Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything? chapter 3

Anti-Fan’s Self-Cultivation

Names mentioned in this chapter: 

–鹿简(lù jiǎn)- Lu Jian, the female lead and Xiang Xun’s junior assistant.

-项寻(xiàng xún)- Xiang Xun, the male lead.

–煎蛋小黑手(jiāndàn xiǎo hēishǒu)- Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand, Lu Jian’s anti-fan account name.


Lu Jian worked diligently and painstakingly for three years in Xiang Xun’s assistant group.

In the beginning, Lu Jian came in with the idea of licking the male god.[1] After many years, she finally became a formal junior assistant and was promoted from a small assistant that works with miscellaneous matters.

Xiang Xun was usually independent in his work life. He usually did not need an assistant. Hence, even after Lu Jian was officially hired, she did not have much to do. Usually, she would go to work, slack around and lick her male god upfront. All in all, this was a very good job.

… right?

Lu Jian once again held the ice cream cupcake in front of Xiang Xun and was dumbfounded.

“I seemed to buy the wrong one. I do not love to eat yellow peach flavour.” Xiang Xun frowned agonizingly. “What should I do?”

Ah, ah, he looks good even though he is frowning!

Lu Jian’s face flushed.

The male God’s trouble is my trouble!

I’ll take care of the male god’s problems!

She said firmly, “Don’t worry. I… I will help you take care of it.”

Xiang Xun pinched Lu Jian’s face happily. “I have to trouble you.”

In the end, Lu Jian ate the yellow peach ice cream cake mixed with her nosebleed in it.



From a nobody junior assistant, Lu Jian became Xiang Xun’s personal junior assistant.

Even though it was often “bought too much coffee”, “bought the wrong flavour of ice cream”, “bought the right flavour of fried chicken, but bought the wrong type of sauce.”

Of course, Lu Jian bore the mistake in the end. She stuffed her cheeks and chewed them, which solved the problem.

She could also get the male god’s commendation gaze x1.

Lu Jian was happy to do so.

Her career of being an assistant continued, and the career of anti-fan was still flourishing.

In the past, Lu Jian’s daily routine was: get up → lick male god → defame male god → lick male god → lick again → sleep.

Now, Lu Jian’s daily routine was: get up → lick male god → defame male god → lick male god → help male god “solve his problems” → lick again → go to sleep with a flushed face.

Life is simply rich and beautiful!

The make-up artist held a brush and passed by her. She saw Lu Jian was facing a computer, holding a pudding that was “wrongly bought”, and then thought about how she had so many things to handle and sighed sorrowfully.

The life of a dog[2] is miserable.


Xiang Xun had to go abroad to participate in a runway show.

Lu Jian applied for her visa late and was not able to follow them.

In the apartment, she huddled on the sofa to watch a movie. She couldn’t even eat her favourite mango jelly.

She scrolled through Weibo on her phone.

Ah, ah, male god updated a new post!

In the photo, Xiang Xun was riding a horse by the Thames, a dark grey tweed coat, British style red checkered threads, a straight posture, straight and slender legs in riding boots.

Today’s handsome value is also extraordinarily explosive!

Lu Jian controlled herself from liking and sharing it while she commented.

Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand: Why bother pretending? The brain-dead fans below, who are saying Xiang Xun is handsome while riding a horse, should be a bit more sensible. From the looks of it, he doesn’t even know how to ride a horse! Even if you want to pretend, you shouldn’t be so obvious! [pig head] // @Xiang Xun v: [Sharing picture] [picture]

This time, Lu Jian commented early. Her comment was instantly submerged in the large number of fans licking their screen, and no one was arguing with her.

After looking at Xiang Xun’s photo, Lu Jian was instantly recharged in HP value and continued to watch the movie energetically.


When she went back on Weibo in the evening, Lu Jian was shocked to find that she had received 999+ comment notifications, 999+ shares and tags, and countless private messages.

Comment section.

Frying your younger sister’s eggs: What’s wrong with not being able to ride a horse? What’s wrong with not being able to ride a horse?!! Did our Xun Xun ride your horse?!! This commenter is a fool!

Marrying My Xun Xun: Why is it always you?? My heart aches for the male god. He even liked your comment.

Little Indifferent S: Seeing so many people are scolding you makes me feel relieved.


Lu Jian clicked on her Weibo and saw the comment with the most likes at the top.

Xiang Xun v: Thanks for pointing out. Next time, I will pay attention.

… Male god, listen to my explanation, ah! Male god!

I didn’t mean that, male god!

Male god!!

Lu Jian was on the verge of tears.

The reason for the crying was not worrying about the skyrocketing shares and comments.

After reading Xiang Xun’s comment countless times with red eyes, Lu Jian replied hastily: I didn’t mean that.

I’m done for.

Lu Jian tossed the computer aside and buried herself in the blanket.

She had been an anti-fan for many years and never thought that Xiang Xun would really reply to her one day.

Not only did he reply, but he also took it seriously.

At this moment, Lu Jian wanted to take a time machine to travel to the past and kill Little Lu Jian, who was determined to be an anti-fan, in the cradle.

[1] Similar to licking one’s screen. (舔屏(tiǎn píng)- Licking one’s screen is an internet slang that expresses when one drools over the online photo or videos of sexy people or scrumptious food.)

[2] Referring to single dog. (单身狗[dānshēngǒu]- Single dog. An internet slang that refers to people who are neither married or in a relationship. It’s used self-depreciatingly. /单身狗Dānshēn gǒu: Literal translation is ‘single dog’. Basically, a Chinese term to refer to singles or people who are not in a relationship/does not have a significant other.)

Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?

Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?

Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Jian is the junior assistant of the popular model, Xiang Xun.At the same time, she is also an anti-fan.As the saying goes, “To love him so much that one naturally becomes an anti-fan. “They also say that you would not die if you do not court death.


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