Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming chapter 5

You Will Have To Be Responsible for Me!

Initially, she thought he was just making fun of her, but it had gone too far. So she asked, “Do you like me?”

Yun Fan was slightly moved. “You finally saw it.”

Hua Sijin: “I still think it doesn’t make sense.”

Yun Fan: “You have to marry someone, it just so happens that I also wish to take a wife, so let’s form a team, simply perfect.”

Hua Sijin: “But we are not in the same galaxy at all.”1

He went crazy, he was always nonchalant when it came to her problems. At this point, he said in a loud and righteous voice, “Hua Sijin! You saw me, touched me, slept with me, and now you’re denying it? There is no such thing as cheap as this, you will have to be responsible for me!”

Once these words came out, the entire office area instantly became quiet, and everyone looked at Yun Fan with dumbfounded eyes. As expected of a BOSS, even his love life was so unique.

Not only was he not embarrassed at being stared at by the people around him, he even turned around to them and asked them straight-faced, “Do you think she should be responsible for me?”

They nodded sharply. Brother Hua, you can just… 

Hua Sijin was frightened by this situation, she pulled him all the way to his office leaving behind waves of clamour. After tossing him into the office, she wanted to leave, but he pulled her back. Before she could speak, he kissed her.

The kiss was gentle, filled with doting, and eager, with a bit of grievance. He restrained her, keeping her from moving. He gradually increased the force, the corners of her mouth went numb. He almost pressed his entire body on hers, and she felt it became more and more difficult to breathe.

After a long time, Yun Fan finally let go of her. He leaned in her ear, breathing erratically, and said, “Would you rather go on a blind date than consider me?”

Hua Sijin panted and said nothing.

Yun Fan said again, “Hua Sijin, I love you, and you love me too, okay?”

“I’m three years older than you.”

“Then you have lived three years longer than me.”

“The charm is not equal, you are too eye-catching.”

“So you must squeeze me dry so that I don’t have the strength to touch the flowers and grass.”2


She deliberated for a long time, and finally said, “Let me think about it. “

Hua Sijin thought about it for a week, and it seemed that she would continue to consider it. Yun Fan became cranky again. He reckoned she had him in her heart, he could feel it. But with her meager emotional intelligence, it was really hard to understand this problem. In desperation, he had to resort to another medicine3.

On this day, Hua Sijin saw a beautiful woman walking into the general manager’s office happily. She didn’t step out until lunch, followed by Yun Fan.

At noon that day, Yun Fan did not accompany her for lunch. Feeling uncomfortable, she secretly asked the little secretary, “Who is that?”

The little secretary answered mysteriously, “I heard it was the ex-girlfriend of the general manager.”


Hua Sijin felt a little mouse constantly scratching in her heart, it made her really uncomfortable.

When Yun Fan returned from lunch, he saw Hua Sijin wandering around in front of his office. He pulled her over, but she shook him off. She glared at him with puffed cheeks.

He dragged her into his office and held her shoulders and smiled brightly. “Are you jealous?”

She didn’t say a word, tiptoed, and kissed him. This light kiss excited him greatly, and he held her for a good lingering moment.

After lingering for a while, he bit her earlobe and smiled. “She’s not really my ex-girlfriend.”

She suddenly felt suspicious. “How do you know what the secretary would say to me?”

Yun Fan: “——”

Hua Sijin squeezed her fists.

The door to the general manager’s office was ajar, revealing a crack. Many people had gathered at the door and were listening to the movements inside.


After a burst of banging sounds, it was Yun Fan’s voice begging for mercy.

“I was wrong, I will never dare anymore! Brother Hua! Baby! Wife! Oh, don’t slap the face…!”


Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is a short and sweet office rom-com… A strong female lead Hua Sijin (flowers like a brocade) and cute and easy going male lead Yun Fan (sailing of the clouds) and their journey towards love and marriage.


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