Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points. chapter 1

Chapter 1

***T/N: Glory and prosperity to the muscle cult!

Within the Kingdom of Mukin, flowers and muscles were in full bloom.

In that kingdom, many things were determined by muscles—be it status, honor, or beauty.

That was because of none other then the fact that muscle hadn’t only protected the kingdom, but had also let it prosper for 500 years since its founding.

Indeed, muscle was prosperity.

Therefore, it was the norm for its people to train their muscles, two muscles, three muscles—-

after all, even beauty was determined by muscles.

Women in that kingdom preferred men with bodies like bodybuilders.

Thick biceps.

Broken abs.

Raised pectorals.

In that kingdom where a straightforward and simple personality had become the national character, men were also straight in line when it came to motivation. There was no being stoic in muscle training. In order to appeal their strong muscles to women, they trained their muscles every day. All over the kingdom, groaning could be heard on a daily basis.

The women who lived in that kingdom weren’t muscle heads by any means, there were some exceptions.

In Mukin, there was a strong awareness that women should be protected. Therefore, men preferred delicate and slender girls. However, although the women might have appeared slender and delicate, they were tacticians who went around using their brains to grasp the reins of men whose brains had been reduced into muscles.

It was said that the reason the kingdom had been able to avoid causing a great diplomatic mistake for a long time was thanks to them.

There seemed to be a saying, “There’s no curse on the untouched Mukin women.”

There was a girl in the kingdom made of those muscles—

—it was none other than me, Liliane.

“Ah, Ms. Liliane, please receive my love.”

An exposed upper body.

A handsome guy was flexing his pectoral muscles as he took on a pose.

His words were akin to the line an actor in a play would recite—but the adolescent muscly man was no doubt serious.

A white flower, which was the national flower and also the standard method of proposing, was being held within his mouth. He was sending a passionate gaze towards me.

Aah, how many times have I received such proposals?

Both of my hands wouldn’t be enough to count them.

The muscle heads of that kingdom didn’t know there was an order to things. As such, when they fell in love, they proposed right away, which was a problem. It wasn’t easy for them to fall in love, but over the last few years, I had become too famous among the muscles (the men of my kingdom). Because of that, getting proposed to was a daily routine.

“Five points!!!”

I took out the score card hidden in my skirt and stuck it against the man before me.

Seeing at the card, the man bent his spine and lowered his eyebrows. His shoulders drooped. It was obvious that he was depressed.

It seemed that the young man descended from a certain influential family. However, I no longer needed to look for his title. If I were to exude dull air around me, they’d probably leave me alone. I’d become a mushroom in the dampness.

Regardless, I didn’t care.

“The muscles in your arms are too strong and the overall balance is too awful. Especially the thighs. Compared to your arms, they aren’t thick enough.”

I stated what was in my mind with a glance.

Although his biceps’ brachii were tight with thick muscles, it became unsightly because both his pectoral muscles and back muscles weren’t well-trained. If he wanted to match the muscles of his arms, he’d have to add more muscles to his pectoral.

“Well, your arm muscles are already beautiful, so you’ll do your best, right?”

I left him with light advice. The young man changed immediately—he stood up triumphantly, eyes gleaming as he shouted, “I’ll do my best—!!”

Such a simple guy.

After exhaling a little, I steadily walked towards the office. That raid attack of a proposal wasted a huge amount of my time. I needed to get to work.

Rickshaws were the most common vehicle in the Mukin kingdom for training purposes. However, since some time, my muscle head of a brother wasn’t there to pull said transportation. At first, I had decided upon walking, but as of the present I didn’t feel like doing that anymore.

Surely, that young gardener whom was fond of me would gladly pull my rickshaw for me.

“Good morning.”

When I arrived at the office, which was about ten minutes from my house, two employees had already gathered.

“President, you sure are late today.”

“Forgive my lateness. I was proposed to in front of the bookstore over there.”

With a dry smile, I sat on the top seat.

Looking at their facial expressions, they seemed to believe me. I wasn’t happy, but I was very popular in that kingdom.

“The president is as popular as always—I want you to give me half of that popularity.”

“Right, just now, didn’t she turn down the boss of the Muscle Company?”

“That company!? President, such a waste…”

Lina, one of my only two employees, spoke in laidback tone. It was the other employee, Lena, Lina’s twin sister, who already had all the information. I really wanted to take my hat off to her intelligence gathering. I still didn’t know how she obtained the information, though. When asked for the details, she’d always respond with “Fufufu.” As she laughed with a darkened expression.

“Don’t you two already know that I have no intention of getting married? Besides, he scored only five points.”

““Ah, I see~””

When I sighed in disappointment, they laughed as if convinced.

“Well, let us proceed with the morning meeting.”

“It’s about the 5th Division.”

“Oh, right. I’m in charge of the 5th Division. I think they’ve just returned from training in the North Forth and are eager to appeal their muscles. But as usual, you can either casually shrug them off, or plain ignore them.”


After reading the list of proteins and equipment to be prepared, I started organizing my paperwork to get ready.

It had been 17 years since I had been reborn into the Kingdom of Mukin.

I was born into a high-ranking marquis family among aristocrats.

When I was reborn, I was confused about the mechanism of that world, but a baby’s adaptability is amazing. Before I realized it, I had acclimated to the ways of the world.

I had an older brother and sister. When I was born, they were over ten years older than me. They took turn at caring, tending, and cradling me. However, my brother often sighed while looking after me. The cause was apparently his muscles.

Apparently, my brother had been born with a slender body. In the Kingdom of Mukin, sweltering, strong, muscles were said to be beautiful. Therefore, my brother, who couldn’t attain such muscles, suffered a complex. In addition, my older sister inherited my father’s ‘national’ beauty, and had a rugged body. The deep moat on her face always casted shadows over her eyes. Her breasts were, in a sense, big. However, they were also absolutely stiff and coarse to the touch. Because his sister was the one who got such a muscular gorilla-like figure, my brother’s complex only deepened.

My brother also didn’t have anyone to confide in.

His father always sternly told him to train his muscles while our sister could only do muscle training in secret. His mother, whom was a bride from another kingdom, couldn’t see what his problem was about. Hence why, my brother confided in me, who was a baby at that time.

He wondered why he didn’t have any muscles. Why he had such thin arms when his sister was so rugged? He was pathetic—and so on.

As a baby, I endured his venting until I was three years old. At last, my dissatisfaction exploded.

Thus, I yelled at him. “That’s because just training won’t suffice, older brother!!!”

The way to train muscles in that kingdom was simple—keep training. Carry heavy objects, run, push ups, squats. The men only thought about exerting themselves and were indifferent towards protein and training equipment that could effectively build their muscles. As a result, there was no such culture.

My brother might not had been born with fine, macho, muscles. But using those kinds of things would bring him closer to his ideal bodybuilder-like body shape.

When I was young, I emphasized such to my brother. Due to being a gym trainer in my previous life, I devised and made training machines one after another.

As for protein, I didn’t know how to make them, so I used chicken breasts. However, because a certain area was famous because of its muscle-boosting nuts, I opted to use that instead. When dried and eaten, the fruit of that area’s trees became nourishment for muscles.

Afterwards, under my guidance, my brother grew up to be one of the best muscular men in the kingdom. To be honest, I didn’t expect that to happen, especially considering his muscle quality. I wondered a placebo effect had also been placed on his simple brain. He had built enough muscles to boast about them. He should’ve been managing his diet thoroughly, but I still suspected my brother of doping.

***T/N: There’s no going back for me, ain’t it…

Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points.

Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points.

Utsukushī kin'nikudesu. Jū-ten., 美しい筋肉です。十点。
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
Within the Kingdom of Mukin, flowers and muscles were in full bloom.In that kingdom, many things were determined by muscles—be it status, honor, or beauty.That was because of none other then the fact that muscle hadn’t only protected the kingdom, but had also let it prosper for 500 years since its founding.Indeed, muscle was prosperity.In such kingdom, Liliane, a successful business woman, received endless proposals every day. Despite so, all the muscles that entered her eyes weren’t good enough!In the end, whom she chose was…


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