Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui chapter 1

Friendliness and Mood Are Different Things

I, Momohi Shiori, have an extremely cute girlfriend.

Two years younger than me, she is a second-year middle school student, Aitsuki Shizuku.

Once it’s after school, I exit school at full speed, then wait in front of the adjacent middle school gate for Shizuku-chan.

While being deeply moved that I had passed through here until last month, if I weren’t careful, I’d start to be treated as a suspicious person, so I stared at my smartphone.

Releasing sleep mode, the lock screen is an intimate picture of Shizuku-chan and I.

Shizuku-chan is floating a moody face, which when I showed it to my friends caused them to misunderstand it as 『forcibly taking a selfie with a disliked junior』.

Shizuku-chan is just cold, it’s not like it was forcibly taken.

「Sorry for the wait, Shiori-senpai.」


Being surprised from suddenly being called out to, I carelessly dropped my smartphone.

It hasn’t been too long since I bought this nice phone, yet it was thrown against the ground and became broken—

「Geez, you’re still as careless as ever. Please be more careful.」

—is what didn’t come to pass.

Shizuku-chan, with her amazing reflexes, caught my phone with lightning quick movements, then returned it to me.

While saying my thanks, I patted her head which is at just the right spot to pat.

Her silky, silver hair has the finest texture to it.

With her large, round eyes that are slightly slanted, her vibe resembles that of a cat.

Being a head and a half shorter than me, her skin is also fair, with a youthful smoothness.

She is a genuine Bishoujo, my beloved girlfriend.

「P-please don’t pat my head.」

Shizuku-chan was complaining with a frown. When she is really against it, she’ll shake off my arms, so she wasn’t really angry.

「Sorry, sorry, let’s head home.」

Separating my hand after a few more rubs, we left the school gate.

「Senpai, after this, are you free?」

「Yeah, I’m free.」

Could it be an invitation to play?

It’d be embarrassing if I were to be jumping to conclusions, but I unintentionally raised my voice.

「Heh, is that so.」

With the sharpness of a Japanese sword, the conversation ended.

We proceeded through the residential area in silence, turning a corner I called out.

「Is it that there’s somewhere you’d like to go?」

「Not really.」

For people that aren’t acquainted with Shizuku-chan, this is where they’d give up the conversation.

However, I’ve been close with Shizuku-chan since elementary school.

Now that we’ve become girlfriends, it is easy to guess what her intentions are with only three words.

「Got it! You wanna kiss!」

My deductive powers are frightening.

「T-that’s wrong, what are you saying in public?」

Certainly, this isn’t something that you’d say in a crowded public setting, but I properly check that there weren’t any people around.

We are hiding it, as two girls dating, so I can’t be negligent in my consideration for such things.

「I see, too bad.」

「D-do you want to stop by the convenience store?」

「Sure. Ah, right, let your Onee-san treat you to some ice cream.」

「No thanks. Also, don’t brag with a seniority-type feeling to it.」

「Sorry, was it annoying?」

「Of course. Geez… even though we’re lovers, don’t be saying things like Onee-san.」

After her cold reply, she whispered some words in a small voice.

If this situation were presented in a manga, there would probably be 『Kyun』 written next to me in large letters. Rather, I think I’d be covered by the letters.

「So cute~, too cute! Shizuku-chan really is cute!」

With a shortage on vocabulary, I can only say ‘cute’, but the cuteness that I’m feeling is making me feel like I’m going crazy.

If we weren’t outside, I’d tightly hug her and rub our cheeks together enough to catch fire, then kiss her neck enough for it to swell.

For now, let’s stop at just holding hands.

「Even if Senpai says that, I can’t help but feel that it is unpleasant.」


「Rather than me, Senpai is much cuter.」

「No, no, Shizuku-chan is a million times cuter than me.」

「Ha? If you keep telling jokes, I’ll seriously get angry.」


Being told that I’m cute honestly makes me happy, but I won’t waver with my opinion that Shizuku-chan is cuter.

Though, since continuing with this would just be a barren quarrel, let’s change the subject.

「What are you going to buy at the convenience store?」

「I haven’t decided yet.」

We arrived at silence again.

While talking, we arrived, the automatic doors opened, then we entered.

As I headed to the candy corner, Shizuku-chan had suddenly already finished her purchase and had a plastic bag in hand.

「I will wait outside.」

Only saying that, Shizuku-chan went outside as she had said.

I quickly purchased a lemon tea and a meat bun, then chased after her.

Since Shizuku-chan also likes meat buns, we can split it in half. Thinking of such a thing, we joined back up.

「Sorry for the wait.」

「Senpai, here.」

No sooner had we faced each other, she held something out.

Reflexively reaching out and accepting it, it turned out to be half of a meat bun.

「Oh–, thanks! Just like telepathy!」


Shizuku-chan suspiciously narrowed her eyes.

It’s a bit scary, but she shouldn’t be angry.

「Actually, I though of the same thing! Here, for you!」

Quickly retrieving my meat bun from the bag, enduring the heat, I split it in two and hand it to Shizuku-chan.

「Thank you. With this, we end up each eating a whole one. There might not be a meaning to splitting it in half.」

「There’s no way that’s true. Even if the quantity that enters our stomachs is the same, we’ll be charged with each other’s feelings!」

「What are you saying?」


She returned a cold response.

Did I say something weird?

「Senpai, let’s eat before it cools down.」

「Right, thanks for the meal—」

I’ll eat the half from Shizuku-chan first.

Biting down, hot juices start to drip, sending the tastes of shiitake mushrooms and meat through my mouth. The bamboo shoots also have a nice, crunchy texture to them.

Convenience store food is often looked down upon, but leaving out the flattery, it is delicious.

After eating the half that we had received from each other, we headed back home while eating the other half.

Along the way, we came across an empty plot where stray cats were gathering, where I took at least ten pictures of their cuteness.

While talking about what had happened at school and walking, before we had realized it, we were back in front of our houses.

The Momohi and Aitsuki families’ houses are adjacent, with Shizuku-chan’s and my rooms facing each other, separated by several tens of centimeters.

Even though we could continue talking after returning home, we continued talking while standing there.

「The meat bun was delicious. I feel like I could eat a few more!」

「If you eat too many, you will get fat.」

「Guh! I feel like the amount that my weight has increased lately, maybe I should cut back on how much I eat…」

I had planned to work on not having my figure collapse, but with it being winter, I’ve been a bit negligent.

Also, in order to not disappoint Shizuku-chan, I need to tighten my body and mind.

「As long as you don’t eat too much, you will be fine.」

「Really? I’m not fat?」

「Yes. In my heart, it is frustrating how strangely good Senpai’s figure is.」

「Hahaha, you’re over exaggerating」

Even if it’s flattery, it’s still nice to be complimented by your lover.

「Since it is beyond evident, I truly think so. It is slightly aggravating.」

Floating a pained expression, Shizuku-chan touched her chest.

A developing chest with future prospects.

Even when considering that she is still in her second year of middle school, she is pretty flat, although that is wonderfully lovely.

「Someday they’ll get bigger.」

「I can only take that as sarcasm. Senpai already has an attractive body and face, if you were to make a habit of slimming down, you’ll have an even more charming figure. I’m always wondering if you’ll be stolen by someone that can’t take their eyes off you, it makes me nervous.」

「Shizuku-chan really is cute. Even if you don’t worry about it, I won’t love another person other than you.」

「I, is that so.」

Shizuku-chan wouldn’t meet my eyes, facing the other way and opening the gate. Since her skin is white, it is easy to tell when she is blushing.

「Let’s talk again later~」

I called out to Shizuku-chan, who hurriedly entered her house.

With that, her hand reaching out to grab the doorknob stopped.

「Senpai, today was really fun. Also, um… I love you.」

Whether she said it quickly, before I could say anything, she disappeared behind the door.

「I also love you.」

She probably couldn’t hear it, but after saying such, I also entered my house.

As always, Shizuku-chan was cold.

However, it’s by no means that she’s in a bad mood.

As though to prove that, my phone buzzed with a notification.

『I want to quickly talk more!』

Even though we had been talking until just a moment ago, this.

Unconsciously giggling, I reply with 『Me too!』.

Dating Shizuku-chan is just a secret for the two of us.

That Shizuku-chan is cute not just in appearance, but also on the inside is a secret just for me.

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Atashi no Kanojo wa Aisou ga Warui

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A slice-of-life yuri love comedy of a my-pace JK, Momohi Shiori, and an unsociable JC, Aitsuki Shizuku.


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