened; upon hearkening that bright, pleasant giggle, my ears grew exceedingly hot. My legs had began to tremble. It has crawled up, throughout my whole body. I found myself covered with goose bumps due to so high a tension. However, if I do not say——

“You know, Yoshino.”

I pressed my hand upon a left breast hard to subdue a rapid, severe palpitation, as I attempt to break the ice with her.


Yoshino tilted her head lightly, staring at me curiously. I clasped my fists hard, and shouted to her, in a loud voice:—

“I like you, Yoshino! I love you!”

My entire face was burning hot, and even the breeze close by appeared to boil affected by myself. “Oh, so that what it was,” said she, and, seemingly wishing to proceed, upon a big nod,

“I know,”

She replied.

“It’s different! It’s not the love you expect, Yoshino… I…”

The corners of my lips quivered, I could not voice it as I wished to. I cast my eyes downwards in embarrassment, my voice were to wither to a tenth of its volume from a moment when I had been at attempt to transmit her my love. What did she think? What did she think upon receiving so abrupt a confession that someone whom she considered a best friend thinks of her more than of a mere friend? We are of the same sex, to have a love relationship should normally not be possible. It is normal to feel abhorred. It is natural to find it impossible. I have confessed to her… bearing such attitude.

I knew that it could actually be better for me to stay by Yoshino if we keep being best friends. However—I wonder when have it started—I grew discontent with such position. For we were best friends, we could hold hands, as well as hugging was not unnatural. That is how close we were.

But…—for I was insatiable…—I desired to tread beyond that, and, above all, I did not wish Yoshino to pass there with anyone but myself… and, for such a thought, before long it grew arduous for me to remain in the position of a friend. It was getting harder and harder, I could not help it…

Thence, by now, I have mustered up the courage to cease it. Even if she should loathe myself, I hold no desire to keep an act of a fib female friendship as is—concealing this feeling. For the feeling within myself is not the feeling for her as for friend but for the girl whom I love.

“Say, Yaeko. Would you like a drop?”1

I can hear Yoshino’s soft alto voice just above my head. I raised my face. Smilingly, she presented me her fingertips that were pinching a drop. A beautiful sakura-red drop glistens between her long fingers.

“Yoshino… I…”
“If you want an answer, first of all, why don’t you close your eyes?”

Yoshino smiled, saying so in an urging tones. Being out-pushed, I shut my eyes hard. For Yoshino is kind… I wonder if she asked me this so as not to hurt myself. Rather than being spurn with “Impossible,” whilst watching her countenance, I might yet bear it by having no need to peer at her eyes. Supposing that would be useless anyway, I wish you to slay me at once——right, at once…

“Well, then, I’ll give you my answer.”

The voice of Yoshino made my heart palpitate so fast that I wanted to scream. My ears were occupied by an irregular chaos of my heartbeat.

——Hurry up! Hurry up! Faster!

That was when. Something soft came into contact with my lips—I snapped my eyes open in haste. Right before me there was Yoshino’s visage. Close enough for our eyelashes to brush each other… And her lips were resting upon mine.

Parting her visage​ slightly away from my dazed lips, “This is the answer,” fu, fu, she said. Whereafter, questioned me again:

“Would you like a drop?”

I nodded greatly, she, then, placed the drop by a hand in her mouth and drew my chin towards herself.
The solid texture of the drop proceed passing back and forth, enclosed within our mouths… Sugary taste and pink fragrance, similar to blossoms of sakura, kept its spread farther and farther amidst both of our mouths… resulting a full bloom.

Blossom of Sakura Drop

Blossom of Sakura Drop

Sakura Saku Drop, さくら咲くドロップ
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese


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