Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything? chapter 4

Fried Egg Also Has Dignity

Names mentioned in this chapter: 

–鹿简(lù jiǎn)- Lu Jian, the female lead and Xiang Xun’s junior assistant.

-项寻(xiàng xún)- Xiang Xun, the male lead.

–煎蛋小黑手(jiāndàn xiǎo hēishǒu)- Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand, Lu Jian’s anti-fan account name.


Lu Jian had not been on Weibo. She didn’t feel like watching movies, eating snacks, and even the thought of seeing Xian Xun the day after tomorrow did not excite her.

She hurt the male god.

(Softly weeping)

(Crying noises)

Ah, ah, ah.

She cried all night yesterday. In the morning, her eyes were swollen from crying.

While Lu Jian brushed her teeth, she looked at herself in the mirror, profoundly scorned herself and reflected.

Her phone was turned off and thrown on the sofa. Her computer was used to warm the noodles.

While Lu Jian tidied up her room, she reflected as she looked at the wall plastered with the wallpaper of high-definition portraits of Xiang Xun.

When Xiang Xun returns, she will tell him everything. Even if he wants to fire her, it does not matter. Anyway, she was the one courting death.

Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand is a dumbass! Xiang Xun must not be frustrated because of her words, ah, ah!

Lu Jian finished cleaning up her room and ran to scrub the toilet bowl. Since she had nothing to do, she also cleaned her balcony railings. Then, she squatted in front of the sofa and stared at the phone lying on the cushion.

After feeling conflicted for a while, Lu Jian turned on her phone.

The crazy number of tags and comment notifications were overwhelming. Her fans actually rose more than 100,000 overnight.

Lu Jian pressed on the tag and was stunned.

Xiang Xun: Really? //@Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand: That’s not what I meant. // @Xiang Xun v: Thanks for pointing this out. Next time, I will take note of that.

Ten minutes after this post was posted.

Xiang Xun: I’m just kidding with you. Take me to learn how to ride a horse next time, Lu Jian. // @Lu Jian: Really? //@Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand: That’s not what I meant. // @Xiang Xun v: Thanks for pointing this out. Next time, I will take note of that.


Lu Jian instantly sprang up.


The doorbell rang.

Lu Jian opened the door and looked at Xiang Xun, who suddenly appeared, with a bewildered expression.

Her nose, eyes and face were red. She appeared as if she was bullied. Xiang Xun’s hand, which was in the pocket of his trench coat, raised and pinched Lu Jian’s face.

Lu Jian, “How… How did you come back early?”

Ah, ah, my male god is so handsome!

No, no, no. This is not the time to look at his face. I’m so nervous. I’m so nervous.

Three years ago, when Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand suddenly appeared, Xiang Xun’s manager informed him. He only found it interesting at first. The vivacious little anti-fan online was actually an assistant like a small white rabbit. Anyone would not have thought these two people were related.

Xiang Xun leaned down and rubbed the tip of her red nose. “I can’t come back?”

Lu Jian wanted to cry.

She seemed to have said the wrong thing again.

Xiang Xun noticed the fog in his junior assistant’s watery eyes. He found it amusing, leaned forward and kissed her. “Who defamed me on the Internet previously? Why is there no reaction when the real person is standing in front of you? Don’t you want to scold me in my face?”

Lu Jian’s head buzzed. She stepped back to explain, “I do not… I scolded you before… It was not to. I scolded you wasn’t because…”

She can’t explain it.

Xiang Xun did not tease her anymore. He stretched out his arms and hugged her.

“You can scold me whatever and however you like. Who asked me to spoil you.”


From then on, Xiang Xun and Lu Jian lived a happy and joyful life.

Lu Jian was still a fried egg.

However, from the original vivacious fried egg online, she was now in bed… Ahem. She became a fried egg that was tossed and turned.

Mm. May they live a ‘blissful’[1] life.


[1] It is referring to that particular activity.

Translator’s Note: This is the last chapter of ‘Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?’. I hope you have enjoyed this short novel.

Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?

Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?

Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Jian is the junior assistant of the popular model, Xiang Xun.At the same time, she is also an anti-fan.As the saying goes, “To love him so much that one naturally becomes an anti-fan. “They also say that you would not die if you do not court death.


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