As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life. chapter 1

Chapter 1

The moment I saw that girl, the gears in my head clicked.

“Lady Cordelia! As you ordered, we’ve brought Stella Oakwood from the First Year’s Class A!”

I am Cordelia Hamilton.

I’m the daughter of the Duke of Hamilton, the Head of Domestic Affairs for the Kingdom of Adastra.

… Hey, wait a minute.

I’m certain that I’m Cordelia at the moment. I clearly remember being me yesterday.

But the girl that my posse brought before me—the moment I saw Stella, the memories of my previous life awakened.

I used to be a 17-year old student attending a Japanese high school.

My hobbies were anime and games.

I especially loved romance games and slice-of-life anime set in schools.

That’s how I immediately recalled the names Cordelia Hamilton and Stella Oakwood.

Both are the names of the characters starring in the Otome Game, “Étoile of the Magic Academy”!

Additionally, Stella is the Heroine while Cordelia is the Villainess.

In other words, I was reincarnated as the Villainess!

Wha-Wha-What should I do?! This is absolutely terrible, isn’t it!??

Cordelia was a Villainess who bullied Stella on all routes and eventually meets her ruin.

Of all the possibilities, I had to reincarnate as such a character…

The posse around me starts barking.

“Did something happen, Lady Cordelia? Is something wrong?”

“Please rest assured that no one saw us coming here!”

“This girl is a commoner and a single lady who’s got eyes for the First Prince of the Kingdom, the Son of the Chancellor, and the Son of the Knight Commander! Only a week into school, and she’s already acting like a female cat in heat! It’s no wonder that Lady Cordelia is overwhelmed, isn’t it?”

That’s wrong, that’s all wrong. No, this is something else. It feels like that, but you’ve got it all wrong!

Up until now, Cordelia was thinking of admonishing Stella, right?

But now I don’t feel like doing that!


Cordelia will surely be stripped of her title and reach the Deportation End, the Execution End, or the End where she becomes a beggar in the future, you’d see a woman who looks like her in the red-light district.

Putting all that aside, my disastrous end was already set in stone, wasn’t it?!

I mean, this is it for me, isn’t it? In the prologue of MahoEto 1, the first scene was getting harassed by Cordelia!

If I had memories of my previous life from childhood, I might have been able to embark on a journey of skill development, behavioral correction, and improving my relationships.

But I only got them back 5 minutes ago.

Cordelia was already notorious as the worst kind of selfish noble lady.

Obviously, the Capture Targets already hate me.

As she sees me holding my head in my hands, Stella tilts her neck in curiosity.

She had medium-length, fluffy brown hair. Her hair ornaments were flowers. Her eyes are blue and big, and her nose and mouth are small but well-proportioned.

She was an angel-like beautiful girl from a picture book.

On the other hand, I have long, straight black hair and narrow red eyes.

I have a beautiful figure but I look like a villain.

“Um… Lady Cordelia,” Stella said. “I heard that you had business with me. What is it?”


“What have you done?! You’re really an idiot! Hey, Lady Cordelia?!”

“Lady Cordelia is a kind lady, don’t act so rude, alright?!”


Don’t go bullying Stella in my name?!

If things get any worse than this, will my Ruin Route be confirmed?!

The Capture Targets already hate me, it would be the worst if Stella hated me, too!

My Ruin will be inevitable!!!

“Cool your head off a little!”

One of my posse grabs a bucket of water. I remember this scene well.

Cordelia will dump water over Stella.

On the way back to her dormitory room after getting soaked, she was found by the First Prince Alphard and raises Flags!

In this case, it meant the Prince x Stella Flag and the Cordelia’s Death Flag!

This is no good, I absolutely have to stop this!!



My body moved faster than I expected.

I put myself in front of Stella and took the entire bucketful of water.

As a result, Stella didn’t get wet, but now I’m soaked.

“La-Lady Cordelia?! Why did you–”

“Bullying is the worst, alright?! I won’t forgive you for using the name of Cordelia Hamilton as you do it!!!”

“The-Then, why did you call Stella here to such an isolated place?! I thought you were angry at her for setting eyes on Prince Alphard and the other Lords, right, Lady Cordelia?!”

“Ah, about that–”

My posse approaches me all at once.

Sca-Scary… I screamed loudly but I’m a small girl.

I have to think of some good excuse to get out of this situation! I set my brain’s gears to full speed.

“Ah, it’s to confess my love to her!!!!!!”

“………………. What?”

“I fell in love with Stella at first sight! I was frustrated and angry at the prospect of the Lords stealing Stella’s heart! I asked you all to call her here so I could confess my love!!!”

“Eeeh… you had that sort of inclination, Lady Cordelia…?”

“I never realized…”

Aaah, what am I talking about?!

But now that this has happened, I’ve got no choice but to keep going.

Come to think of it, in Otome Games, female characters who love the Heroines and don’t raise Flags with the male characters are in a relatively safe area.

At least I won’t meet my Ruin.

Let’s become a Yuri character so I don’t bully Stella and go down my path of Ruin.

“Ms. Stella Oakwood!”


“From the first time I saw you, I’ve fallen in love with you! Please go out with me!”

Stella smiled softly, putting her right hand to my face.

Her cherry-colored lips open. Her answer is–

“… Yes, with pleasure!”

“Eh…? Is, is this okay? Truly?!”

“Yes…! This is the first time I’ve been confessed to like this. I was impressed! And you’re a very beautiful and lovely woman, Lady Cordelia… if, if you like me, then I’m happy to reciprocate your feelings!”


Wait a minute, isn’t she an Otome Game Heroine?!

No, I’m fine. Because if Stella doesn’t hate me, I, Cordelia, will be safe.

But is this fine for Stella…?

Dating me means throwing away all chances of Flags with the Capture Targets, right…?

“Congratulations on your successful confession, Lady Cordelia!”

“Please forgive me for my many rants about Ms. Stella while I didn’t know your feelings about her, Lady Cordelia!”

“Eh, ah, no, you don’t need to ask me for forgiveness, instead, Stella…”

“I don’t care! Because now, I’ve got something even better!”

“My, she’s a girl with such a big heart. She’s suitable for Lady Cordelia.”

“Ufufufu, we’ll do our best to support your new relationship.”

There is no more escape.

Now, I’ve got no choice but to live as Yuri Lady in this world.

I can’t do anything now that all this has just happened.

And so, to survive and avoid my ruin, Cordelia Hamilton’s Fake Yuri Life began.

It’s been a week since I confessed.

The Magic Academy we attend houses its students in a dormitory.

“Good morning, Lady Cordelia!”

“Go-Good morning, Stella. You’re looking happy today, aren’t you?”

“Yes…! I was able to see your face in the morning, Lady Cordelia!”

“I, I see. Um, as I said before, you don’t have to come to my room door every morning?”

“Eh…?! Am I bothering you…?”

“No, it’s not annoying at all! It’s just, you see, isn’t it difficult to do this in the morning because it’s busy? I thought it was a burden for you!”

“I’m perfectly fine. Don’t worry about it!”

“I, I see…”

I got to school with Stella in the morning.

We have lunch at the cafeteria after morning classes.

It’s buffet style, so you can eat as much as you like.

“You like French toast don’t you, Lady Cordelia?”

“Yes, you seem to be observing closely, aren’t you?”

“That I am! I pay attention to you every day!”

“I, I see. As for you, Stella… you like yakisoba bread, don’t you?”

“That I do…!”

You might be wondering why yakisoba bread appears in a game set in a European Fantasy.

It’s a game from a Japanese developer, okay?

After school, we study at the library.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t make much progress when I’m alone in my room.

I like studying in spaces like the library.

Stella is the same. However, today, Stella is not studying, she’s reading books for fun.

“What are you reading?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. You came here to study but I was absorbed in my reading…”

“Studying is important but it’s also important to deepen your values and become more cultured through reading.”

For the “Me” at present, my previous life’s personality and knowledge are in the foreground.

However, I still have the knowledge and manners learned as Cordelia at the foundation.

In other words, we’re fused.

What I say now doesn’t come from the “Me” in my previous life.

I said those words as I’m mixed in with the original Cordelia.

“Now then, what are you reading?”

“Um, you see… it’s a romance novel called ‘Our Afternoon’…”

“A romance novel.”

“It’s about a love affair between two women living in a boarding school for girls…”

“A love affair between women.”

“The emotional exchanges between the two and the sensual, erotic scenes sandwiched between are wonderful…”

“Whaa, wha-wha-wha, why are you reading such a thing?! Give me that, I’m confiscating it!”

“Ahh, I’m only halfway through–”

This is a school! Don’t put such books in the library!!!

I complain to the librarian. However,

“It’s not that profane.”

–Was the reply.

There was no such content. But Stella said it was sensual and erotic…

To check what was inside, I borrowed “Our Afternoon” for a day and returned to the dormitory.

I go back to my room and start reading it.

… Hmm.

There were scenes where the lovers stare into each other’s eyes, scenes where they touch each other with their hands, and the scenes where they kiss for the first time are certainly delicately and lyrically depicted.

There are no explicit erotic scenes, it feels like you’d have to use your imagination to become thrilled.


“Uwaah, when you kiss each other, the lips feel so soft? Do they smell so good? Do they taste so sweet? Fu, fuun…”

No, it’s fiction! It’s more exaggerated and prettier than it is in reality!

But with regards to Stella, her lips certainly look soft and I think she would smell good… wait, what am I thinking?!

That night, for whatever reason I was in sleepless agony.


  1. Abbreviation of the Japanese title, “Mahou Gakuin no Etowaru.”

As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life.

As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life.

Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The Villainess of the Otome Game “Étoile of the Magic Academy,” Cordelia Hamilton, has regained her memories of her past life.However, it happened after she had already entered the Magic Academy at the start of the game.As Cordelia had continued to act like a selfish lady, she was hated by the Capture Targets.It was impossible to avoid her ruin by increasing her favor with the Capture Targets at this point.In that case, she’ll aim for the Heroine to avoid the Ruin Route!“From the first time I saw you, I’ve fallen in love with you! Please go out with me!”“… Yes, with pleasure!”“Eh…? Is, is this okay? Truly?!”Cordelia’s bully entourage accepts this love confession as real and stops harassing the Heroine, Stella.In this manner, Cordelia’s fake yuri relationship began…


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