As I Devoted Myself To Serving The Girl Who Would Eventually Become A Hero, She Becomes A Useless Layabout When She’s Alone With Me chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Rei Galias is a girl who will become a “Hero” in the future.

I’m certain she will.

She was at the top of the “Military Academy” of the “Felmitt Kingdom” ever since she enrolled.

She excels in both swordsmanship and magic and possesses a “Skill” beside.

By itself, the third is enough to become a Hero, but her skill—“Mana Amplifier,” will allow her to possess more magical power than normal people.

I used to have the same Skill as her.

With that Skill, there were no restrictions to your magic use.

Hence, she was definitely going to become a Hero with high-spec stats to start with—I know that because it’s my plan.

… This is the story of my previous life, the “Old Me.”

I—Yune Stila, have memories of my previous life.

Serving the country as a sorcerer, called a Hero, getting involved with the country’s political conflicts… and then I died.

Because of those memories, I will not become a Hero, even if I had the power.

Fortunately, I didn’t need to give Rei external pressure, she already wanted to become a Hero of her own volition.

Rei and I met when were still young, going to the same class and living in the same dorm room at the military academy.

“Good morning, Lady Rei.”

“Oh, morning,” Rei replied, smiling at the girl’s greeting.

She was the daughter of the Galias family and the top of the school. As Rei had many admirers among the students, she was not only greeted by those in the same grade as us but also by our seniors.

“You’re always so popular, Rei,” I said as I walked beside her.

“Don’t tease me, Yune,” Rei said, looking a little embarrassed.

She’s got long silver hair and clear white skin. Her sculpted face is very beautiful and I can only call her the perfect “beautiful girl.”

You could say I was very lucky to even be able to get near her.

… I was originally an orphan, then I was taken into House Galias and raised with Rei as her servant.

Of course, even if I didn’t choose that path, I have my knowledge of magic from my previous life’s memories—it wouldn’t be that difficult to become a successful magician again.

However, in the spirit of the saying, “The talented hawk hides its claws.”, I don’t show off my abilities.

Supporting Rei so she becomes a Hero—that was the way I chose to live.

That’s why I’ve been loyally serving and devoting myself to her since childhood, doing everything I can.

It was supposed to be for securing my future.

“Fuu, finally back in our dorm room,” Rei sighs.

She talks like she’s struggling to live a life where she’s greeted by every student she meets.

She headed to her bed and laid down in it.

The other military academy students would never see Rei like this.

Of course, Rei is never going to show anyone else, either—even at home, it was a sight she only showed before me.

“Yune, come here, quick.”


I sigh quietly and head to Rei.

I sit next to her as she lies down on her bed, she moves and lays her head on my lap like a pillow.

“Fufuuu, this is the most comfortable…” Rei said with a sloppy smile.

Yes—she is a strong and perfect girl. It’s acknowledged by everyone who knows her, not just me.

But my only miscalculation was… did I spoil her too much?

As Rei originally lived a strict life as an aristocrat, I thought that my plan to act as “the only one you can relax around” had some faults… or maybe the plan was the mistake in and of itself.

I just intended to be kind to Rei, but apparently, it had a too-large of an effect on her.

Rei opened her heart to my familiar treatment—she had fully bared herself and there was nothing I could do.

“Rei, your uniform is out of order,” I said.

“We’re in our room alone, so it’s fine,” Rei said. “Come on, I’ve worked hard to be a model student to many people today. Praise me, praise me.”

“… You’re not a child who needs praise.”

“Muu,” Rei grumbled, “so if I’m not a child, I won’t get spoiled? And I’m still fifteen years old, so come ooonnn.”

No one would ever think that Rei would sound so childish.

These days, her demands are increasing, and I sometimes wonder if it’s best not to oblige her… unfortunately, I’ve already spoiled her to the point where she became a useless layabout.

Even if I don’t spoil her anymore, it’s no use trying to change the girl in front of me.

“Praise me, praise me, praise me…” Rei said.

“Agh, there’s no way but yours, is there?” I asked. “You’re doing your best like always, Rei.”

“Pat my head.”

“… I patted your head yesterday, didn’t I?”

“Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today! I want you to praise me while patting my head.”

“Fine, Fine. You’re a good girl, Rei,” I said as I patted her head.

“… Ehehe, I’m happy to be praised by you, Yune. With all this, I’ll keep doing my best until the day I die,” Rei says with a confident, cat-like expression.

I pat her head with my left hand and place my right around her belly.

Then Rei holds my hand and falls asleep after a while—we’ve been living like this for years now.

… Where did I go wrong? I think about that sometimes.

“… Suu.”

“Honestly, for goodness sake—you’ve become a useless layabout with me. Even though you are going to become a Hero.”

As I look at the sleeping Rei, I suddenly smile.

Her life would surely keep going the way it was now, she would become a Hero someday.

Now… I just pray her demands won’t be as extreme anymore.

As I Devoted Myself To Serving The Girl Who Would Eventually Become A Hero, She Becomes A Useless Layabout When She’s Alone With Me

As I Devoted Myself To Serving The Girl Who Would Eventually Become A Hero, She Becomes A Useless Layabout When She’s Alone With Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Rei Galias is the girl who will eventually become a Hero—that’s why I, Yune Stila, loyally serve her.Everything was for the sake of securing my future, but… I noticed that Rei, who usually behaves like a perfect military academy student who everyone admires, seems to become a useless layabout when she’s alone with me…?


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