Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points. chapter 2

Chapter 2

In the end, I successfully made my brother muscular—

—which was why I became famous.

Especially when my brother had become such a fine macho man. Tired of the endless inquiriesy, I decided to make it my career. I had always wanted to see a world different from my former country, Japan. Part of the reason why was also to collect money.

I increased the production of training equipment, commercialized powdered nuts as protein, and made money by utilizing my knowledge as a gym trainer. There were no competitors in my own kingdom. Although other kingdoms tried to release similar products, mine waswere second to none. Those muscle simpletons immediately returned to their own kingdom to buy my products, no matter the price. After all, they were better.

Eventually, my reputation spread throughout the kingdom, and all the muscle heads became my customers—aristocrats and knights included. The royal family in particular, would always ask for private lessons with very high tuition fees. The knights would regularly ask for group lessons. I couldn’t stop laughing due to how much profit I was raking.

“—Ms. Liliane, today will be the day you recognize me…!”

The knights were still eager to build their muscles. The brawny proposals started immediately during that day’s break.

For some time now, I had prepared score cards on my thigh. Wouldn’t it be interesting if my mother somehow scored some muscle points, too? I said that because I also evaluated the muscles of my family. A maximum of 10 points were used in my comprehensive muscle evaluation. My sister had the highest score, so far—9 points. I had no choice but to score their muscles—after all, they showed them to me.

By the way, my brother and father scored 8 points. They were desperate to beat my sister. Well, because it was rather fun, I proceeded to also evaluate my acquaintances. For some reason, that became popular, too. I might be a trend setter (only in Kingdom of Mukin)! But within that craze, I was the only one who could score. More and more people were occasionally posing to show off their muscles to check their ratings. I called them, ‘rating raids.’

“7 points!”

When I put out the card, the muscle head hung his shoulders dejectedly—probably because he was sure he’d score higher. He had a nice inverted triangle, but his shoulder muscles could be a little sharper.

After listening to my advice, the muscular knight happily went for a machine that would train his shoulders.

Even so, was the average score of the knights about 7? Well, there were many trained muscles, after all.

Everyone had an appearance of a body builder, and their knightly attire were about to be torn apart. That said, they were quick to remove said attire to train their muscles—so, crisis averted.

“Ms. Liliane.”

Hmm, hearing the strong voice, I immediately knew a rating raid would once again occur. The set of muscles I was familiar with scored six points. I had rated them before, but they hadn’t been trained enough to achieve 7 points. Looking at the card, the person probably knew it wasn’t enough. The person left a little dejectedly.

While dealing with rating raids, I recorded the muscles of the 5th Division. I came there for work. I wouldn’t skip.

“As always, thank you.”

“Oh, if it isn’t the division leader. Thank you for your hard work.”

A balanced 8 points muscle appeared along with the greeting. He was the leader of the division whom was responsible for managing those muscle heads from before. Considering the kingdom, he possessed an uncommon personality. I could talk peacefully to him without worrying about being proposed to—not to mention, he was already married.

“How is it today?” He asked.

“Not bad. The results of training at the North Fort are good, but because of the long march, the training of the upper body seems to have been a little neglected.”

“Is that so? For the next training session, let’s change the menu.”

“Alright, as long as you pay the fee, we’ll graciously provide a training menu!”

“Haha, your business spirit is as strong as usual. Of course. I will leave it you.”

“Thank you!”

The division leader who understood what I was talking about was wonderful. I was always grateful for the earnings. I created the training menu on a notepad. The training would be six months later, but it wouldn’t hurt to prepare early. I should go home and start right away.

“By the way, did Ms. Liliane hear about the rumor?”

As I was taking notes about muscle training, the division leader talked about such a topic. Even if he were to mention, ‘rumor’, I couldn’t figure either heads or tails. One word wasn’t enough.

“The rumor, as in…?”

As I tilted my head, the division leader looked around and beckoned to me. As I approached, the division leader leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“A rumor that you’re getting married.”

“Ehhh—!? What are you talking about—!?”

I had never even heard of it myself! Married!? Me? Neither my father nor my brother had told me such a story. I screamed out loud, but the division leader put one finger on my mouth to suppress it.

“As I thought, you didn’t know. Your marriage is being monitored by everyone in this kingdom, so keep it confidential.”

“O, okay…”

“Ms. Liliane has been scoring us lately, right? It is said that the reason why there are no 10 points is because of your marriage partner. You have already found your 10 points, and there are rumors that you’re about to marry him.”

The division leader told me such. I was glad that it didn’t seem to have anything to do with marriage. The one who scored 10 points would be my husband? There was no such person—there was no such rule in the first place. Did they just make that up to not feel inferior?

My scoring system was simple. If I had given the highest score, surely, I would’ve remember doing so. I was sure my sister’s muscular beauty was 10 points, but I avoided giving her such a score because that meant her muscles had already been perfected, eEven though they hadn’t. She could still improve her muscles—good luck, older sister. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t give out 10 points—

—the other reason was, well, a difference in tastes.

When I was told such an outrageous story, I snorted.

“Division leader, that’s but a baseless rumor. Just because I don’t give out 10 points doesn’t mean I’m planning to get married.”

“But are you planning to get married?”

“I disliked such a prehistoric mindset? A wWomen’s happiness isn’t limited to marriage. I have a thriving business and I still have lots of things I want to do, so no—I have no plan of getting marriage. That’s still faraway!”

“…Is that so?”

The division leader looked convinced, not. By the way, I was once told about his nephew. However, said nephew left the scene because he felt introducing him to me was unbearable.

My work for the day had been successfully completed.

The next day, I didn’t go to the office and had the maids dress me up in the morning. After all, I was still the daughter of a marquis. There were events I had to attend no matter what. It was a hassle, but the prospect of getting new customers entertained me.

The beautifully dressed me stood before the mirror. Blue eyes and pinkish silver hair inherited from my mother. Due to my light pigment, droopy eyes, and troubled eyebrows, I was regarded as ‘ephemeral’—just like my mother. If I were to sit silently, I’d disappear. I did my best to improve my presence—such as raising my hair or wearing triangular glasses.

However, when dressed up for social events, the maids said I looked adorable with hair down or half-up. Therefore, I’d end up looking both ephemeral and beautiful. Apparently, it was easier to delude men if I looked transient. As expected, the maids were also Mukin women—shrewd.

“Ara ara, Liliane, how cute you are.”

A diplomat from my mother’s kingdom of origin would come today. It seemed like my mother, who always loved to tend flowers at home, was also participating. I entered the carriage with her and got praised. My mother’s proportions didn’t seem like she had given birth to three children. I had never seen the model shape changed. My mother was often mistaken for my sister. Her beauty was that bewitching.

“Mother is also beautiful.”

“Oh, I’m glad you said that.”

My mother became a little bashful. Her cheeks were flushed, and her innocent appearance was just adorable. Although she was my biological mother, she was very cute. No matter how much I saw her, my mother was just too cute.

In the past, my father proposed to her the moment he saw her. As of the present, he wasn’t that smart, but it seemed that he was a genius back then. Father and mother suited each other. Although my father was amazing enough to become an executive in the military, he was still shy in front of my mother. As such, even though they had been married for 20 years, they still acted like a newlyweds. I was very happy to have such a couple as my parents. If I were to get married, I hoped it’d be with someone I love.

“It’s been a long time since I participated with mother like this…”

“Indeed. Both my husband and I are busy with next month’s tournament…”

The tournament would decide the best bodybuilder in the kingdom. Of course, I was the host. Since there was no place in that kingdom to clearly decide the order, there was no place to fight. The proposal I made 10 years ago regarding fundraising was used until now.

The qualifying rounds would take place half a month later, so the muscle heads were busy exercising every day to break through the qualifier. By the way, the men’s and women’s divisions weren’t separated, so they’d be held at the same time.

“Surely, my sister will win again this year.”

“My! If the judge, Liliane, were to say that, my husband and your brother would be depressed.”

“It’ll be hard for my brother and father to overcome my sister if I don’t inspire them by saying that. On the other hand, older sister is stoic…”

“But, are there any other candidates for the championship?”

“Yes, His Majesty the King has applied to this year’s tournament as well. The 3rd Division leader, the first prince, the old president of the former muscle company, the fourth princess, and the battalion commander of the 6th Division—they are all in good shapes.”

“It looks like this year will be fun, too.”


***T/N: O…kay, that went towards unexpected direction. I was expecting the story to be about this man who simps for her and tried to perfect his muscle but instead we directly goes for ‘business talk’ …which, I will admit, wasn’t my cuppa o tea.

Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points.

Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points.

Utsukushī kin'nikudesu. Jū-ten., 美しい筋肉です。十点。
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Within the Kingdom of Mukin, flowers and muscles were in full bloom.In that kingdom, many things were determined by muscles—be it status, honor, or beauty.That was because of none other then the fact that muscle hadn’t only protected the kingdom, but had also let it prosper for 500 years since its founding.Indeed, muscle was prosperity.In such kingdom, Liliane, a successful business woman, received endless proposals every day. Despite so, all the muscles that entered her eyes weren’t good enough!In the end, whom she chose was…


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