Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming chapter 3

Nice Figure

Finally, the sales department won the big order from that state-owned enterprise. Hua Sijin was very excited, and the day almost skipped along. In order to celebrate the success, the company held a cocktail party. The sales department’s elite team received various toasts, Hua Sijin was so drunk that she got dizzy on standing up.

Her steps were clumsy and staggered like serpent’s, and she was on the verge of falling. At this moment, Director Han of the Human Resources Department supported her. He held her arms in one hand and wrapped her waist with another, talking to her in a low voice. She answered vaguely and was dragged upstairs by him.

Director Han was a true pervert. He dragged her to a bedroom upstairs, pushed her onto the bed, then pressed himself on her.

In truth, Hua Sijin had been pretending to be drunk all the time, she really didn’t like drinking. When Director Han pulled her, she knew that this old guy was up to no good. Now, she pushed him and said with a smile: “Brother Han…, let’s play something new?”

“Good, good, hahaha…!” Director Han had already lost his wits, now he was willing to listen to whatever she said.

While at the cocktail party, Yun Fan wondered where Hua Sijin had gone. At this time, someone asked if anyone had seen Director Han. He(YF) immediately became alert. The kind of thoughts Director Han had about Han Sijin, he had seen clearly in his eyes, and now both of them were gone…

He hurried upstairs and searched the rooms one by one. Many unpleasant images came to his mind, each one of them had one thing in common- Hua Sijin being bullied. He panicked, and his pace gradually increased. When he found a room that was locked, he kicked open the door without hesitation.

What greeted him was a terrible scream.

Director Han was tied to the bed, while Hua Sijin was holding a belt and thrashing  him fiercely. There were whip marks scattered on his fat and flabby body.

This unexpected situation made him a bit silly, and he stood still on the spot.

Seeing the savior, Director Han shrieked heartbreakingly. “General manager, help me! Ah!!!”

Yun Fan hurriedly went up and hugged Hua Sijin. She was now like a ferocious little wolf, that he found absolutely amusing. He pressed down the struggling girl and persuaded her with a smile, “If you fight again, someone will die.”

Only then did she reluctantly throw away the belt.

In this way, a thrilling ‘hero saving the beauty’ was played by the trio, as a hero saving a rogue.

Yun Fan kept laughing on the way back. Hua Sijin didn’t bother to pay attention to him, her drunkenness came up, and she felt sleepy.

He touched her shoulder. “Brother Hua, you have a strong taste.”

She didn’t answer, but tilted her head and leaned on his shoulder.

He shook her. “Brother Hua?”

“I’ll sleep for a while.” She simply lay down on his lap. Anyway, his car was spacious and comfortable.

He looked down at her full and bright lips and asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you afraid that I will bully you?”

“Trust you,” she murmured.

He felt something hit in his heart, he chuckled softly, and his smile was very warm.

“You don’t like macho men.” She added vaguely.

Yun Fan: “——”

She had no idea what stimulated her, but suddenly she didn’t want to be a tomboy anymore. She wanted to arouse her femininity, so she went to the mall on the weekend.

On Monday morning, she arrived at work wearing a purple, strappy chiffon dress paired with white high-heeled sandals. The simple outfit attracted enough attention. Purple was the most attractive color,  add to it her fair and delicate skin and her tall and slender body, a lot of men were left speechless as she walked past; their jaws dropped in astonishment. Those who passed away slobbered inexplicably, and of course, there were also nosebleeds…

Hua Sijin had a sense of accomplishment.

In the afternoon, she took a report to Yun Fan to discuss the details. Resting her hands on the table, she leaned slightly to point the content to him, to explain. In the beginning, he listened attentively, but after a while, his eyes began to drift towards her chest, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off.

Her V-necked dress, though not deep, still showed a little spring when she leaned.

He gulped unconsciously.

Hua Sijin stopped suddenly. She saw him staring at her chest with bright eyes and licking his lips in fascination. Enraged, she slammed the report on the table hard, and walked away without looking back.

He gazed at the heavily closed door with guilt. However, he suddenly felt thirsty and confused, because he wasn’t such an indecisive person. Someone deliberately flashed before him, but he didn’t even look at it. That woman was still a C-cup…

As he was thinking about it, Hua Sijin suddenly came back. She stormed into the office and, without saying a word, turned his chair over to her and began to undress him.

Yun Fan was like… Woah? What’s going on?

Hua Sijin’s face didn’t look good, and she didn’t intend to explain it. She just unbuttoned him silently, and because of her anxiety, her fingers trembled, the process slow.

Yun Fan was motionless like a captive. “Hua…Sijin, this is an office—`”

Hua Sijin: “I know.”

His breathing grew more intense. “What are you doing…” He himself felt that asking this question was unnecessary. Now his mind was full of images that were inappropriate for children.

She answered his question sternly. “Staring back.” As she said, she took off his shirt and stared at his bare chest.

Yun Fan: “——”

He suddenly felt very powerless. He couldn’t help but laugh at Hua Sijin until he was in tears. “Have you seen enough?”

She smiled and poked his chest. “Nice figure.”

He smiled weakly: “Thank you.”

After getting back at him, Hua Sijin let go of Yun Fan contentedly and left with great pride.

He stared at her beautiful and slim back with deep eyes.


Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is a short and sweet office rom-com… A strong female lead Hua Sijin (flowers like a brocade) and cute and easy going male lead Yun Fan (sailing of the clouds) and their journey towards love and marriage.


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