Because Cats are Capricious, They’re so Cute chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“So hooooot…”

That was what came out of my mouth while I was lazily sitting on the sofa.

Even if you come from a mansion on the outskirts of the Royal Capital to a summer villa in the north, anything hot is hot.

“Milady… at least please say it more lady-like…”

“Because hot things are hot! I hate hot things!”

“Isn’t it the same as the cold in winter…”

“I also hate being cold! I like being reasonably warm and reasonably cool!!”

The maid who had been with me for a long time, Rin, sighed at the cry of my soul.

Isn’t it just fine since I’m only saying it and being lazy in front of Rin?

“Puh…hahaha…Marguerite is still the same, huh.”

“Oh… Gilbust came? Please come into a lady’s room not through the terrace but through the entrance door.”

“Oh excuse me…I was in a hurry to see my beloved fiance. Can you forgive me?”

As he said so, Gilbust entered from the entrance of the terrace facing the garden, took my hand and kissed it lightly.

Even if the relationship between our houses goes back to our grandfathers’ generations, isn’t it still a bit too much for him to easily pass my family’s security?

“Telling me a lie! Didn’t you just escape from uncle or aunt?”

“Well, it’s true that I was running away from my mother, but I really wanted to see you. I haven’t been able to see you for three months because you’ve been here away from the capital as soon as the social season ended. My beautiful white lily princess.”

Giving a strange name, Gilbust sat down next to me while still holding my hand.

“What the heck is that?”

“The men’s name for you. It seems that you are called [White Lily Princess] of the Marquis of Delphira, while the daughter of Marquis Rhisburgh is called [Red Rose Princess]. You didn’t know?”

“I didn’t know anything about that. Well, I can nod to comparing Sandira-sama to a red rose, but… I can’t understand why I’m a white lily.”

The Marquis lady Sandira Rhisburgh-sama is famous as a flower even in social circles. She has gorgeous black hair and beautiful red eyes, so I certainly agree for her to be called a red rose.

But I was definitely unaware I was being called white lily.

I’m not close to Sandira-sama, but I have no intention of fighting.

I don’t want to be compared to her just because we have the same age and family standing.

She’s the fiancee of this country’s Crown Prince, while I am the fiancee to the son of the Duke of Testrandel, Gilbust.

It’s okay if the people around become excited as they like, but I hope I won’t get involved.

“Well, if they actually knew what you were like, you would be more like a sunflower than a white lily. However, the dreaming men only know you who’s putting on a facade, your appearance pretty and neat, liking you to a white lily. By the way, my friends who I have talked to about you call you White Cat Princess.”

“Can I ask why?”

“It seems it’s because after being fooled by your appearance, your hidden nails come out and scratch them.”

“It’s not to the extent of them being fooled… next time I’ll bite them.”

When I raised my chin being offended, Gilbust laughed again.

Such a rude fiance.

When my laughter subsided, there was my fiance in front of me making a sulky look.

Such a sulking face is only shown to people she has a close relationship with, and so I couldn’t help but love Marguerite’s true face again.

From those who don’t know the usual Marguerite in the social circles, she’s called [White Lily Princess] from the fact that she has shiny silver hair, blue eyes like the clear sky, supple limbs, and a mature, pretty and neat appearance. “Who the heck is that?” Is what I wanted to say to that.

The Marguerite I know very well is a manly character who rushes through the fields in territories and villas, jumps into rivers in dresses, and wants to do horse riding and swordplay rather than embroidery and dance.

She hates both hot and cold, but she’s the first to jump out and play.

“I wonder if I gave birth to the wrong gender…”, I often heard her mother, the Marchioness of Delphira, lament.

Born as the youngest daughter after two sons, Marguerite was greatly spoiled by her family.

Still, when going out to socialize in the circles, I think she’s a big oversized cat (putting on a facade) because what shows is a sophisticated lady in addition to her eye-catching appearance.

When I thought about such a thing, I was made to laugh again, and I could hear the sullen voice of a grumpy Marguerite.

“Well excuse me, Gilbust! It’s not something you need to laugh that hard for!!!”

“Ah, my bad. I was remembering something from the past… I thought you were energetic from a long time ago. Horse riding and swordplay, jumping into rivers wearing a dress… hahaha”

“Th…that kind of story from childhood, please don’t bring that up anymore! I don’t do that anymore!”

“Last year summer, she tried to climb a tree, saying she wanted to harvest the fruits in the garden, then in the winter she said she wanted to go dog sledding… Milady, that is.”

“Rin!? Th-th-th-those are just moments of little curiosity…”

Saying that she is no longer a kid, Rin, a maid with Marguerite, said as if having enough.

I have also known Rin for a long time, and I know that she does not only spoil Marguerite, but also be strict on her.

However, since she treasures Marguerite too much, Marguerite’s hopes often come to some extent within the scope of what is possible.

“Both of you are terrible!!”

Saying that while blushing is so adorable, but she’ll get even more angry if I say that, so I don’t.

“It’s my bad, so would you please cheer up… My beloved fiancee?”

I kissed her hand to appease her, but I’m completely shut down by Marguerite, saying “I don’t know!” as she turned away.

She’s just so cute that I may have gone a little far with my teasing.

Both Gilbust and Rin are terrible.

Well, even though my even my father and others call me tomboy princess…

Even so, in official situations, I’m confident that I could be behave, that I could wear a cat firmly, so at least let me be like that at home!
[Wear a cat = hiding true personality and pretending to be docile]

Ah, oh no… my emotions are too high that my tear glands are…


“Wa… Marguerite, don’t cry… please.”

Gilbust was in a panic because I started crying, but I feel good.

In the social circles, the high-pitched screams of young ladies are often heard with only clear faces, but it’s okay if you expose their ugliness even a little.

Only me loving Gilbust this much, can’t be forgiven!

“Gi…Gilbust… you… I hate you! Engagement… canceling… uu…”

“Wait, wait… wait a moment! Saying that, really, wait, Marguerite!? I was wrong, I teased you too much.”

I’m seriously in a bad state.

Who would believe the story that because the fiancee was too cute, she was teased too much and made to cry, hence our engagement is ended?

Wait a minute, Rin, why are you looking at me with such frightening eyes?

Calm down, calm down! This time I’m totally in the wrong, so let’s say that. Then she would be consoled.

“Marguerite, I was just teasing you because you’re so cute. I was just laughing because I was so happy that other than your family, only I could see that you. So please fix your mood. The only person I want to marry is you, so please don’t say you’ll break our engagement.”

“Saying I’m the only one is a lie! You were having fun talking with Rizina-sama, and weren’t you dancing closely with Belmira-sama! Wouldn’t it be better for you to get married to them!”

Why does the names of other girls come out here?

In the first place…

“Who is this Miss Rizina? And speaking of Miss Belmira, isn’t she McKlein’s princess sister? That time I was just asked by McKlein to dance with her, but… eh… are you jealous??”

In my words, Marguerite’s face was instantly stained red.

Did you get jealous of me being with other ladies? Really?

Wait a minute, that means…

“For Marguerite to be jealous…”

“I’m not jealous!”

“So why are you angry?”

“T-that’s… anyway, I hate Gilbust!”

Marguerite who says such a thing is cute, and I think I’m becoming a bad guy who wants to tease again.

“Even though I love you so much… but if you hate me… Okay, let’s break the engagement. “


“I don’t want to bother you, so it can’t be helped, huh. I’ll tell my father, so I think I’ll be able to talk to the Marquis soon.”

In my words, Marguerite’s red face instantly turned pale.

From her eyes that became wide-opened due to surprise, tears fell down.

Oh, I’ve bullied her too much again.

From the speechless Marguerite, I took her hand and knelt down.

“It’s a lie. I can’t possibly let you go, right?”

“It’s a lie that I hate you… Please don’t hate me…”

She said as tears continued to drop from her eyes.

“I love you only, Marguerite. It’s to the point that I don’t remember other ladies’ names and faces, you know?”

“I’m sorry, I love you too.”

I am just fed up at the two people who quarrel with each other in front of me.

From the old days, she had been a tomboy young lady, but she’s very lovely when she’s honest.

Besides the family, she’s a very mature woman with a huge cat overcoat.

Gilbust-sama was also famous as a promising noble son for a long time, but I have often only seen him bullying milady for some reason.

Apparently, the tearful lady’s face was too cute, and he wanted to see it, so he bullies her.

From the old days, I wanted to ask what they’re doing often having humorous quarrels like flirting, making me want to say they’re at it again.

Well, for me, it’s fine if the lady’s happy.

Gilbust-sama, I’ll forgive you if you make milady cry only because you find her cute, but if you truly make her cry, I will definitely not forgive you.

Because Cats are Capricious, They’re so Cute

Because Cats are Capricious, They’re so Cute

Neko wa Kimagure dakara Kawairashii, 猫は気まぐれだから可愛らしい
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
One day with Marguerite, daughter of a Marquis, and her fiance, Gilbust.


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