Beautiful Flowers have Insects. -Because My Fiance Seems to have a Lover, I will Stubbornly Reclaim Him- chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Please have a mistress at least after getting married.

Nice to meet you, good day. My name is Michelle Manifique. I’m a daughter of a Duke. I have a fiance. His Highness the Crown Prince Audrick Rois.

My reputation is very good, and I’m happy about it. Have good grades, kind, has a beautiful smile, innocent and honest. Ufufu, I’m not really that perfect…

Even my looks, I have a beautiful face and a nice body. I’m always said to be a perfect beautiful couple with the beautiful Highness Rick.

However, there are rumors that are troubling recently. …Unexpectedly, that “Ore-sama” character, the straightforward His Highness Rick was about to be captured a commoner.

Actually, when I went all the way to the Department of Magic to confirm the truth of the rumor, I saw His Highness Rick talking to a commoner. …That commoner was also surrounded by other noble lords. I wonder if it’s a reverse harem. Though, everyone should have had a fiancee.

The commoner, Monique Amour, decided to attend this school as a special scholarship student because she could use the rare magic of light.

Well, I’ve left it alone before because I thought it was only a temporary game of fire. Let’s take measures from now on.

When I got home, I immediately called my home’s intelligence unit member, Kage.

“You called for me, Lady”

“Yes, there’s something I want you to look up.”

“What is it?”

“Could you gather information about the fool who is trying to keep His Highness Rick?”


The next night, the door to my room was knocked on.

“You can enter.”

“Excuse me. I have brought your desired research report, my Lady.”

I first gave him a look, and patted the top Kage’s head.

“Good job. I got the information I wanted. Thank you.”

“I happily accept you gratefulness, my Lady”

I waited for Kage to leave the room before reading the report again on my bed.

The report said that His Highness Rick comforted the commoner who cried for being left behind in class and from then on, that commoner talked about her worried on a daily basis to him and made their relationship deepen. …How cunning.

The next morning, I left home and went to school earlier than usual. Then after catching a female student from the Magic Department, I said 「It seems that recently, Monique-san has been worried about having no friends in class. Can you make everyone get along with Miss Monique?」. The female student from the Magic Department said she understood. …It’s exciting to see what’ll happen.

A week had passed. Recently, Miss Monique seems to have been very close to her classmates. It was good, right?

… But, an incident happened.

In the corridor after school, Miss Monique ran up to my side and tumbled on purpose. …But then I also pretended to got hit it and fell down.

The entourage who was with me also played along.

“Lady Michelle! Are you okay?”

Everyone in the gallery gazed at the me who fell down, and gave strict judging eyes to Miss Monique.

“You! Even though you’re just a commoner, for you to hit Lady Michelle, the daughter of a Duke!”

“What a thing to do! You, apologize quickly!”

“Don’t tell me perhaps it was done on purpose?”

“Perhaps just because you’re receiving His Highness’ favor recently, it’s getting in over your head?”

“This is why commoners are just…”

“If I remember correctly, Lady Michelle even went out of her way to talk to a female student from the Magic Department for the sake of this commoner, saying, they should get along with her and even bowed her head!”

“What! How ungrateful!”

Perhaps she was going for a tragic heroine. Miss Monique does not seem to understand what’s happening.

“It’s okay, I’m fine. Rather, are you okay, miss?”

Then I intentionally stood up and held out my hand to help Miss Monique.

“What… what…~!”

Miss Monique ignored my hand, stood up by herself, and immediately ran away.

In the midst of Miss Monique’s swearing while running away, I purposely showed her a smile.

“It’s okay. Thank you everyone for your concern. Please forgive Miss Monique somehow, okay? I’m sure that because she’s a commoner, she just didn’t know what to do in this situation. Well then, please excuse me. “

And then, I went to the infirmary with the help of my friends.

Immediately after that, His Highness Rick came to the infirmary.

“Good day, Your Highness. I’m sorry… Even though you had went out of your way to come see me… Originally, I should have been the one to pay homage, but I twisted my legs…”

“Did you twist your legs? If so, then there’s no choice. More importantly, are you alright? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, not that much… I just didn’t want to move because it was twisted. I’m really sorry. For making you suddenly worried… But I’m happy that His Highness Rick cares.”

“Because it’s you. It’s only natural.”

“But recently, I’ve been unable to catch you…”

I looked up at His Highness with a slightly resentful face. At that time, I brought my chest a little closer and emphasized the body line you can see through my uniform.

“Uhm… S-sorry…”

“No, I know His Highness Rick is too busy with your Crown Prince education. But instead, please stay with me today after a long time.”

When I smiled, His Highness Rick also smiled back with a troubled expression.

“Well then, let’s go. Go ahead, grab on to my arm.”

“Well… is that okay?”

“If you don’t like it, then should I hold you princess-style?”

His Highness Rick smiled like an innocent child which I haven’t seen for a long time. Well, he is still a child. …If he isn’t, then he wouldn’t like that commoner in the first place.

“Ufufu, then, I’ll take your suggestion.”

When I held on to his arm, I didn’t forget to put on my 「seemingly happy and embarassed」 face. Miss Monique’s special look she used to get His Highness Rick. It seems that His Highness Rick didn’t completely fall. We slowly head to the horse-drawn carriage parked near the school building while talking.

Even in the carriage, we actively exchanged words.

“I was busy with the Crown Princess education, and it was lonely because His Highness Rick was also busy with his and we couldn’t talk so much. So, yes. This injury is a real achievement. To have been able to talk to Your Highness Rick after such a long time, I’m so happy.”

“…Yeah, you’re right. I too was very busy with other things that I made you lonely. I’m sorry.”

“No… no! For you saying such and for thinking about me, those are already enough!”

I also intentionally behaved and answered well. This was also one of Miss Monique’s secret in taking down His Highness.

“Moreover, talking alone together like this like in the old days, it warms my heart.”


“I love you, Rick…”

“I love you too, my Mimi… From now on onwards, can you call me Rick like back in the old days…?”

“Only when we’re alone”

“Is that so… Sorry, sorry… Mimi…”

“Do you need something?”

“Though I can’t say entire reason… For the me who did some cruel betrayal to Mimi… I’m sorry.”

“…Well, a betrayal? Then I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.”

His Highness Rick knelt down on one knee and gently kissed the back of my hand.

“Forgive me if this is all I can do for now, My Lady. Once I’ve settled everything, I’ll do in on the lips.”

“Oh! I’m happy!”

After spending some sweet time like this, I returned home. …The preparation is good.

It’s been a month since then. I received a kiss from His Highness Rick safely. First, with the suspicion of Miss Monique tackling me on purpose, His Highness Rick’s opinion of her dropped, making him see her less, while my reputation rose.
Then His Highness Rick gradually distanced himself from Miss Monique, and finally broke up the relationship. Looking at the state of His Highness Rick, I wondered what the people around him thought, since they to distanced themselves from Miss Monique and returned to their respective fiances. And Miss Monique, who went mad and attacked me, was discharged from school. Oh, I’m so refreshed!

All that’s left is enjoying my honeymoon with His Highness Rick! Goodbye, Miss Monique!

Beautiful Flowers have Insects. -Because My Fiance Seems to have a Lover, I will Stubbornly Reclaim Him-

Beautiful Flowers have Insects. -Because My Fiance Seems to have a Lover, I will Stubbornly Reclaim Him-

Kirei na Hana ni wa Mushi ga Tsuku mono desu. ーKonyakusha ni Koibito ga Dekisou nanode Gantoshite Soshi Shimasuー, 綺麗な花には虫がつくものです。ー婚約者に恋人が出来そうなので頑として阻止しますー
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A story about recapturing the prince’s heart.


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