As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life. chapter 3

Chapter 3

It’s summer vacation.

I take Stella home with me.

I brought a commoner to our family mansion and treated her as we would our other guests.

In the beginning, my parents were reluctant to have her, but when Alphard sent a letter, they quickly changed their attitude.

“I would like to continue having good relationships with the Hamilton Duchy for the far future, even if we don’t get engaged. It’s a brutish act to destroy such beautiful blooming lilies, isn’t it?”

My powerless parents easily acknowledged Stella’s existence.

With all that, we were able to devote ourselves to our research without any hesitation.

“The principle is the same as the magic heater but it’s difficult to make it smaller and for cooking, isn’t it?”

“It may be useless to think of it like miniaturization of the magic heater. Why don’t we change our mindset because it has different uses? For example, something like this–”

Our opinions collided and the prototypes piled up.

If we stay indoors all the time, we’ll burn out, so I decided to take us to the lake for a change.

“You don’t know how to swim, Stella?”

“Uu~… it’s because there weren’t any bodies of water where I grew up.”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll teach you. You learn things quickly, Stella, so you’ll get this in no time. Here, grab on to me. Yes, you’re doing good.”

“Am, am I? Ehehe…”

We changed into our swimwear and play in the shallows.

Stella was wearing a white frilled dress, I’m in a red pareo.

Stella clings to me and practices kicking.

She learns quickly, so after practicing for half-a-day, she learned it easily.

“See, wasn’t it exactly as I said?”

“Y-Yes, it was, wasn’t it?”

“Is something wrong?”

“Well, um, you see…”

Stella is fidgeting in my arms.

Regardless of what’s going on, her unexpectedly plump breasts are in close contact with my body.

… This is… I feel a lot of bad things…

“Le-Let’s go back to the mansion before sunset!”


We returned to the mansion with such an awkward atmosphere.

Since then, our days have been spent on developing a magic stove.

After several trials, a stove that was close to my mental image was finally completed.

We’re going to try cooking with it.

… Yep, I was able to do it well because the heat adjustment mechanism was perfect!

We try bacon and eggs, stir-fried vegetables, steak, stew, and many other dishes.

The dishes that need to fry quickly, the dishes that simmer slowly over time, and the dishes where the heat needs to be adjusted midway all come out perfect.

“Hey, Stella, try tasting it too!”

“Sure! …”

“…? Why are you opening your mouth like that?”

“Eh? Aren’t you going to feed me?”

“Hah…?! Y-You’re not a child!”

“Eeh–, so you’re not going to feed me? Sorry…”

“… Just a bite. Here, say ‘aaah’.”

“You’re so kind, Cordelia, I love you! Aaah.”

I scoop up some stew and fed it to her.

Stella ate it with the happiest smile I’ve ever seen.

The proceeding days were preparing for the announcement and patenting of the magic stove.

We presented it at a conference and put up some prototypes for sale via the Merchant’s Guild.

The reception was pretty good.

When I added a simple recipe that can be made with a magic stove, the prototypes flew off the shelves.

Obviously, we also applied for a patent.

We put the “C&S Workshop” logo on the magic stove so that it can’t be imitated.

Any magic stove caught without the C&S Workshop’s logo will be an illegal reproduction.

Incidentally, the name is taken from the first letters of our names, Cordelia and Stella.

“Starting tomorrow, we’ll be living at the Magic Academy again, won’t we?”

“Yeah… I’m going to have to stop sleeping side-by-side with you, Cordelia, won’t I? I feel lonely.”

It was night. Stella and I slept side-by-side in my bed in my room.

Since the curtains were open, the moon and the stars shine through the windows.

There was a fantastic landscape outside. And there were Stella’s eyes, shining with her complete trust in me.

… I suddenly felt guilty. Endlessly overflowing guilt.

“Hey, Stella. Would you believe me if I say… well, if I say I know what’s going to happen in the future?”

“What’s with this all of a sudden?”

“The day I met you, I got a glimpse of what will happen in the future. You’ll spend a happy life with Prince Alphard… or Ymir, or Ville, or Marc. I’d become jealous of you and harass you. And as a result, I’d be ruined. I saw that kind of future.”

“That vision sounds off, doesn’t it?”

“No, I’m sure it was right. However, I … I just wanted to prevent my ruin… and now I’ve changed your destiny.”


“I did something terrible to you. No matter how much I want to make it up to you, I can’t… so at the very least, I want to give you something… something of value, something that will make you a fortune.

“From now on, I’m going to make a lot of magic tools. It will all be patented under C&S Workshop. And I’ll give you full control of the company. Please use it as your own after we graduate.”

“… Cordelia.”

“And—let’s end our relationship, as well. Make a clean break from me.

“You were caught up in the schemes of a selfish lady. You won’t be at fault at all.

“On the contrary, you’ll garner sympathy. You can make friends with His Royal Highness Alphard and the other Lords.

“I believe that’s the best option for you. That’s why…—?!”

Something soft pressed up against my mouth.

Something soft, warm, smells good, and feels good.

When I noticed it was Stella’s lips, I pulled away.

… Eh?

What, what is it now?!

Was that just a kiss…?!

A first kiss…!?!?!?

“… That reaction, was that your first kiss, Cordelia?”

“Ah, ah, ah, of course, I’d react like this?! Isn’t it the same for you, Stella?!”

“Yeah, this was my first time, too. But, I suddenly stole Cordelia’s sacred first kiss. Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen now, okay?”


“You see, I like you as you are now.”

Stella puts her hand on my shoulder.

Our chests are touching. I can feel Stella’s heartbeat. Surely she can feel mine as well.

… My heart is racing. I don’t know who’s heartbeat I’m feeling. Both of them mix to create a fierce pounding.

“You see, maybe there was a future like you said, Cordelia.

“But, I wanted this to happen. That day, I decided to reciprocate your feelings.

“Ever since I met you, Cordelia, I’ve been having a lot of fun every day. I want these days to continue forever… yeah, I want to continue being with you.”


“Do you love me, Cordelia? I don’t know how it was at first, but what about now?”

“… I love you, I think.”

So. For some time, I’ve been extremely attracted to Stella.

That’s why I couldn’t stand my deception.

I had thought I had robbed her of her happiness for my selfish reasons.

That’s why I decided to break up.

After being accused of toying with Stella’s feelings, I can head to my ruin.

I loved her so much that I thought all that.

But—Stella forgave my ugliness.

She said she wanted to be with me.

That’s why, I too, have to express my feelings honestly.

I don’t know if she can believe me. I lied and fooled her once.

That’s why… I don’t want to lie to Stella anymore.

“I see, thank you. I love you too. I love you, Cordelia.”


“It doesn’t matter what the trigger was. It didn’t have to be real at first. I love you, Cordelia, I love you as you are now. Do you want anything more?”

“… No, I don’t.”


Stella closes her eyes.

I’m wondering if I’ll be kissed again, but Stella doesn’t move.

… This time, it’s a sign she wants me to do it.

I took a breath and gently put my lips over hers, demanding my pounding heart not to explode.

“Ehehehe… you’re kind of smitten, aren’t you?”

“Yeah… I am.”

Like the book I read one day, Stella’s lips were soft and smelled nice.

And they tasted sweet. Why does it taste sweet when we just brushed our teeth?

I want to make sure, so I kiss her again… yes, they taste sweet after all.

“Stella… did you happen to secretly eat sweets?”

“Wha-What do you mean by that~??”

“It’s no use playing dumb. I’ve repeatedly told you to stop eating sweets after brushing your teeth.”

“That’s what you want to say now, of all times? The mood’s ruined~!”

“It’s your fault, Stella… let’s forget any of this happened.”


“There are no secrets between us anymore… so it’s fine, right?

“Of course, Cordelia…!”


“Ehehehe, I love you so much. Let’s stay together forever, okay!?”

“… Yeah, it’s a promise.”

Stella leaps into my chest like a puppy.

As I stroke her hair, my heart was filled with warmth.

We return to our life at the Magic Academy.

Even in the second semester, our daily routine has not changed.

“Morning, Cordelia!”

“Yes, morning, Stella.”

In the morning, Stella picks me up at my room and we head to school together.

We eat lunch together and study together at the library after school. Or exchange our opinions about new magical tools.

Up till this point, it’s the same as before.

However, there was a new routine added this second semester.

That is—we sometimes secretly stay in each other’s rooms.

We stay over three times a week.

“For me, though, 5 times a week is good, isn’t it?”

“No-No way, if we leave our rooms empty so often, we’ll soon get found out!”

“Eh~? That’d be a problem. I want to keep studying while we’re here at school and use that knowledge for magic tool development.”

“That’s right! So, tonight–”

“Tonight’s the day we stay at each other’s rooms, right? So I’ll go to your room later, Cordelia!”


“Ehehe, you’re so cute when you turn bright red.”

“Seriously! You’re getting to be a bit much lately!”

“Sorry about that~!”

We tease each other as we walk along the path connecting the dorms to the school building.

I was reincarnated as a Villainess, so I panic-confessed to the Otome Game Heroine to avoid my Ruin Flag.

At first, I wondered what would happen, but we have such a happy future.

Our days will continue like this.

We hold hands firmly and walk along the same path.

And, we always will–.

As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life.

As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life.

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The Villainess of the Otome Game “Étoile of the Magic Academy,” Cordelia Hamilton, has regained her memories of her past life.However, it happened after she had already entered the Magic Academy at the start of the game.As Cordelia had continued to act like a selfish lady, she was hated by the Capture Targets.It was impossible to avoid her ruin by increasing her favor with the Capture Targets at this point.In that case, she’ll aim for the Heroine to avoid the Ruin Route!“From the first time I saw you, I’ve fallen in love with you! Please go out with me!”“… Yes, with pleasure!”“Eh…? Is, is this okay? Truly?!”Cordelia’s bully entourage accepts this love confession as real and stops harassing the Heroine, Stella.In this manner, Cordelia’s fake yuri relationship began…


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