Assassination chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Chapter 1- Assassination

At night, I had a fight with my mother, and for some reason, I was especially sad today. My tears could not stop flowing as I held the jade bracelet in my hand, which I’d worn since birth. It always emits a blinding light at night, but somehow, tonight, it was particularly blinding, and it felt very hot to the touch. I realized that something was about to happen tonight.

Silently, I faced the ceiling and had trouble sleeping. I closed my eyes and fell asleep quietly. It felt like a light year had passed, as if I had a dream that seemed to be real. What will happen if I wake up now?

My sixth sense told me that I had entered another world, a world that was alien to me. The air around me was completely different, my body seemed to float and my jade bracelet emitted an ethereal blue light. I entered a door, but I felt vague about what was written on it.

I opened my eyes and met a pair of anxious ones, the beautiful eyes of a dazzling woman, but sunken with deep bags. “You are…… who?” I hesitantly spoke. “You do not recognize your mother?!” The woman’s eyes bristled with tears. “Mother?” I shook my head strangely. “I don’t know you!” The woman suddenly hugged me tightly. I could feel her great motherly love and slowly, started to enjoy it. Closing my eyes, I quietly slept, breathing uniformly yet gasping for air.

I couldn’t understand what was happening, but I was a little scared to be in such unfamiliar territory. Clutching the jade bracelet in my hand, which always gives me a sense of security, its light dims a bit but still makes me feel warm. I closed my eyes to remember. A little moonlight shone on my body, and I vaguely heard a loud noise. “Since she has come back to life, she should go and complete her mission!” A thick baritone voice. “No!” I heard the woman shouting wildly, “She has just woken up; her body hasn’t recovered yet. Let’s talk about it in a month! But Yan Mo, why must Yan Ting be allowed to assassinate the emperor?!” My mind stopped working for a moment. Why do I feel that Yan Ting is me?! If Yan Ting is me, do I have to go and assassinate the Emperor? No! I don’t want to! I closed my eyes in pain, my face turned bloodless, my heart seemed to stop beating and my hands couldn’t stop trembling. Assassinating the emperor! Assassinate the emperor! Oh my God! I’ve never killed anyone in my life! I don’t want my hands to be covered in blood!

I passed out. I don’t know how long I slept again; I just know that I woke up with a blank mind. The woman entered the room with bird’s nest porridge, which she asked me to drink. I shook my head and refused. As if she wanted to say something but did not know how to say it, I looked at her with my brows frowning, to relieve her, I spoke first. “What you have to say, just say it!” I pretended to be suave. Perhaps I already knew what she wanted to say. She finally spoke, exactly what I had imagined, and I shook my head and asked, “Why is it only me?” She spoke hesitantly, “It’s God’s will!” “What, God! Ha ha ha ha! You guys are so superstitious! How dare you believe in God!” I threw back my head and laughed. She slapped me. ‘Yes, God is holy, sacred and inviolable. Somehow I had started to hate this God.’ “We are killers!” She was speaking helplessly.

”Maybe it’s time to do that! It’s really time to finish what you started!” I answered my mother, and at the same time, I saw my father, a devil with eyes soaked in darkness. As I walked away, all he said was, “Remember, you’re a killer, and that’s your mission!”

I was chosen as a maid and entered the palace, which was really big, just like a maze. The Emperor really deserved to die, he does not ask questions about the government but keeps on eating, drinking and gambling.

Finally, I caught a glimpse of opportunity. Today, the emperor was playing with the birds he had just brought. I saw that no one was around, so I slowed down and gently walked up to him, tucking a knife out from my arms. I knew that this knife was poisonous; one blade down, and the person slashed will fly to their death. My hands were shaking a bit. After all, this was my first time killing someone. But unexpectedly, the Emperor suddenly turned around. I was frightened and quickly hid the knife behind me. The Emperor looked at me and said impatiently, “What are you doing? Why are you so close to me?” Suddenly, he turned his eyes to my frightened hand. “What is in your hand?” He asked with curiosity. “A knife, which this servant wants to offer His Majesty!” I said calmly and composedly. I heard the sound of footsteps, and I understood that I had to do everything quickly. I closed my eyes and gathered the courage to stab the Emperor. I missed, but because of the poison, the Emperor was still in pain. I froze and watched the blood flow, as my strength seemed to be draining away, until the guards came. They started slashing me with thier swords and shot me with bows. I felt the pain and fell down, I had no more strength to struggle against my fate. I barely managed to open my eyes and watched the Emperor die. I understood that my task was done; the mission was completed, and I left that world with a smile on my face.

As if crossing the space-time track again, the jade bracelet shone. Its light was so bright, as dazzling as the sun. I opened my eyes and saw the familiarity of everything, along with the anxious faces of my parents.

I told them that I had an adventure and had traveled through the space-time track to assassinate the dim-witted and incompetent emperor. It was a dangerous adventure, and the assassination would not be repeated.



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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
This bizarre story is about a girl, who transmigrated to olden days using her bracelet with the identity of an assassin. But this assassination will not be repeated again.


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