Depth Charge

Depth Charge

May 12, 2020 mavericks 0

I. I’ve lived this kind of hundred-day life twenty-seven times. I remember it very clearly. Many people’s lives have a limit; they’re one long book […]

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Welcome Back, My Dear

May 7, 2020 mavericks 0

A Scientist’s Final Testament Ten years ago. My father killed my fiancée. My father stabbed her with a knife, and he killed himself by cutting […]

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April 20, 2020 mavericks 0

Presence—Beginning ——— In university, Song Li was often excluded by her roommates. For example, when one of her three roommates would bring back food from […]

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March 10, 2020 mavericks 0

[1] Tang Yan originally wanted to shoot that wild rabbit, but somehow a man’s shout came from the bushes. Tang Yan was startled. He hurriedly […]