Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui chapter 4

Just the Two

(TL note: This chapter is slightly more mature than usual. Please read with caution.)

One day off, just after noon, I was over at Shizuku-chan’s house.

With both of her parents seemingly having work to do and being unable to return until night, I was invited to play if I didn’t have any plans.

Shizuku-chan was off grabbing drinks in the kitchen, while I was quietly waiting.

A fluffy, snow white carpet, light pink curtains adorned with frills, a desk with a chic design, a small glass table, and a stuffed animal placed next to her pillow on her bed.

I’ve been over many times since I was little, but being conscious of our relationship as lovers, the way of feeling changes.

Furthermore, the room is filled with Shizuku-chan’s sweet scent.

I’m calm, but… I’m anxious, or rather, I can’t calm down. It’s quite the weird feeling.

Before long, I hear footsteps coming down the hallway, and thinking that both of her hands are full, I open the door.

「Thank you, sorry for the wait.」

Perfect timing, if I say so myself.

Without her feet ever stopping, Shizuku-chan entered the room and placed the tray on the table.

Aside from the tea, she had prepared some sweet snacks, while took out some cookies that I brought from my house from my bag.

While eating the snacks, we searched for interesting videos on our phones.

「Fuu, I’m going to take a little break~」

When there is a video that we want to watch together, our faces inevitably end up close up to each other.

Moving a bit, I lean on the bed, open my legs, then stretch forward, rotate my neck, just some light stretches.

Swiftly standing up, while thinking that Shizuku-chan was also going to stretch, she sat in between my legs.

「If I’m in the way, please say so.」

「I’d be fine even if we were in this position forever!」

Even while saying it in a simple tone, I could acutely feel the desire to be fawned upon, it was to the extent that I really wanted this situation to last forever.

Shizuku-chan held her phone slightly higher, and together, we watched.

Smelling the nice scent of her shampoo from her head, I tried lightly patting her, and in an unexpectedly good mood, she let out a sigh.

Her silver hair is smooth and dainty, even when squinting, there aren’t any split ends or damages.

「Does it feel nice?」

「Yes, as it is」

Normally, she would reply 「It doesn’t really feel nice.」.

At a glance, it may be a cold response, but for me, I can understand that Shizuku-chan is enjoying it.

Timed with an advertisement, resting my chin on her shoulder, I tried hugging her from behind.

「!? Shi, Shi-shi, Shiori-senpai, wha-what are you…?」

Shizuku-chan showed a rare agitation.

Her reaction was so cute that it made me feel like being a bit sadistic.

「I was thinking that I wanted to cling to Shizuku-chan~, but, did you dislike it?」

While whispering my question close to her ear, I pushed my chest against her as well.

Without trying to hide anything, this is making my heart beat faster as well, so perhaps since we’re so close, this is also being relayed.

「I, I don’t dislike it.」

「I see. Then, let me be like this for a while.」

To my words, Shizuku-chan nodded.

Afterward, there wasn’t any conversation, while feeling each other’s body heat, we continued to watch the same videos.

As we reached the limits of my legs’ numbness and Shizuku-chan’s need to use the restroom at the same time, we temporarily stopped, and until night, when Shizuku-chan’s parents returnd, we were always stuck together.


My three human desires include food and the desire to sleep is strong, but it isn’t that the last one is nonexistent.

Before going to sleep, comforting myself while thinking of Shizuku-chan, is still a secret from my middle school girlfriend.

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A slice-of-life yuri love comedy of a my-pace JK, Momohi Shiori, and an unsociable JC, Aitsuki Shizuku.


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