Be Happier Than me chapter 4

The Final Parting

Today was the day that Li Chen was going to receive his CT scan results so he took a leave from the hospital and went to the neurology hospital early.

Inside the doctor’s office, the middle-aged doctor looked at him with a grave expression. He was hesitant to speak but he still opened his mouth, “Li Chen, since you are also a doctor, I won’t sugarcoat your situation.”

Li Chen nodded and smiled gently, “Is it a brain tumour?”

The middle-aged doctor was stunned. “Yes, it’s very close to the brainstem so we can’t do an operation.”

T/N: Not sure if this is true…I searched it up but honestly, there’s a lot of medical terms that just makes my eyes water so I’m sorry…

Li Chen was very calm, as if he had just caught a common cold and not a severe illness. After all, he was a doctor as well, he already had a hunch that it might be a brain tumour.

“Okay, I understand. Please prescribe some painkillers for me. Thank you.”

When he returned home, Li Chen began to immediately prepare his resignation. It was not safe for him to operate on other patients when he, himself, was in poor health. It might even lead to disastrous consequences, he could not endanger patients’ lives.

The next week was Li Rui’s wedding. He didn’t have the courage to see him kissing and hugging another woman so he bought a plane ticket for Japan. He rented a new house, packed all his things and called Li Rui.

“Xiao Chenchen, what’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly going to study in Japan? The contract hasn’t ended so you’ll have to pay liquidated damages, do you know that? Can you wait for another two years? We can study and get our doctorate together.”

“You’re being foolish again, you’re going to get married soon. How can you go abroad so easily? I’ve already made up my mind. All the procedures and preparations have been completed, I’ll leave the day after tomorrow.”

“What? The day after tomorrow? How long are you going to stay there? Two years? What time is your flight? I’ll drive you there, wait a minute, I have a lot to tell you!”

Since I won’t see you anymore, this time will be our final farewell.

“My flight is at three o’clock in the afternoon, you can drive me to the airport, I’m in…”

In the middle of his words, Li Chen’s head began to ache again. With trembling hands, he took out the bottle of pills in his pocket and swallowed them. Before he could walk to his bed, he collapsed.

Why? Why do I have to bear this piercing pain?

God, how could you be so cruel to me?

Li Rui, in my next life, I don’t want to meet you! I’d rather become a bird than be a man!

Li Chen curled up into a ball and kept twitching until his consciousness gradually faded.

When he woke up, he found himself lying on the bed with Li Rui squatting by the edge of the bed, staring at him closely.

“Didn’t you say your headache was all right? Tell me what happened? Why is it so serious? You have to tell me today, or I will take you to get a CT scan. Tell me!”

Li Rui’s eyes were bloodshot and his jaw was blue. His face looked haggard, but his voice was unprecedentedly harsh.

T/N: ‘jaw was blue’ means that he was angry. Baidu translates it into a medical condition that is common in infants rather than adults so I didn’t use it. I interpreted it as lack of oxygen because of anger, turning his face blue.

Li Chen was dumbfounded and silent for a long time. Through the hazy tears, Li Rui’s appearance was indistinct and fuzzy.

But such a figure still moved Li Chen. At least, when he heard that he had an accident, he rushed here immediately.

“What are you doing here? I’m fine. We’ve already agreed to meet the day after tomorrow. You’d better go and accompany your bride.”

Looking at his pale face, Li Rui felt a lump rise in his throat. He took a few deep breaths and choked out, “Xiao Chenchen, I beg you, let’s go to the hospital. You can’t be hurt. If you are hurt, I won’t be able to live.”

Li Chen stared at Li Rui and asked in a trembling voice, “Really? Am I really so important to you?”

“Of course, you’re very important! I can’t imagine my life without you so don’t go to Japan, stay here. I, I still want you to be my best man.”

“Best man?”

“Yes, I heard from Xiaoxue that her bridesmaid is also a stewardess, I want to introduce her to you on that day.”

T/N: I don’t think his wife’s name was introduced at the start but here’s Li Rui calling her affectionately, ‘Xiaoxue’

Li Chen closed his eyes and didn’t say a word. You can’t blame Li Rui, he’s innocent, he doesn’t understand anything, he doesn’t know anything.

I deserve it.

On the afternoon of Li Chen’s flight, Li Rui arrived at the airport but didn’t see even a shadow of the person he was looking for. When he arrived at the airport, he finally found out that Li Chen had rescheduled his air ticket and flew the previous day.

T/N: The raw says the next day but the previous day makes more sense once you read the next few paragraphs

Looking at the boundless blue sky, the layers of clouds, and the white arc the plane drew, Li Rui stood blankly without speaking a word for a long time.

Xiao Chenchen, you have only left for a day and I already miss you. How can I survive the next two years?

Come back quickly!

T/N: Yeaaa…that’s life I guess ;-;

Be Happier Than me

Be Happier Than me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
Please be happier than me, Before I give up in embarrassment. No matter how painful it is, You needn’t be sorry to make up for it, At least I can fulfil your pursuit. (Lyrics from Daniel Chan’s ‘Be Happier Than Me’)


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