Blind Date chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Chen Jin, omega, 32 years old, single and living alone, divorced, has a daughter. His situation is not very popular in the market…

Many people dislike his age, some dislike him for already having a daughter, some dislike him for being too successful in his career.  He will definitely not be the gentle and virtuous type who will serve his partner devotedly in the future.

Those who said these words totally didn’t look at themselves. It was as if they entered a supermarket and commented on an expensive imported product that they couldn’t afford. Thinking that anyone willing to buy it must have also paid IQ tax. They couldn’t eat the grapes, so they say that it’s sour.


T/N: Paying IQ tax means lack of judgment in shopping. ‘They couldn’t eat the grapes, so they say that it’s sour’ is a proverb that means hating something because you can’t have it.

Chen Jin was not in a hurry to remarry. After all, the wound from his last love has not completely healed. The old afflicted parts were still aching. As if a scab on the skin, where blood may flow anytime.

However, the employees of the company are very anxious. They don’t want to accompany their boss in working overtime every day. They don’t want to be bald. They don’t want to die from overwork. They don’t want to be single dogs…

Seven days a week of overtime, more than 110 hours of work, and they must also be on standby anytime during holidays. Who can have time to find a girlfriend.

Therefore, the boss’ marriage should be resolved. It must be resolved as soon as possible. It needs to be resolved immediately.


It would be best if he could spend the spring night with her beautiful hair and blooming face as gold accessories dangled from her body under the hibiscus tree. The spring night passes by so quickly. From then on, the emperor did not attend the court meetings early.

T/N: This is paragraph is a poem, ‘最好云鬓花颜金步摇,芙蓉帐暖度春宵。春宵苦短日高起,从此君王不早朝。’ and I don’t think I gave it justice. It basically tells about an emperor who had a very charming concubine that made him always late for morning meetings (I’m not very sure tho feel free to correct me in comments.) 


It’s a pity that Chen Jin didn’t look at any of them, from sea turtles to Arabian tortoises. He even activated his taunt skills to make personal attacks. Some self-esteem was damaged, some were depressed, and some experienced worse than death.

The dating website simply put him on the blacklist making Chen Xuan, Cai Wenqi, and the others completely give up.

In the evening, Chen Jin took a shower first then sat on the sofa wearing green velvet pajamas. He wiped his hair randomly, making it curl up.

Ms. Chen Xuan has been in her room next door talking over the phone with someone for at least 3 hours already. She spoke in English throughout the whole process. Her tone was warm, gentle, and lively. Her pronunciation was also very fluent. There was intermittent and uncontrollable laughter coming from her, making Chen Jin’s hand, holding a red wine glass, tremble.

Chen Jin – that made painstaking efforts, a mother and a father, someone with a late-stage syndrome of daughter loving OCD – read the magazine with great interest and elegance on the surface, but in fact, his ears and thoughts had long been attached to the room of his daughter’s door.

Is she dating someone? Chen Jin was a little curious.

He held his wine glass as he sneaked to the door of his daughter’s room. He bowed his head and tiptoed like a thief wanting to hear which little bastard did a good job and wanted to lure an underage girl.

The bedroom door was made out of solid wood, which made Chen Jin regret it a little. The 50 mm thick door was too thick, so what he heard were just buzzing sounds, and only an “Algeria” was all he could make out after a long time.

The door suddenly opened.

Chen Xuan: “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Chen Jin showed a natural smile: “No…nothing.”

In the middle of the night, all the lights of the building were already turned off. Chen Jin held a magnifying glass in his study room as he looked for ‘Algeria’ on the globe.

China, America, and India always dangled in front of him, making him dizzy.

In the end, he didn’t find it.

He was quite sorrowful. One was because he had presbyopia. It seems that he already has one foot inside the elderly ranks. The other was because Chen Xuan unexpectedly fell in love with someone whose ancestral home was hard to find on the globe. If by any chance that she’ll be married in the future, this old father will have to live his old age alone.

He was heartbroken for a while, then started to reason out that he could also live with the young couple. However, he immediately thought he would be living an unfamiliar life where he could only stay at home all day, wash, cook, and look after children.

Forget it. Chen Jin wiped off his tears. In trials and hardships, this pain is nothing. Don’t ask. Just break them apart.

Since then, Chen Jin has paid special attention to his daughter’s movement.

Watching as she kept her hair long, wore short skirts, applied light makeup, and went to every shopping mall just to buy pairs of high-heeled shoes for herself. Then, her grades dropped, phone bills soared. Every day she looked lost and absent-minded, sometimes sighing then sometimes ecstatic.

Chen Jin’s fingers wandered between calling the police or the mental hospital.

Three months later, Chen Xuan introduced a young man to him, saying that he had been studying abroad since he was a child. She hoped that Chen Jin would arrange a good job for him to adapt to the domestic environment first.

The young man looked very energetic. He had a slicked-back hairstyle, his height was close to 1.9 meters, his family background was prominent, his education met the standards, and he was polite and capable.

Chen Jin looked at him from head to toe and found nothing to be dissatisfied with.

As long as he is sincere towards Chen Xuan, then it’s not impossible to date again when Chen Xuan reaches adulthood in a few years.

Chen Xuan stamped Han Bin in his heart, thinking that this outstanding young man has the qualifications to pursue his daughter.

He planned to keep him by his side as his personal assistant. Two days ago, his assistant resigned and went back to his hometown to get married, so Han Bin would be a logical choice for the vacancy.

In modern society, civilization and advancement are just its outside appearance. Stripping off the mask of hypocrisy, it still follows the primitive law of the jungle of natural selection by survival of the fittest.

Here, cannibalism must be elegant, and murder must be humble.

At first, Chen Jin was afraid that this returning college student would be unable to do it for a long time. Unexpectedly, Han Bin was smart and flexible. He knew how to use his own strengths to his advantage, so it didn’t take long for him to settle on his position.

Assistants actually have a lot of flexibility in terms of power. It is just regarded as a humble and inconspicuous position. They are the ‘deputy leaders’ that everyone flatters in the dark.

Since then, Chen Jin looked at him with a new level of respect and felt that ‘Algeria’ was not that intolerable.

After the internship period, Chen Jin personally signed the contract to make Han Bin stay. He also increased his salary and invited him to dinner.

Han Bin’s whole face turned red. He nervously rolled around his 180-square-meter house. After rolling around, he felt a little depressed, so he quickly dialed Chen Xuan’s number.

“Hello, Sister Xuan.”

T/N: He called Chen Xuan’ 萱萱妹妹’, which means ‘younger sister xuan xuan’ but it’s wordy. 

“Yes, Brother Han Bin?”

“Mr. Chen invited me to ‘Yuewei Cottage’ tonight to have a meal. Do you think he noticed something?”

Han Bin traveled thousands of miles to return to China because he was stunned at the sight of Chen Jin when he was young. When he grew up, he still couldn’t forget about him, so he hoped to have a chance to be together with him.

Chen Xuan was so moved by his story that she volunteered to act as the wingman. She created opportunities for Han Bin to pursue her father and overcome difficulties.

Yuwei Cottage is a restaurant founded by Chen Jin. There are countless cuisines in this world. He respects the Japanese-style food from a distance and only tries their steak and red wine. He doesn’t like spicy, sweet, and even sour. He only likes Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Cantonese cuisines which preserve the freshness of the food made with light seasoning and pays attention to the nutrition and ingredients.

The older he got, the less he preferred to eat outside. He eventually ran his own restaurant, which almost turned into his kitchen.

Once it was time for dinner, the Yuwei Cottage was cleared up early. There were no other guests except for Mr. Chen.

When Han Bin entered the restaurant, Chen Jin already saw him.

Han Bin saw Chen Jin squinting his eyes and gently shook the wine glass in his hands as he sipped from it, then thoughtfully looking at him.

Before leaving, Chen Xuan told him: “Don’t look at my dad’s usually solemn and intimidating face. If he really likes someone, he’s actually warm, attentive, and gentle. Pay attention when you eat, so you will know if the meal was simply just a business dinner invite from your boss or if the boss wants to chase you.”

Han Bin swallowed nervously and walked towards his seat with his hands and feet moving simultaneously.

Unexpectedly, Chen Jin actually stood up and pulled out the chair for him.

Han Bin’s heartbeat accelerated. ‘Isn’t this being a gentleman?’

Chen Jin showed a polite smile and deliberately fixed his crooked tie. His fingers slid along his collar as if reluctant to let go.

‘Isn’t this being attentive?’

Turning around, Chen Jin gritted his teeth and clenched his fist where nobody could see: Little bastard, wasn’t that the tie his daughter just bought online several days ago? The day and night protection really can’t stop his daughter’s heart from climbing the wall.

The waiter started serving food, and the two seemed to have endless topics to talk about. Han Bin stared at Chen Jin and felt that the man in front of him was really gentle, elegant, and charming. His hair was slanted to one side, and his fingers appeared thin and white in the sleeves of his expensive suit. Han Bin grabbed those hands and asked, “Boss, is there another reason why you invited me today?”

Chen Jin was startled. The young man’s hand temperature was unusually high, and the heat penetrated through his skin. He was stunned for a while, organized his words, then spoke euphemistically, “I just think that young people should put their career first and think about love later.”

At least wait for his daughter to be an adult. Han Bin is a promising young man. Chen Jin didn’t want him to go to jail at such a young age.

As expected, he saw Han Bin breathed a sigh of relief then became a little sad. He finally rejected him.

Han Bin drank a glass of wine and plucked up the courage to ask, “If I succeed in my career, Boss…will you agree?”

Chen Jin looked at the young man’s eyes which were full of enthusiasm and sincerity. He felt soft-hearted, and after a long time, he nodded: “Of course.”

Han Bin closed his eyes and gently kissed the back of his hands, ignoring the surprise in Chen Jin’s face. When he opened his eyes, the innocence and ignorance of the world had faded from them. Instead, it was replaced by an undisguised ambition and desire: “Then, I will certainly succeed.”

The next second, the alarm clock rang, and Chen Jin suddenly woke up from his sleep. He actually dreamed about what happened when he first met Han Bin a few years ago.

Startled by his movements, Han Bin, who was browsing through contracts on the tablet, pulled him into his arms on one hand and touched his forehead on the other, “Did you have a nightmare?”

“No.” Chen Jin answered languidly as he started to feel drowsy again.

Han Bin dimmed the bedside lamp to avoid affecting Chen Jin’s sleep.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, Chen Jin asked casually: “Are you hiding something from me?”

Han Bin tapped his finger on the screen. This is really a question he could be killed for.

15 minutes later, Chen Jin’s furious voice reverberated across the room: “Who is that bastard who took my daughter away?!”

“Boss, calm down, or someone will die!”

Blind Date

Blind Date

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Chen Jin, omega, 32 years old, single and living alone, divorced, has a daughter. His situation is not very popular in the marriage market…


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