Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything? chapter 2

Becoming a Successful Anti-Fan

Names mentioned in this chapter: 

–鹿简(lù jiǎn)- Lu Jian, the female lead and Xiang Xun’s junior assistant.

-项寻(xiàng xún)- Xiang Xun, the male lead.

–煎蛋小黑手(jiāndàn xiǎo hēishǒu)- Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand, Lu Jian’s anti-fan account name.


In the beginning, Lu Jian was not an anti-fan. Not only was she not an anti-fan, but she was also an extremely rational fan.

At first, she, like all fangirls, had felt, “why is our male god not popular? Our male god is so good. Why is he not popular?! I want the whole world to know that our male god is the best in the universe!”

On a certain day, when she finally received the notice that she was hired as Xiang Xun’s assistant, she finally saw the light.

She needs to be an anti-fan.

Hence, Lu Jian had since opened many accounts of major forums, Weibo, Tieba, etc.

Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand is an anti-fan for three years. It specialised in defaming Xiang Xun and only defamed Xiang Xun. It was the object that was denounced by many collective groups. Many passersby came after hearing the news. After they finished browsing through Fried Egg’s Weibo, they gradually wept sympathetically for Xiang Xun and became his fans.

Presently, Xiang Xun’s Weibo had millions of fans. Basically, a third of the active fans are familiar with this ID.

At this time, Assistant A, who was holding onto clothes, passed by her and said, “Lu Jian, help take this set of clothes to the dressing room. It is needed urgently for the shoot later.”


Lu Jian swiftly took the clothes and came to the dressing room.

Xiang Xun was sitting in the sofa chair. His head was looking down as he played with his phone and let the makeup artist stylist do whatever they wanted with him.

So… So handsome.

Lu Jian wants to wipe the non-existent nosebleed under her nose again.

Xiang Xun was wearing a torn strip leather jacket, which was extremely stylish. The places that should be exposed and should not be exposed are exposed.

Wait… Wait, wait. He…He… He saw me!

Lu Jian held the clothes, did not budge and turned into a wooden dummy.

The corners of Xiang Xun’s lips suddenly raised.

Lu Jian’s nose suddenly felt itchy. There was a warmth from her nose. She looked down. It was a nosebleed.

(Crying noises) Xiang Xun, you little demon!


After the shoot was over, the staff was busy clearing the costumes and props.

Lu Jian finally had time to open her Weibo. Once she logged in, she received eighty tags and two hundred comments.

Without exception, all of them were fan groups that came to denounce her.

Lu Jian finished reading happily. She hovered to Xiang Xun’s official Weibo page and found that he had just posted a post. He tagged the advertising agency and magazine editor, and the post contains a collage of nine magazine portraits.

This muscle! This figure! This seductive look!

How can my male god be this handsome?!

There is practically no angle that would make him look ugly!

Lu Jian was whimpering as she read. She forwarded it and excitedly typed on the keyboard.

Fried Egg Little Hidden Hand: It is such a waste no matter how nice the jacket is when worn on Xiang Xun! Why is this on the hot search? Isn’t it a scheme set up by the professional teams? Bad review! // @ Xiang Xun v: Sharing images [pict]

A large wave of angry fans was about to arrive at the battlefield.

“Lu Jian.”

Xiang Xun’s attractive voice suddenly sounded behind Lu Jian. She jolted up, pressed Alt + F4 and instantly closed the webpage. She turned around dazedly to face him.

“Ah, ah?”

Xiang Xun smiled. “Help me buy two cups of iced coffee.”

“Okay… Okay!”

After buying coffee and returning back, Xiang Xun looked at Lu Jian’s flushed face. He leaned down to grab a cup. “I bought too many. You can take the other one.”

“… Ah, ah, ah?” Lu Jian blinked in confusion. “Okay.”

Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?

Am I Your Favourite Anti-Fan? Why Aren’t You Saying Anything?

Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Jian is the junior assistant of the popular model, Xiang Xun.At the same time, she is also an anti-fan.As the saying goes, “To love him so much that one naturally becomes an anti-fan. “They also say that you would not die if you do not court death.


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