Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui chapter 2

Usual Mornings

For a long time, we would meet up in front of our houses, then go to school together.

Of course, during elementary school. Even now, since our high school and middle school are adjacent, our route is basically the same.

The exception would be for the two years after I entered middle school. Because Shizuku-chan was still an elementary schooler, it was only that period that we couldn’t go together.

「Morning, Shizuku-chan!」

「Good morning.」

Exiting my home, I immediately was met by Shizuku-chan.

She has the same sour face as always, but that doesn’t mean that she is in a bad mood.

Actually, this morning, before I even left the house, she sent me a high-tension message 『Shiori-senpai, good morning! I want to flirt lots today as well!』.

「It’s been quite a while since we started going out, huh, Shizuku-chan. Maybe we should soon try kissing?」

As soon as Shizuku-chan entered middle school, she had confessed to me, and somehow or another, one year has passed.

Going out to eat or to karaoke, we’ve gone on many dates, but we still haven’t even kissed once.

「It is still too early for us.」

She ended up clearly rejecting it.

Since she rejected it even on Christmas and Valentine’s Day, I’m not all that surprised.

「Then, at what age will we be able to?」

「Once we have become working adults and my chest has filled out.」

To think that there’d be no chances while we are still students.

「That’s too bad… but, it’s nice that you’re thinking so far in the future.」


「After all, it means that we’ll still be together even when we’re adults, right?」

Even if we don’t kiss, being able to be together with Shizuku-chan is plenty of happiness.

Since I don’t have such a strong desire, I don’t think that I’ll explode from being overly patient.

「O-of course. From the beginning, I planned to be married to Shiori-senpai for life. It’s a different story if Shiori-senpai has a change of heart, though.」

「I won’t have a change of heart. My love is stronger and heavier than Shizuku-chan thinks, after all.」

I’m glad for Shizuku-chan’s lack of facial expression.

If she were to show a smile or shyness, my heart would undoubtedly reach its limit.

Exactly because she has the guard known as a cold expression, I can somehow protect my own sense of mind.


I ended up sighing.

Silently, Shizuku-chan pulled out her smartphone and began typing something with absurd speed.

Just as I was about to warn her about doing that while walking, my phone rang with a notification and Shizuku-chan put her phone away in her bag.

「Hang on a moment.」

Stopping at the end of the street, I checked my phone.

From the timing, just as I had guessed, the sender was Shizuku-chan.

The contents are as follows.

『Shiori-senpai! I also love you! The strength of my love won’t lose! From now on and forever, let’s get along! About kissing… I actually want to as well! However, I can’t muster the courage… I will do my best to be the one to ask for it, so please wait for that not too distant time!』

In such a short time, you wouldn’t think she’d be able to write such a long text. Those abnormally nimble finger movements can already be considered to be master level.

Sending a glance at Shizuku-chan, who had stopped and waited for me, she became unusually red and tried to hide it by turning the other way.

I reflexively embraced Shizuku-chan from behind, then without asking any questions, pat her head.

「Please stop, it’s uncomfortably hot.」

「Ehehe, so cute. Really cute!」

Contrary to her cold response, she didn’t try to break away.

Most people get their emotions from their expressions or voice, but my girlfriend is different.


As Shizuku-chan let out another sigh as though surprised, she gently wrapped her hands around my own, which are encircling her stomach.

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A slice-of-life yuri love comedy of a my-pace JK, Momohi Shiori, and an unsociable JC, Aitsuki Shizuku.


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