Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming chapter 2

Brother Hua

Hua Sijin offended the new boss severely!

This incident spread throughout the office that afternoon, and the more it spread, the absurder it became. Of course, all scandals lead in the direction of adultery, such is the creativity of people. When Hua Sijin heard that Yun Fan had dumped her for the nth time and that she even had an abortion for him, she wasn’t calm.

She pulled a few gossipy girls into the chat room and solemnly announced:

【The general manager and I have only met each other on the first day of work.】

The girls didn’t believe it and asked her to explain why the two people who’d met on the first day were at odds with each other and in love with each other.

Hua Sijin was getting a headache from these magical idioms. Thinking of Yun Fan’s battered face, she shook out all the good things he did. She wouldn’t have a good day anyway, instead of sitting around waiting for death, she should make a preemptive strike.

Thinking as such, she said:

【This morning, he assaulted me in the subway.】

The girls were in an uproar and excitedly brushed the screen with exclamation marks. At the end of the screen swipe, a small line popped up.

【Yun Fan: Brother Hua, you can question my character, but please don’t question my vision.】

This time it was Hua Sijin’s turn to brush the exclamation mark… After the shock, Hua Sijin was furious.

【Who brought this scum in!】

【Yun Fan: Huh?】

【Hua Sijin: Ah, ah, what kind of broken software is this, how dare it send a message on its own! General manager, it’s time for our company to change the chat software!】

Yun Fan: …

Gossip crowd: -_-|||||

In the end, this attempt at clarification ended in failure. The gossip girls scavenged a wealth of information from the short conversation, which in turn made the rumors even more bizarre. Hua Xijin expressed her powerlessness and did not bother to care.

Now, her top priority was how to avoid Yun Fan’s troubles. Please him, she was not willing to do so; if she pretended to be pitiful, she had to pretend to be vile1 all the time. It seemed that she could only take every step carefully-this was especially difficult for her strong and proud self.

Yun Fan’s ruse was unexpected, oh no, it should be a clear plan-he affectionately called her “Brother Hua” in front of all the senior executives of the company. As a result, it went up and down, and the next day, this name carried forward effectively.

In the following few days, people always felt that Hua Sijin’s gazes towards their general manager were filled with resentment, they naturally sniffed a smell of adultery from those eyes.

In fact, Yun Fan didn’t mean to trouble her. Although this woman was crazy, her character and her efficiency at work were not bad. Besides, he never liked to mix personal grudges with business affairs. But whenever he saw her, he always wanted to bully her, it was really strange.

After spending a few days in peace with the general manager, a sudden thought dawned upon her: The general manager was busy with business affairs, how could he have spare time to clean up small shrimps like her? Hua Sijin, you don’t take yourself too seriously.

After having understood and figuring things out, her ghostly haze of gloomy temperament vanished, and she regained her strength to make waves again. So when she regained her verve everyone congratulated her. Nevertheless, everyone still firmly believed that there was an unspeakable past between Hua Sijin and Yun Fan, but now she seemed to have forgotten it. Upon seeing this, the people thought it was worthy of celebration and gratification and so welcomed her joyously.

Hua Sijin was in a good mood, and she didn’t care about the rumors. In fact, she even went along with it and said, “It wasn’t Yun Fan who dumped me, it was I who dumped him.”

Everyone was puzzled. “Why?”

Yun Fan also quietly pricked up his ears to hear what nonsense she was going to spout. He was sitting right behind Hua Sijin, but this café had an intriguing décor, with strings of glass beads separating the spaces, so the group of gossiping women did not notice him.

At this time, Hua Sijin crossed her legs, holding a coffee cup she sipped leisurely. Hearing everyone’s questions, she smiled mysteriously. “What else, the size doesn’t qualify?”

“Pfft—” Yun Fan spurted out the coffee.

The girls began to laugh loudly. Hua Sijin was very satisfied while Yun Fan was very dissatisfied. Therefore, when Hua Sijin saw that the expressions of all the girls had changed from laughter to horror with their mouths wide open, she was very surprised.

Yun Fan pulled the glass beads away and called out gloomily, “Brother Hua.”

Hua Sijin turned her face and saw Yun Fan’s smiling face but his eyes were especially cold. She couldn’t help but shiver.

Yun Fan’s voice radiated a chill. “My size is not up to standard?”

Hua Sijin with a serious expression: “Qualified!”

Yun Fan: “Only qualified?”

Hua Sijin: “Very qualified, quite qualified! “

Yun Fan: “How qualified?”

Hua Sijin was almost crying, “General Manager…!”

Yun Fan was unrelenting.”Then, why did we break up?”

Hua Sijin: “Because your demand was too strong, I couldn’t stand it, so I proposed to break up—”

“Very good,” Yun Fan nodded in satisfaction and pinched her face. “Baby, you are always welcome to come back.”

Hua Sijin understood that Yun Fan, this scum, was her nemesis, no matter what kind of battle they encountered, she would definitely lose in the end. Therefore, she decided on the strategy of playing a game of “cat and mouse” with him. She wouldn’t actively seek out the man and would be sure to maintain a distance of at least three meters from him if she had to face him, that is.

After a peaceful period, the sales department ushered in a relatively arduous cooperation task with a large state-owned enterprise.

The procurement of state-owned enterprises had always been magical, and one’s advantages might not be that attractive to one’s counterparts. One had to be polite and pretend to be a grandson2, of course, even if one were to pretend, it may not be helpful.

A crucial aspect of the plan was that all the stakeholders, who involved in this link must be taken care of, and at the same time, you have to have a sufficient amount of stepping stones that was big enough to knock on the door. Rui Yang, sales vice president, personally went into battle and led an elite team to carry out this tough battle.

Hua Sijin also worked overtime every day as if she had been pumped with chicken blood. The thought of the bonus that this list would bring overwhelmed her. For the sake of RMB, let’s fight!

Inspired by RMB, she went crazy. One night at half-past nine, Yun Fan thought he would be the last to leave the company but did not expect to see Hua Sijin in the sales department.

She was sitting in front of the computer, her fingers fiercely tapping the keyboard, occasionally writing and drawing in a notebook. Instead of stepping forward, he stood outside the glass wall and watched quietly.

He had to admit that women were actually very attractive when they’re focused. At this moment, her dazzling eyes were shining brightly and her whole face was brimming with vigor. The sight made one feel better for no reason. He actually found a little femininity on this face, which he thought was incredible.

Once done with work, she stretched her back lazily. She grabbed a photo frame on the table and kissed it. Yun Fan was a little impressed with that photo frame, it was not the usual photos but a hundred-yuan bill.

He smiled and shook his head. At this time, Hua Sijin turned around and spotted him. He was taken aback and a little embarrassed. Fortunately, she didn’t react right away, instead, rubbing her eyes before confirming that there was really a person standing outside. She turned off the computer and went out and the first thing she said was, “I thought I saw a ghost.”

Yun Fan was not angry, and asked, “Have you had dinner?”

Only then did Hua Sijin remember dinner. She wanted to eat, but she didn’t want to eat with Yun Fan, so she nodded decisively. “I’ve had it.” Right when her words fell, her stomach rumbled indisputably.

Yun Fan held back a smile and helped her carry the bag. “Let’s go, I’ll treat you.”

The two chose to eat Thai food. During dinner, the beautiful woman at the next table kept glancing at Yun Fan and finally at the unruly eating manners of the girl with him and snorted disdainfully.

Hua Sijin naturally understood what that beauty meant. If this was normal time, she would not have paid any attention to her, but today she was too excited and she wanted to find something to let off steam. So she looked at the beauty provocatively while digging rice and delivering it to Yun Fan’s mouth.

Yun Fan thought it was incredible: Hua Sijin could deliver the rice accurately into his mouth without looking. Is this a kind of tacit understanding? So he cooperated very well and ate the rice obediently, just like a wife slave.

The beauty snorted again, but Hua Sijin was very pleased. Yun Fan thought it was really boring, but in order to make the girl before him happier, he deliberately said after eating rice, “You are much more beautiful than her.”

The voice was not too loud but the beauty could definitely hear it.

On their way back, Hua Sijin finally didn’t think Yun Fan was very disgusting.

Come to think of it, a man who was handsome, rich, and could also make girls happy, really could not be thirsty to play hooligan in the subway.

She was just curious as to why the head of the dignified Rui Yang had squeezed into the subway to work as a migrant worker like her?

“In order to meet you,” Yun Fan said half-jokingly as he drove the car.

Hua Sijin was an incomprehensible person. She didn’t hear any ambiguity from these words, but she just felt out of tune.

Yun Fan was a little disappointed to not hear her calling him “hooligan”.


Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is a short and sweet office rom-com… A strong female lead Hua Sijin (flowers like a brocade) and cute and easy going male lead Yun Fan (sailing of the clouds) and their journey towards love and marriage.


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