Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui chapter 5

Irreplaceable Existence

After school. After returning home once and grabbing some badminton equipment from the storage room, together with Shizuku-chan, we headed to the neighborhood park.

Since there were luckily no other people there, we could move around freely.

Taking off my blazer and setting it on the bench, we did some light stretches, then stood apart by several meters.

「Here I go~!」

As I let out my voice, I readied my racket and released the first stroke.

It’s been a while, but my senses haven’t grown dull. The shuttle drew a pretty parabola, flying as I planned, toward a place that Shizuku-chan could easily return it.


It seems that Shizuku-chan also hasn’t gotten rusty.

While remembering how many years ago it was since we last did this, we earnestly continued our rally.

When keeping your eyes on the shuttle, it’s inevitable that you’ll keep facing upward, which will gradually hurt your neck.

Perhaps it would be good to take a break soon.

「—Ah, it’s Shiori. It seems you’re doing something fun–」


With a voice calling out from behind, I reflexively turn around.

As though peeking in on the park, a classmate that lives in the area, together with a girl from another school were standing on the sidewalk.

「Shizuku-chan, hold on a moment.」


Thinking that I should at least give a greeting, after telling Shizuku-chan, I approached the other two.

Incidentally, I whiffed the last hit, and I gathered the shuttle along the way.

「Are you heading home now?」

「Yeah. Since I was meeting up with this girl, it took a bit of time.」

With my classmate’s response, the girl with her gave a small bow.

It’s an unfamiliar school uniform. I wonder if she came by bus or train.

Since we had come here to play, it’d be bad to be detained for too long.

I also don’t want to make Shizuku-chan wait.

Curiously turning around, she is glaring this way with a harsher unpleasant look than usual.

Ah, she’s pouting not just in facial expression but in reality, as well. I’ll have to properly apologize.

「Uwa, she’s really glaring. Is she your acquaintance? She’s the one from that photo that you had before, right? (Taking care of her seems like it’d be a pain)」


The moment I heard those words, I unconsciously opened my mouth.

「Don’t even joke about that! Shizuku-chan is my world’s most important, irreplaceable lover! Rather, I’m the one that be a pain to care for, I’ve never once thought of her as difficult! In the first place, she’s glaring because in the first place, it’s my bad!」

「Eh? Ah, uh, um… s-sorry, so that’s how it is. Even though I didn’t know anything, I said too much.」

Seeing her be dumbfounded, I quickly regained my composure.

Shoot! I dug my own grave and our relationship was found out! Even though dating was our secret! And I even shouted it as loud as I could!

Uwaaaaa, what do I do!

Flusteredly looking at Shizuku-chan, her face is completely red, she dropped her racket, and as though she were trying to bear something, she covered her mouth with both hands.

Thank goodness, she isn’t mad.

「Me too, sorry. When something bad was said about Shizuku-chan, I lost my cool.」

That’s how my rage was born.

Becoming mad and arbitrarily spewing out words, that really happened, huh.

「No, the fault lays completely with my side. Also, you two dating is a secret, right? I won’t tell anyone, so relax. In addition, we’re also going out together. If you’re up for it, let’s all go out on a double date next time.」

The fact that she confided such a truth so smoothly, my eyes unintentionally widened.

As though to confirm that it was true, her girlfriend pleasantly smiled.

「Sure, let’s! I’ll need to return to Shizuku-chan now. You two, I’m looking forward to that date!」

Parting from them, I turned around.

Saying 「Our relationship is also a secret, so it’d be great if you didn’t tell anyone–」, the two of them departed.

「Shizuku-chan, sorry! Even though it was a secret, I went and said it!」

Having rushed over to Shizuku-chan, I deeply lowered my head and apologized.

「I, I don’t really mind. Rather than that, to be that frantic for my sake… and to call me your world’s most important… auu… I’m sorry, even though I’m happy… I’m so happy that tears are… Me too, Shiori-senpai, I love you. I love you the most in the world.」

Wiping away her overflowing tears, Shizuku-chan said so, smiling with her whole face.

That’s unfair.

I was going to follow our promise, that I’d hold off until we were both working adults…

If you show such a beautiful smile, there’s no way I’d be able to hold down these emotions.

「The promise, I’m breaking it.」

As though to stare directly into her eyes, I stooped down and overlapped my lips with Shizuku-chan’s.

Shizuku-chan had a surprised face to my sudden kiss. Just for a second.

As to just accept the feelings, she softly closed her eyes.

I did as well, submerging my consciousness into the pleasure of kissing.


Having lost the desire to continue playing badminton, with a burning sensation still lingering on both of our faces, we walked home.

Wow, saying so myself, that was a pretty bold thing to do.

So, kisses feel that good. My head is starting to feel fluffy again.

「Shizuku-chan, sorry. Even though we promised that we would after we entered society. That was what I had planned on, but I’ll properly take responsibility and cherish you for the rest of my life.」

「!? O-okay… f-for many years to come, I will be relying on you.」

Lowering her gaze, Shizuku-chan gently intertwined our fingers.

Realizing that without intending to, I had proposed, but it is just that the time had been brought forward. There is no need to feel panicked.

Squeezing the hand that is slightly smaller than my own, we proceeded along the same path, matching our stride.

I pray that, no matter how old we become, I want to walk side-by-side like this.

「I will need to train my leg, huh.」

With such a timing as though having read my thoughts, Shizuku-chan muttered a few words.

Even without words, being able to understand each other, it seems that we really are made for each other.

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A slice-of-life yuri love comedy of a my-pace JK, Momohi Shiori, and an unsociable JC, Aitsuki Shizuku.


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