Azalea no Shinzou chapter 10

Life is Always Righteous / Azalea’s Ghost

“Children that have just been born into the world are the closest to God. The reason for this is because all of their acts are forgiven, desired, and adored.”
“I’ve thought about wanting to become God before.”
“Humans need a place to go home to. They need a place where there will be people who will pardon them, who will tell them that they are the best, who will make their lives something beautiful from beginning to end—-”
“I went wrong somewhere.”
“Even God will rot away someday, and become infested with insects.”
“Nothing can be forgiven. I can only depend on myself for protection. Why isn’t there peace? Why isn’t there a place to call home? Why don’t I have a name?”
“Love must have a tangible form, meaning that it will eventually fade away. The people that never disappear are the ones who are actually loved by someone. Connecting hearts together with tubes, and circulating. Almost like a heart that pumps blood.”
“You’re not mistaken because others around you have made bigger mistakes, and covered up your mistakes with theirs. Your pure heart is artificial. It turns like a gear, exactly like something full of bumps.”
“Do you remember Mother?”

“Nothing went wrong. Nothing went wrong, but it’s a lost cause now.”
“Surely, that will go until until death.”
“—-I’m sorry.”

Azalea’s Ghost

Everyone, no matter who, wants to feel justification for their existence.

It is a truly cruel thing to know that everything you’ve known is invalid.

Even when they know that their existence is immature, that their existence is inferior,

Even so…

Azalea no Shinzou

Azalea no Shinzou

Before Going To The Island, Case Report, Don't Give Shape to Emotions, Don't Worry, I Can Hear, God, the Devil, You, Heart, Heart of Azalea, If The Sea Surface Were The Sky, Life is Always Righteous, Minuscule War From Long Ago, This Was Still Just The Beginning, With Revolution, Comes Loneliness, アザレアの心臓
Score 5.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
Short stories from the booklet that came with the Vocaloid album Azalea no Shinzou.


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