Be Happier Than me chapter 3

Love Has Come To An End

Another weekend arrived and Li Rui dragged Li Chen to the KTV along with their colleagues.

Li Rui was very excited and held onto the microphone the entire time. After drinking, his cheeks were flushed and the entire person was swaying side to side, but he refused to admit that he was drunk.

Everyone urged Li Chen to sing a song but his head was pounding and he felt dizzy after the quarrel he had earlier.

At this time, Li Rui stumbled about and held onto Li Chen’s waist, roaring out, “I will order Daniel Chan’s Be Happier Than Me for our Xiao Chenchen!”

T/N: I used the singer’s English name. Also, I couldn’t find an English translation of the lyrics so let’s make do with google translate :”)

Li Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Turning his head slightly, the tips of Li Chen’s and Li Rui’s noses met and the fiery breath blew into his face, making the whole person stiff.

“Good, good! Li Chen, sing, sing, sing!”

Li Chen tried to push the towering drunk man away but failed. He could only take the microphone and open his mouth to sing his favourite song with Li Rui clinging onto him.

Please be happier than me,

Before I give up in embarrassment.

No matter how painful it is,

You needn’t be sorry to make up for it,

At least I can fulfil your pursuit.

Please remember that you have to be happier than me.

It’s worth my cruelty to myself.

I count down silently,

Until I finally see you clearly.

In your eyes,

I am so vague,

It looks like I’m fading away from you.

Later, their colleagues also joined Li Chen in singing, making the atmosphere even more lively. However, Li Chen’s heart was aching as he sang one word after another.

“Li Rui, you know, I really want you to be happy.”

After the first song ended, Li Rui still refused to let Li Chen go, and instead hugged him tighter, “Don’t move everyone! I have something to announce, it’s a super joyful event!”

Hearing Li Rui’s announcement, everyone cheered and applauded in anticipation. However, Li Chen could only hear his shallow breathing and his thumping heartbeat.

“What good news? What good news can you have?”

“Haha, you can’t think of it even until you die, I’m getting married!”

What? Get married?

Li Chen was completely stunned, staring blankly at the man holding his arm. His mind was buzzing from the impact. Li Chen was going to get married? Did he hear it wrong?

The room fell into dead silence instantly. Xiao Wang, who was whistling in excitement, was so petrified that he puckered his lips in embarrassment.

“Why are you guys so silent? I’m really going to get married! I’ve already gotten the marriage certificate, don’t forget to gift me hongbaos!”

T/N: Hongbao is another word for red packet. Another term is angpao which I personally prefer using idk why lol

What? He’s…already gotten the marriage certificate?

Li Chen felt as if the entire world was spinning. If Li Rui wasn’t holding him, he would have fainted and collapsed.

When did it happen? Why? Why didn’t I know anything about it?

Noticing that the man in his arms didn’t look too good, Li Rui helped him sit down on the sofa and asked anxiously, “Li Chen, what’s wrong with you? Are you having a headache again?”

“No, I’m fine. Congratulations…Is the bride…the stewardess?”

“Yes, it’s her. My mother met her and thought she’s a nice person. The house is already ready, we only have to book a hotel for the honeymoon.”

T/N: I don’t really know a lot of this so you can do your own research if you’re interested but basically, it’s a ‘must’ for the husband to have a house and if you don’t, a lot of potential partners or in-laws will turn you down. It was probably much more common in the past than it is now but some of the older generation still think this way.

At this moment, Li Rui’s brilliant smiling face looked hideous to Li Chen. In the end, in Li Rui’s heart, he didn’t have a place at all. He didn’t even share such an important thing with him before announcing it to everyone.

It doesn’t matter if he gets married. He can’t pester me every day, can he? If he gets married, then someone will take care of him, right? If he gets married, can I stop thinking about him?

In a trance, everyone pulled Li Rui away and surrounded him to drink. In an instant, the stiff and silent room suddenly became a mess. Meanwhile, Li Chen sat in a daze, feeling weak and powerless to do anything.

He was married. He really was married!

That night, Li Rui was completely intoxicated. It was already past midnight when they left the KTV. The task of sending him home naturally fell on Li Chen. Fortunately, he didn’t drink and could drive.

Along the way, Li Rui waved his arms restlessly and blabbered incoherent words. Li Chen drove steadily but the despair he felt in his heart made him unusually quiet.

When the car stopped at the gate of Li Rui’s house, Li Chen suddenly remembered something. Could the stewardess have already moved in and fell asleep on that big bed?

No, I can’t send him upstairs like this. If I see her, I’ll go crazy.

Li Chen’s heart ached terribly. He started the car again and drove to his own home. Fortunately, the two of them didn’t live in opposite houses anymore.

It’s not easy to get a drunk upstairs, Li Chen finally realized this.

“Li Chen, don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to not tell you, I didn’t want to bother you because you had a headache. Don’t be angry with me, don’t ignore me, it’s all my fault, okay?”

Looking at the drunk man on the sofa, Li Chen suddenly laughed. He reached out his hand to touch his head and said softly, “Fool, do you think I’m angry just because of this? No, I’m not angry with you. I’ll never be angry with you.”

Li Rui smirked with satisfaction and grabbed Li Chen’s hand, “I know, you are the best!”

A warm temperature spread from Li Rui’s hand to his. Li Chen looked at him blankly and murmured, “Don’t worry, go to sleep.”

Li Rui could no longer support his drooping eyelids and he smirked before falling fast asleep. Li Chen moved forward, bent his head, and gently dropped a kiss on the corner of Li Rui’s mouth.

“Li Rui, I love you.”

T/N: I actually cried when I read the story for the first time but when I saw started translating this chapter, I broke down at the lyrics and cried once more when I typed out this sentence, “Li Rui, you know, I really want you to be happy.”

Be Happier Than me

Be Happier Than me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
Please be happier than me, Before I give up in embarrassment. No matter how painful it is, You needn’t be sorry to make up for it, At least I can fulfil your pursuit. (Lyrics from Daniel Chan’s ‘Be Happier Than Me’)


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