Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui chapter 3

Easy to Understand

After school. As soon as I spotted the figure of Shizuku-chan in front of her school, I merrily called out to her like a pet wanting to be spoiled by its owner.

「Shizuku-chan, sorry for the wait!」

「Then, shall we go home?」

Today as well, Shizuku-chan is as cold as always.

Surely, the surrounding people won’t think that we’re going out, right?

Perhaps, we have the image of a cute underclassman and her troublesome, clingy senior.

「Hands, can we hold hands?」

「Go ahead.」

She gave a cold reply, but she entwined her fingers, as though she were waiting.

In addition, of course it was a lovers’ hand holding.

「Shizuku-chan, I love you.」

We’ve distanced ourselves from the school, entering the residential area, and I checked that there were no other people around, before whispering.

「Heh, is that so.」

Right, quite the cold response.

If you didn’t know her intimately, without a doubt, you heart would be broken.

Incidentally, depending on the day, she’ll respond 「Me too.」 in a disinterested tone.

Even this time, it’s not like she dealt with it carelessly.

Since we’re walking, I can’t stare, but glancing to the side, I can easily tell.

Her cheeks have slightly reddened, and she was also peeking over in my direction as well.

「Even without being so shy, it’s fine for you to honestly say that you love me.」

「I’m not being shy.」

Shizuku-chan clearly asserted so.

Not being told 「I don’t love you」 here makes me really happy.

「Is it a bother to be sticking together? Is it better if I stop talking?」

「Eh… ah, no, not at all, that… more…」

Her expression is always the same, but this time, she was turning pale.

It was just a bit of teasing, so I feel a bit guilty when she feels this much shock.

「Sorry, it was a joke, so don’t mind it. Shizuku-chan, I’ve liked talking since long ago, after all.」

「It doesn’t really matter.」

「By the way, the convenience store that we always pass by has meat buns and oden all year, but it seems that such shops are actually rare.」


A dreadfully cold reaction.

However, it seems that the person in question did have some reaction.

Her grip became slightly stronger and the distance between us shortened to the point where our shoulders could touch.

「I like both, so it makes me happy.」

As though to redo her response, she spoke a bit quicker than usual.

「Shizuku-chan really is cute in every meaning of the word.」

「Please save the sleep talk for when you’re asleep.」

Shizuku-chan spit out harsh words.

But there aren’t any thorns in her voice, along with her cheeks and ears becoming red.


Talking without break, we soon arrived back home.

When I go to separate my hand, as though to reject it, I was grasped even harder.

「Want to play in my room until dinner?」

Suddenly floating such a suggestion, Shizuku-chan nodded many times.

My girlfriend is cold, but she is very easy to read.

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A slice-of-life yuri love comedy of a my-pace JK, Momohi Shiori, and an unsociable JC, Aitsuki Shizuku.


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