Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming chapter 1

Do You Have a Crush on Me?

There was nothing more disgusting than meeting a pervert on a crowded subway!

Hua Sijin was in a good mood, but when she felt the movement of a hand on her hip, she suddenly felt irritable. She turned her head abruptly and saw a man looking down at her with his eyebrows raised slightly. When she looked at him, his eyes lit up, and he smiled imperceptibly.

She gritted her teeth angrily. The hooligan who doesn’t have eyes, turns out to be molesting this old lady!1

Right then, the train stopped. Regardless of which station it was, she dragged the hooligan and walked out. The hooligan followed her out of the car in a daze. When he was about to open his mouth, a punch was on its way to his face!

Despite the fierceness, she was still a woman, so her punches were not fast enough; the hooligan reacted quickly and dodged the attack. He took a few steps back and frowned at Hua Sijin, “What are you doing?”

Nonsense, can’t you tell? Hua Sijin ignored him, rushed up and raised his foot to greet his lifeblood2 – Anti-perv kungfu, arise!

Unfortunately, the hooligan was too good, and he dodged it again. This time he was angry as well. He looked at her and solemnly asked, “What the hell are you doing!”

She didn’t say a word and proved her purpose with actions-she pounced on him and tried to have a close physical fight. He caught her, then tripped on her foot, and turned her arm to separate… a series of dazzling movements were made by him. When Hua Sijin reacted, she was restrained and could not move.

The slow-witted staff finally realized that the man and the woman did not seem to be flirting, so they walked over and asked, “What are you doing?”

Hua Sijin: “I’m getting rid of this Pestilence for the People!”

The staff was embarrassed. This lady, the one who was going to be removed now seems to be you, so please don’t put on such a righteous front…

The hooligan followed, “Yes, for the people to get rid of the evil. Please call the mental hospital and ask them if someone escaped these days.”

Hua Sijin struggled. “You are mentally ill, stinky rascal!”

He laughed without any fury. “As a tasteful hooligan, I said that pure men are really not my cup of tea.” Then, he let her go. “So you can rest assured, no matter how much of a hooligan I am, I will not be a hooligan to you.”

On the train, Hua Sijin stared angrily at a certain person beside her. This person was tall and had fair skin. There was a pair of glasses perched on the nose bridge. To put it nicely, he was a sophisticated gentleman, but in fact, he was a gentle scum.

This was Hua Sijin’s evaluation of Yun Fan.

Yun Fan received the baptism of Hua Sijin’s gaze without squinting. He understood that the fierce woman regarded him as a pervert. Today was his first day at Rui Yang Corporation. He heard there was a terrible traffic jam over there so took the legendary convenient and fast subway. Who knew that there were so many people in the subway!

He did have a little admiration for Hua Sijin before the two were ‘handsy’3. After all, the other person had a good figure and a pretty face. Glimpsing beautiful women in a crowded subway could be regarded as a way to lighten his mood. However, Yun Fan really didn’t move his hands and feet, he would never do this kind of thing, and there was no need to do it. There was no shortage of women around him.

Although he was thick-skinned, being scorched by Hua Sijin’s fiery eyes, he began to feel a little uncomfortable. He turned his face to her and smiled. “Dà Jiě4, do you have a crush on me?”

Hua Sijin especially wanted to slam her bag onto his face, but considering his skill, she had to give up the idea. Hua Sijin snorted angrily. “I would rather fancy a pig than you!”

Yun Fan guffawed. “Oh, you fancy a pig!”

Hua Sijin: “——”

A pervert, I can’t beat or curse, narcissistic and thick-skinned, but also damn good-looking… Hua Sijin rubbed her forehead… Well, I am just unlucky today.

At this moment, the train suddenly slowed down; thanks to her high heels she lost her balance and unexpectedly, rushed forward. None of this escaped Yu Fan’s eyes, and instead of dodging, he stood still in place. By the time she reacted, she had already crashed into his arms and they took half a step back, together, due to the impact.

Yun Fan raised his hands in a gesture of surrender and looked at Hua Sijin sternly. “Rogue!”

Hua Sijin: “——”

She opened her mouth to explain but didn’t really know what to say. Blushing, she turned and walked desperately towards the back of the car. She could neither afford to provoke nor hide!

Looking at the departing back, he covered his mouth and chuckled.

Hua Sijin flew into her office. The new general manager was coming today, she couldn’t be late today! And she had heard that this new general manager was a promising, young handsome guy, gotta establish good relations with him and climb up the ladder!

Hua Sijin really did not expect to see Yun Fan again in her office. She stood in the office lobby, looking at him murderously. “Pervert!”

As soon as the words came out, all the employees who were busy or pretending to be busy paused and looked at Hua Sijin in shock. She touched her nose, wondering if she was too high-pitched.

Yun Fan looked at her with a smile and didn’t say anything.

Hua Sijin suddenly felt guilty for getting intensely stared at. She added in a low voice: “He is a pervert——”

At this moment, the charming little secretary ran over, and when she saw Yun Fan and respectfully said, “General Manager, welcome. It’s time for a meeting.”

Hua Sijin: “——”

Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Be Responsible, Flowers Are Blooming

Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
This is a short and sweet office rom-com… A strong female lead Hua Sijin (flowers like a brocade) and cute and easy going male lead Yun Fan (sailing of the clouds) and their journey towards love and marriage.


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