Being a Villainess Doesn’t Suit Her chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Ah, McBell-sama, I was so scared yesterday~”

“Hmm? What is it, so suddenly? Miss Heesbelt?”

As I was walking along a long corridor with my friend, Baron Lady Fersia Heesbert suddenly appeared, attempting to cling to my arm. By the way, I noticed the sign of someone’s presence, so my arm avoided getting caught.

The woman with raspberry hair and pale purple eyes is a classmate who belonged to the same school. She was a woman I didn’t know until recently, when introduced by the friend next to me, Rios Hopeson. To be honest, I find her annoying. The number of our encounters had increased since I met her. I lightly touched the blue ear cuff on my left ear.

“Yesterday, I was pushed down the stairs. Look at this~ it’s so painful~ it’ll take 2 whole weeks before it’ll be healed.”

Miss Heesbelt glanced at her lightly bandaged right leg.

“W-what?! Who the hell did the to Fersia!!”

“Huh, it looks like it hurts. You should be careful, Miss Heesbelt”

To the woman with an unpleasant sweet voice and was putting on a false crying face, and the exaggerating Rios whose eyes changed with resentment, because I’m not really familiar with the woman, I only responded in courtesy, but when I decided to ignore her, she continued to talk away.

“McBell-sama, please listen~~ The person who pushed me off the stairs yesterday was McBell-sama’s fiancee-sama~”

“…?? Maria did?”

“What a woman!! To do that to Fersia!!”

“She had a scary face and 「You shouldn’t get close to my McBell! You sow!!」 is what she told me, I… I…”

“Ah! Please don’t cry, Fersia. Tears don’t suit you.”


Leaving them in their own world as they are, I thought of my fiancee Maria Rose. Will she ever do that? No, that’s impossible. Will she be jealous of me? No, that is unfortunately impossible. That behavior is absolutely impossible for her, and so I tell Lady Heesbert,

“Lady Heesbert, let me be clear. She, Maria won’t do something like that.”

“No way! Does McBell-sama think I’m lying?!”

Of course. Rather than the woman whom I only met a week ago, of course I’ll trust Maria whom I was with since we were born.

Also, I don’t want to be called with a nickname without permission.

“McBell! How much do you have to protect your fiancee?! Our friendship seems only up to this, huh!”

“Rios, I’m in the wrong for not introducing you to Maria, but you’ll understand when you see Maria. Let’s go see her now.”

With that said, we headed to Maria Rose.


On the courtyard terrace. Squealing voices could be heard.


“Maria-sama! I brought this today!”

“Thank you, Princess. Yeah, it’s delicious. You’ve gotten better, and you also lessened the sugar, huh? You’re so considerate.”

The lady whom she said that to dyed her cheeks red and stared at her for a while, “No, for you to notice that…”

“It’s because the Princess made it, so I know. Thanks for the meal. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

The lady who was thanked ran away, squealing. By the way, the lady is a classmate and from an Earl family.

“Maria-oneesama!! I was praised by my teacher in class today!”

“That’s amazing. Good girl, good girl.”

The lady who had her head patted turned her face red, but she looked very happy. By the way, the girl is a junior and from a Marquis family.

“Maria!! I’ll give this to Maria today! I don’t mind if you receive it!”

This time, it was the daughter of a Duke who had treated Maria as an enemy before.

When Maria received the box and opened it, the gift turned out to be a deep blue handkerchief.

“I-it’s the same thing as mine! Y-you should be honored!”

“To have a matching pair with Beth, I’m kinda shy… but, thank you. I’ll use it carefully.”



Squealing voices came from the surroundings. The young lady who seems to fall down because she was deeply touched was lifted by Maria in a princess carry and passed on to the servant of the Duke’s daughter who was nearby. He took her away and went somewhere. Perhaps he took her to the infirmary.

Yes, I can tell that she can never do what was claimed by that Baron daughter by looking at the sight in front of me. The beautiful woman at the center of the high-pitched squealing ladies is my fiancee, Maria Rose Formont.

Blue eyes with silver hair. A slender and tall body with a face like a doll. A beautiful person wearing a white knight uniform just because she looks good in it.

Second in rank in the whole class, and the first of the ladies. Top class with the sword even though she’s not a knight. Recently, she went out to town and saved the town girls who were entangled with men who were hitting on them and even stole those females’ hearts.

The word bunburyoudou* is definitely appropriate for her.

When I looked at the two, Rios had a stupid look on, and Lady Heesbert seemed surprised and her face turned pale.

Then, perhaps she noticed that we were watching, Maria appologized to the ladies who were surrounding her and headed here.

By the way, the ladies around Maria stared at the place she was headed to and glared at me with tremendous eyes.

“My dear fiance-sama, do you need something?”

“Hey Maria, this is Baron Lady, Heesbelt. Is it your first time to meet?”

“Oh, I shame myself for not being able to find such a cute girl. Well, nice to meet you, Miss Fairy, I’m Maria Rose. The cute girl from a Duke’s house in school refers to me.”

Saying so, she smiled and kissed Miss Heesbelt’s hand.

(Ah, this person fell too)

Maria was then called by the ladies waiting behind her and she left.

When I looked at Lady Heesbelt, she looked as if she fell in love. No, she must have definitely fallen in love.

However, I’m not in the mood to let her revel so I called out,

“Now then, Lady Heesbelt. Just who did you say push you down yesterday?”


Three days later, I saw Miss Heesbelt mixed with the ladies around Maria Rose. She’s losing to the energy of the ladies around her, but she still smiled and it randomly hit someone.

“But sorry, Rose is mine.”

Maria Rose also wears the jade-colored ear cuffs the color of my eyes today too.

bunburyoudou means being accomplished in both the literary and military arts, or doing well in both school and sports (JapanDict)


Being a Villainess Doesn’t Suit Her

Being a Villainess Doesn’t Suit Her

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The woman I met recently and was acting familiarly with me, once again approached me today saying she was being bullied by my fiancee Maria Rose? What the heck is she saying? That’s definitely impossible!


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